Tuesday, January 08, 2008

News Flash Beakerambo to testify in Congress

The avatar of this blog has been served with a summons to testify before congress. The Pelosi committee is investigating charges that he abused performance enhancing drugs to boost readership. There is also accusations against the owner of this blog that we engage in subliminal anti Communism.

Beakerambo was reached on the set of his new film X Men 6. In X men 6 Wolverine discovers that his affair with a female clown when he was held by Mesmero has produced a speech impaired son Wolverbeaker. When asked to comment his response was Me Meee Meep who Meep.


Always On Watch said...

Will the testimony be televised on C-Span?

Ducky's Here said...

Is he going to wear a New York Spankees cap?

Yankee Stadium, ground zero for steroid use and chief spawning ground of A-Rod disease.

Anonymous said...

Which performance enhancing drug, Viagra? Let's hope Nancy will be able to resist beakerambo's tented monument to priapus.

Who meemeemeep?

Always On Watch said...

beakerambo's tented monument to priapus


As badly as I'm feeling (this damned injury to my back), I needed that laugh.

But, OUCH! (My back, not Beakerambo's priapus, although...)

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

As if everyone that plays professional baseball besides the Yankees and A-Rod, aren't engaging in a pussy activity miscalled a sport and doesn't amp up on steroids to handle "not playing in the rain."

Dammit, NFL season's almost over.

Elmer's Brother said...

personally it doesn't bother me if beakerambo uses enhancement drugs...just makes for better entertainment