Monday, January 07, 2008

Pipes Obama was a Muslim and discounting the Commie role in anti semitism

I want to state that Daniel Pipes does present some solid evidence that Barak Obama was a Muslim at one point. The fact that he was or even is still a Muslim should not disqualify him from higher office. He should be asked to talk about laws that do call for the death of converts.
The American people should judge Obama by his sincerity and his response. Obama does seem to
speak his mind and we should accept the answer.

Hillary is imploding in NH and maybe her spin doctors have been reading the critiques of Dick Morris echoed here and elsewhere. Hillary is not likeable and is perhaps more unelectable than Obama. The voters myself included suffer from fatigue in the Bush Clinton cycle. I do not regret my votes as Gore and Gomer Kerry would have been far worse. Obama at least for now has the ability to tap into this sentiment. Barring a major gaffe Hillary might be finished.

I do not agree with Obama on anything. However, I respect that he has a different vision for America than mine. His position on the war has been consistent and Hillary's attacking him as a flip flop artist is comedic. Obama can finnish off Hillary by talking about plant gate. The scandals
of placing softball questions in the audience and media colaberation need to be discussed. My bet is if Hillary does not win NH a massive temper tantrum will be seen. Sorry Hillary you will not be crowned in the way you envisioned.

I want to remind people of the world of difference between the Beakerkins, Guliani, Obama types and the Commies, Jihadis and Kahanists. Obama does have a much different vision of America. Perhaps he has allowed some odious Commies like the crowd at Code Pinko to get too close. Yet he still wants the best for America even if his policies are wacky.

Commies do seek the overthrow of the US government. They understood long ago that the only way to gain power in a country that values freedom is to create front groups. Code Pink, Now, ANSWER, UPJ, the National Lawyers Guild are classic vehicles used to infiltrate the American political scene. Commies go through great lengths to hide their alliances and call themselves many things including odd Anarchist schools and Greens. Anti semites Joel Kovel and Norman Finkelstein are fond of the Green rouse. Kovel calls himself an ecosocialist but is closer in substance to Castro and the rest of us.

Kahanists seldom hide who they are. A communist becoming a Kahanist is a self improvement.
Kahanists are freaks who seek to impose a theocracy in Israel. Their theocracy would have relgious police that function like those in Saudi Arabia or a Cuban block association. Do any of you want to live in a country where goons go after gays, Onanists or miscegnators? Even very religious people like Rav Roov think this bit is insane. Rav Roov understands free will is central to our faith and would never endorse jack booted religious police looking for jerk offs. The Rav would remind the miscegnators what the Torah says and let it go.

MZ likes to claim falsely that Kahane was an anti Communist. Kahane's role was minimal except for a few hot heads that annoyed the commies. The Cold Warriors were the Reagans, Thatchers, Scoop Jacksons and Nixons. Kahane's sole moment in the struggle was when the KGB tried to fuel a race war it forged some documents in his name. The joke that Kahane was some type of Cold warrior is not backed by the record.

Kahanists are Utopian trash who have more in common with Baathists and Communists than Americans. The second Israel embraces Kahanism I would no longer support it and much of its population would leave. Oddly, its leading exponents often do not live in Israel. Moreover, it is amusing that Israel's version of Klinger wants to remove half Jews who serve in the Israeli Army and hold gainful employment from Israel. Maxwell Greg Klinger by his own admission could not hold a job and got the Israeli version of the section 8. His subsequent behavior has proven the Israeli's judgement is prudent.

Utopians will talk out of both sides of their mouth. At various times Ren has condemed Ayers and rationalized his crimes. How one claims that his crimes (30 bombings) were different from Posada Cariles is beyond belief. At various times Ren has also claimed Lynn Stewart, Chesimard
and Mummia were innocent despite over whelming evidence in fair trials. This is not surprising
as it is a typical communist tactic of sending the faithful a different message than the general public.

Now we have Israel's Klinger claiming to be a right wing Jooo colaberating with commies. Even MZ's flunky KY er KL has waxed what position will be Klinger's eventual position. When we last left the psycho he was imitating Beakerisms like Pseudostinians and Jooo. We also had the odd claim that Snaggle Puss is not anti semitic despite frequent comments like "jewish cunt" and a 24/7 obsession with Jews and Israel. Now the lion of Zion (think Snaglepuss) has formed an odd alliance with a Trotskyite who caters to Neonazis on his site and has knowingly supported the planet's foremost anti-semite Norman Finkelstein.

Ren's theat to "expose" me rings hallow. Blackmail does not work when the threat has been carried out. Moreover, my name is shared by a few attorneys and they will sue at the drop of a hat. Moreover, any attempt by Ren to act on the threat will be the pretext for severe retaliation.

The worst Ren has come up with is that I told MZ to shove the Talmud in his ass. Number one I appologized for this comment immediately. Number two the quip is absurd as it was phrased the entire Talmud as it is a multi volume set this would be a monumental feat and was not serious. Number three the comment was said to a person whose sermons tend to match whatever he needs at the moment. When Klinger was calling him a Nazi and demanding our friends abandon MZ in private emails both Greg and MZ made identical requests for far less reasons. In short it was a stupid comment that was made in jest to a religious fraud. I immediately appologized and the situation is long finnished.

Klinger never recovered when I dismissed him. Oddly I dismissed him for calling MZ Hitler and told him to close the door behind him. Klinger, never recovered and repeated my material including the exact phrase "close the door" in a public post. Greg has also borrowed Jooooo and Psuedostinian as well. His friend Snagglepuss uses the term more frequently than I do, but will get no residuals. How does one demand MZ label an opponent as Marxist Treif and form an alliance with a Trotskyite? Klinger is not the sharpest tool in the shed and my challenge to find a single original thought in any of his comments remains.

The article in todays FPM about the Nazi role in inciting anti-semitism amongst Arabs is old news. Moreover, the author forgets Syria was a Baathist state that was more influenced by Communism than Nazism. In fact Asad merely increased the vollume of traditional communist anti semitism. Utopians of all stripes Nazis, Commies, Jihadis and sadly Kahanists will form alliances as their goals are closer than one presumes. One hears echoes of this in the support for Ron Paul from Nazis and Troutsky.

I do want to add that calling MZ a Nazi was wrong, but I never did that. His ally Klinger did that
many times. His blog that called for the asassination of elected Israeli leaders as well as frequent gratuitous gay bashing speaks louder than I ever could. He does desire a strong state of Israel, but Israel would be destroyed and abandoned if it ever adopted his loopy ideas.


nanc said...

obama COULD be the next jimmy carter, beak...

now, down to business of a more serious nature - this guy is but one of the reasons the m.e. KNOWS we have absotively NO control in the u.s. - personal control.

CB said...

Unless Beamish is pronounced president by affirmation, Obama is likely to be your next president. If a conservative is not nominated, which excludes Rudy, Huckabee, McCain and in some respects Romney, then the republican base won't turn out, they'll sit home.

mah29001 said...

I am no fan of the Kahanists. They remind me too much of the Muslim Brotherhood Islamo-Fascist thugs who pretend to be Jewish. Meir Kahane was to also have been involved in old Soviet-backed Zionist militia groups that have targeted British targets in Palestine.

But Kahane and radical Zionists didn't just simply targeted the British occupiers, they also targeted average Jews and non-anti-Jewish Arabs which incited anti-Jewish Arabs to attack average Jews. I just consider Kahanists to be up there with the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists.

Except the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists cozy up with Western Communist parties. Even openly hand out fliers and propaganda pamphlets along with joining up in various "anti-war" rallies organized by front groups. Take two cases with the Workers' World Party which uses the International ANSWER as a front group and also the British Communist Party which uses the Stop the War Coalition.

Both are front groups for the two Western Communist parties. Each one of their members were seen with radical Islamist supporters of the PLO-trained Hezbollah terror group during the Israeli-Lebanon War.

Some Muslim Brotherhood front groups such as the Muslim Council of Britain even pretend to be "moderate Muslims" in the case of the British teacher being threatened to be tortured by the Islamo-Nazi Sudanese government for calling a teddy bear "Muhammad" but align themselves with Palestinian terrorists and supporters of Communism like George Galloway.

beakerkin said...


I think much of the Obama fever is just anti Hillary. I do not think he holds up against McCain unless he picks a killer VP.


I have been firmly anti Kahanist for two decades. Kahanists are mostly nuts who are largely talk.

The notion that Kahane was anti Communist is a myth. Moreover, as you have mentioned their greatest foe are ordinary Jews. In my case a very Pro-Israel, but secular anti-
communist. I am not surprised that they colaberate with Communists. The problem is they live in a fantasy world where only Muslims are a threat to the Jewish people.

The truth is that one can find decent Muslims with ease. Part of the problem has been the far left has been stoking the Muslim anti Semitism for its own purposes.

While one can easily find a decent Muslim, there is no such animal as a decent Communist. Communism is a mental and moral defect.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Hillary Clinton has a better chance of beating any Republican candidate than Obama does, and she doesn't have a prayer.

Look at the vote by precinct totals in the Iowa caucus. Obama barely won among the few Dems that bothered to show up. Surprising - Iowa used to be a fairly reliable source for Democrat votes.

Iowa is definitely a "red" state now.

Always On Watch said...

Obama has incredible popularity with virgin voters.

He'll be on the ticket. Just watch.

We're seeing the run-up to another election like that of Jimmy Carter's.

Obama refused to cover his heart or to face the flag when the Pledge was recited or the National Anthem was played--I forget which.

Infidel Bloggers Alliance is posting some very disturbing material about Obama--in addition to what Daniel Pipes has said. Take a look about the stories about Obama's Kenya connections. There's also a story about his mother's being a Muslim.

Furthermore, that church he belongs to in the home church for a bunch on treasonous lefties.

Simply put, I don't trust Obama.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


At the end of the day, Obama is still a Democrat, a member of a political party foresworn over 170 years ago to be bereft of any ideas other than to trash the US Constitution in the most genocidal way imaginable.

Just look at the intellectual listlessness they had before capturing the legislative files of Nazi Germany to model new gun and welfare laws on...

Did I mention that I hate Democrats?