Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Cinderella Story Giants End in The Super Bowl

The NY Giants are a feel good story of the NFL season. They started the season 0-2 and went on
to beat Tampa Bay, Dallas and Green Bay at home. Best of all they have done all this without Tiki Barber the jerk and clod. It is amazing how this team rallied together as soon as the cancer Barber was removed.

Tom Coughlin was the coach nobody wanted to play for. Free agents avoided the NY Giants largely because of Coughlin's reputation. Coughlin was portrayed by Barber as Captain Ahab. The only free agent that signed was the very under rated Kawika Mitchell. Mitchell signed largely because nobody else offered him a chance to start.

Eli Manning was the wet blanket who was never going to justify the price the Giants paid. Yet he played his best against the Patriots without Jeremy Shockey. He somehow guided the team past the Bucs. However, he arrived in his game against the Cowboys. All the talk was about Tony Romo with the starlet girlfriend. Eli was just Peyton's younger brother. His defining game was in the ice and snow against the legend Brett Farve. Manning was smart enough to use Plaxico Burres 6'5'' height against All Pro Al Harris. Plaxico's torn ankle tendon may have felt better in the sub zero field.

On the defensive side we have a world class defensive line. The linebackers are under rated as Pierce is a very solid player. Mitchel is better than average and Geris Wilkerson and Torbor have done well when they played. The defensive backfield had the corner from the doghouse
Corey Webster. Webster played very well in the playoffs living up to his reputation. He did make
blow the coverage on the Packers first touchdown. The rest of the unit resembled a MASH unit
Aaron Ross the talented corner played with a seperated shoulder. Sam Madison barely made it to the game with a stomach muscle problem. He was over the hill and the veteran made a key mistake that allowed the Packers second life. RW McQuarters was last weeks hero but was a goat when he fumbled an interception return allowing the Packers to score and fumbled the punt return before OT. The safteys are Gibril Wilson and two unheralded athlettes.

The story of the Giants would not be complette without talk of their GM Jerry Reese. Reese made a series of controversial moves. He cut popular LT Luke Petigout who always seemed to be hurt. The Giants played the Bucs in the playoffs and Petigout was hurt again. He also cut Carlos Emmons and Levar Arrington. The fans also were upset over the draft where only Aaron Ross seemed to please the fans. The fans were somewhat pleased with fourth round pick Zack DeOssie whose father played for the Giants. Some of the picks had fans scratching their heads including a seventh round pick named Ahmad Bradshaw whose claim to fame was stealing a Playstation. All the draft picks made the team and Bradshaw has become a star.

The Cinderella story will end in two weeks, but what a tale it was.


The Pagan Temple said...

That was a great game wasn't it? There's just something great about Peyton getting being defeated in his first post-season game, while Eli, always in Peyton's shadow, not only makes it to the NFC championship game, but wins it. Poor Archie was on pins and needles the whole game.

You're probably right about how it will end up. The Patriots will kill them, but it probably won't look that way until about the middle of the third quarter.

I'm looking for about 27-13.

Ducky's Here said...

The Giants have played their best without Jeremy Shockey. Study that sentence for 30 seconds.

The Giants have as much chance of beating the Pats as the Spankees have of winning another world championship with A-Rod.

beakerkin said...


If you learned anything from watching
the Patriots game Brady doesn't do well under a pass rush. San Diego and the NY Giants both placed Brady under
a heavy rush.


The Giants will not win. The coach of the Patriots did not take them seriously. He has two weeks to game plan and will do a better job.

On the Giants side Ross and Madison
should be closer to healthy. Charles Dockery might even be available. Their only real hope is
for a storm.

Jungle Mom said...

Go Pats!!!

BTW, Pagan Temple, I would like to read your blog, I have tried a few times, but for obvious reasons , never have been able to!

The Pagan Temple said...

I didn't think my comment on this post was posted until just now. When I first tried it I got some error message, and now I come back here and see it.

But yeah, Beak, I kind of thought the same thing, about the Patriots being better prepared. I'm kind of mixed about it. On the one hand, I would really like to see the Patriots have a perfect season, but on the other, it would really be the sports story of the century if Manning puled it out. It would be a hell of a bigger shock than the 69 Jets versus Colts, as unless I'm mistaken, the great Colts quarterback(brain fart-can't think of his name right now) was ill.

Jungle Mom-my blog is an acquired taste, to say the least. You are on my blogroll, which is a purposely eclectic one. All I require is an interesting story told with heart, skill, and regular posting.