Thursday, January 03, 2008

Honor Killings in TX. Media asleep

The media has its own agenda. A typical example is the silence of the media in what could be an honor killing in TX. Honor killings are not typically carried out with guns. However, discounting the possibility would also be foolish.

The perpetrator will be tried in TX and the possibility of the death penalty does exist. I am waiting for a commie lawyer to argue that honor killings are a cultural variant. Maybe the follks at NARAL
will swear this is a delayed abortion.

In America you have a right to practice your culture. This right does not allow one to violate the rights of another. If you want to practice polygamy or kill your kids please go to a country that permits such nonsense. Freedom of religion does not include criminal acts, like class genocide and property theft in the name of social justice.

If your kids are legal permanent residents or US citizens kindly leave them behind when you depart. They can remain behind and attend our madrassas and get 24/7 Marx, Menchu, Frankfurt school idiocy, political correctness and anti history all at a high cost to the tax payer.
Your kids can get federal loans to learn that heterosexual marriage is akin to rape, from a good commie. Your kids can also get 24/7 anti semitism from a variety of clones of Chomsky, Finkelstein and Kovel or at any so called Middle Eastern Studies department.

Welcome to America, kindly find a job, respect others and obey the laws. If you can not obey the laws kindly depart.


Always On Watch said...

Last I heard, Yaser Said, this beast who killed saughters Amina and Sarah, was still on the loose.

I am waiting for a commie lawyer to argue that honor killings are a cultural variant.

Or maybe domestic violence will be the excuse.

Pictures of the two slain girls are here.

Always On Watch said...

I have now posted on the story of the murders in the Dallas area.

Ducky's here said...

Well if you read some of the responsible reporting out there rather than blogs, it's a confusing situation.

There is a question about whether or not the mother was living with the father at the time of the killings. So in fact it may have been an estranged father exercising his second amendment rights( that's sarcasm, Beak, before you start going mental). Something that happens quite frequently in America.

Also seems unusual that he would shoot the girls inside his cab. Not a typical honor killing. So why not let your bigotry cool down until you get the facts.

ERS said...

This case shows many of the signs of being a dishonor killing. I've studied loads of them over the years, and I see nothing terribly unusual about it, other than that it occurred in the States and the killer has fled. Usually the killers boast.

Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
"Reclaiming Honor in Jordan"

Always On Watch said...

Getting the facts is becoming harder and harder to do. The media are afflicted with political correctness and cultural relativism. Also, the media are on a feeding frenzy with the Iowa caucuses. Breaking speculation by the minute!

The case may well be one related to custody. But some anecdotes from the girls' friends and boyfriends are saying otherwise.

Here's a fact for you: Yaser Said is still on the loose--according to the latest accounts I've heard and read.

nanc said...

i wonder why the pluckster reads "the blogs"...