Wednesday, January 09, 2008

More Veganism

Apparently this obnoxious trend is continuing in NYC. Another young woman in the office asked if I would date a vegan and I said no. I told her I wouldn't even eat a meal with a vegan, much less date a vegan. Not surprisingly the person is in her late 20's and single. She told me stories about how her friends make chicken sounds when people eat chicken. As I am governed by bloodlust I might just take a bite out of their arm at this audio cue.

I tried to explain that it takes more than beauty to keep a relationship going. The message I get from Vegans is that the person is fussy and controlling. In other words not worth the time and effort spent in the area.

The mistake women make is they forget that men like to enjoy a meal and peace. By presenting yourself as a vegan or even worse lecturing non-vegans you are telling someone that you are likely very dificult. The exception to this rule is Jams who has managed this expertly.


Always On Watch said...

Most vegans are zealots and believe that following a "good diet" will enable them to live forever.

I could never be a vegan or a vegetarian. I'm a meat-lover!

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

All vegetable-only eating animals taste the best.

You just need to find a vegan girl that doesn't mind smearing barbecue sauce on herself and hopping on the grill.


sonia said...

I wouldn't even eat a meal with a vegan, much less date a vegan.

Interesting. Does it mean that you absolutely positively have to eat with every person you date ? Maybe you should just have sex with a vegan and forget about the the meal ?

nanc said...

as i get older, i find meat is not a must for me, but i do love it. especially pulled pork!

we ALWAYS have four items with our suppers, a meat, staple, vegetable and some sort of salad, so if i don't want meat i don't have to eat it as there are plenty of other choices.

i'm a salad hound and absotively LOVVVVVVVVE salad bars - IF they have ham and bacon to put on top!

nearly all women in their late teens and early twenties go through this phase. nobody, however, should EVER try to change another person with personal habits - this, unfortunately, doesn't usually end until the woman is 30.

Anonymous said...

beakerkin, I think you're looking at this "dating vegans" thing all wrong. Salads are much cheaper menu items than t-bones. I say, date the vegan, and order surf and turf for yourself. Double YOUR pleasure.

ps - If she refuses to cook meat for you, THEN dump the vegan. ;-)

nanc said...

go see hammer - he's a vegan househusband and cooks all sorts of meat for his family and puts up the BEST recipes.