Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rudy 2008 RIP

Sometimes the best candidate does not win. The positions of McCain and Rudy G are nearly identical. Team Rudy ran an inept campaign that squandered a good lead.

The classic media elite critique of Kerik's ethics is amusing. Kerik's ethical lapses were trivial compared to those of the Clintons such as selling Pardons. Moreover, Kerik unlike Janet Reno was a capable effective leader. The accounting BS with the security detail also was trivial compared to the fiasco of selling Pardons, stealing furniture and cattle futures. None of the scandals remotely involved Rudy lining his pocket.

The media elite seem to have two standards of idiocy for the Clintons and their left wing darling of the moment Obama. We have heard idiotic comments about Romney grandfather being a polygamist and zero media scrutiny of similar charges of the same idiocy of Barak Obama Sr.
We have had collective anti Mormon hysteria while giving a free pass to the rather odious views of Obama Sr's pastor who praises Farakhan.

Rudy failed to give voters a reason to vote for him. Even I as an ardent self described Rudy Republican could not point to anything substantially different in his positions and those of McCains. The greatest failure of team Rudy was not highlighting his can do attitude. This was Rudy's best quality and those who have seen him in action understand it.

Many readers of this blog mistake me for a conservative. I do not describe myself as such, nor do I disparage conservatives in general. The demented monomanaiacal Iraq and Jooooo obsession even has inane far left types calling Allan Dershowitz a Conservative. This may be compared to Trotsky, Hugo Chavez or Mao.

People also get the wrong impression based upon my anti-communism. Communism is a double affront to me as a American of Jewish heritage. Communists despite long winded double talk do seek the violent over throw of the US government, class genocide and property theft. A real American should say "Get you paws of my wallet you stinking commie apes" in the similar tones to Heston in Planet of the Apes.

On a special note Jews should view commies in a similar manner to the way Black people view KKK types. With rare exception when one scratches an anti semite one smells the stench of Communists. Communists have a clear record of stoking populist anti-semitism to further their own ends. Typical examples of this are word games with Zionist, Neocon that are thinly diguised communist populist anti semitism. The demented duck frequently calls Elie Wiesel a "shoah pimp". He forgets that the overwhelming majority of Jews are zionist. The rare exception are an odd Hasidic sect despised by the rest of the Jews. Communists despite their protests are not Jews or Americans in any definition.


The Pagan Temple said...

Although I preferred Fred Thompson, I would have voted for Rudy in a heartbeat, despite my problem with two issues, namely his prior history regarding gun control and illegal immigrants. Otherwise, he was a close second to Thompson, actually despite these two issues. I held that he would not have pursued these policies as President to the same extent he was pretty much required to do as mayor of New York.

John McCain is a different matter. If he does get the nomination, it will be awful hard to not vote for Hillary or Obama, though I will be hoping and praying in the meantime for more Republicans in Congress to balance them out.

The Pagan Temple said...

Off topic-By the way Beak, since you did a post about your hero MacCarthey, how about a post about Sean Penn, and his father. I would be interested in your thoughts about them.

beakerkin said...

Hollywood actors with rare exceptions like James Woods, Heston and a few others are not deep thinkers. Even in a room full of dullards Sean Penn seriously stands out as a dimwit. Some claim it is prolonged drug abuse.

In general the furor of the black lists avoids any description of Stalinism and the genuine espoinage
carried out in the USA.

Lost in this discussion are the actual crimes carried out by Stalin. While Penn, Trumbo and Mostel were whining about black lists their artistic peers were being assasinated Solomon Mikoels or placed in show trials like Feffer and Markish. The artist who were killed were slavishly loyal communists who just happen to be Jewish.

Many of those who railed about the Black list personally knew Solomon Mikoels and Isaac Feffer, including
Arthur Miller and Paul Robeson. It is hard to imagine commies crying about black lists while their heroes were holding hearings straight out of the Spanish Inquisition.

In an ideal world commies like anyone else should be free to write or act. However, many of these jobs
like those in higher Ed are through
the Old Bolshevik Network. Penn is seriously over rated and has taken advantage of his fathers ties.

I do not go to movies with commies like Penn in them. I do not even attend when the tickets are given for free. I did attend a show on Broadway and made a point of turning my back and booing Richard Dreyfus who is mostly an airhead.
This was the same way he responded to Kazan.

Commies have a lengthy history of supressing artistic freedom. Thus the critique of Arthur Miller is mostly banal half witted illogic at best.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Republicans will lose the Presidential race because they have turned their backs on the conservatives that kept John Kerry out of the White House.

Faced with the choice of either keeping John Kerry's first running mate choice (John McCain; John Kerry likes the name John) or Hillary Clinton out of the White House, conservatives will largely stay home, as many of us did in 2006.

So, Hillary Clinton and John McCain will toss lamps at each other in mock outrage at each other's "spite" before John McCain retires to Atzlan.

Then the real war for America's soul begins.

Buy armor and ammunition.

Ducky's Here said...

That's right Beamish, the homo haters have no power whatsoever. Good riddance I say.

But you have time to prepare because you are really going to get your ass kicked.

Donald Douglas said...

"Team Rudy ran an inept campaign that squandered a good lead."

And Hizzoner wouldn't go on the offense in Florda - i.e., he need to attack McRomney aggressively...

Always On Watch said...

I agree with mr. Beamish:

Republicans will lose the Presidential race because they have turned their backs on the conservatives that kept John Kerry out of the White House.

Many Republicans will stay home in November.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Many "Reagan Democrats" will as well.

I think the exodus from both parties has begun.

Ducky might find himself hated in the end.

Seems the Democrats have done their best to remove homos from power. Even people that aren't gay get the gay bash. But Republicans are the "homo-haters."

Marriage is a union between a man and a woman, even in Spanish, Ducky.

Good luck with that.

But as long as homos follow the Crip mentality, they'll never be blackmailed.

I'm almost inclined to vote for Obama over the salacious crack head blow job scandal Hillary's camp is running against him with.

Ducky's Here said...

Are you capable of talking about anything for more than two paragraphs without bringing up Judaism?

It's boring, Beak.

Rudy lost because he's a mobbed up douchebag that people really, really dislike. I never vote for candidates that can eat an apple through a picket fence. Visit an orthodontist, Rudy. Damn, his ideal running mate would be Condo "Horse Teeth" Rice.

Anonymous said...

At least Rudy had the class to bow out the minute his campaign strategy failed. McCain's attacks on Romey kinda took me by surprise. It's amazing just how quickly the Straight-talk Express did the Forked-tongue Twist the moment the race was getting close in Florida. I think that dispelled any illusions Independents might have once had of Straight-talk. They're all fodder for non-critical media reporting and the Obama "hope" illusion now.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Obama is change we can believe in.

Which only means he's not going to ride in an open car through Dealey Plaza so the leftists can shoot at him.

The Merry Widow said...

If mccain's fellow former POWs won't vote for him...I won't touch him with a 10' pole!
Ducky-Does the fact that Beaker is Jewish maybe has a bearing on why he talks about it? I talk about Christianity at my site...alot!
And communists(and all other utopians)are a danger to ALL of humanity!


KuhnKat said...


Ducky seems to talk about Homo haters a lot. Wonder which side of THAT he is on???


Always On Watch said...

Many "Reagan Democrats" will as well.

I think the exodus from both parties has begun.

And which of the two major parties will benefit?

Can we really expect a viable third party?

Beamish in 08

kuhnkat said...


it will benefit the Dimmicrats. The number of people who are rational, with real values and morality, who believe in working for themselves and helping others without coercing their neighbors to help, is shrinking.

You can see it in the Republican parties desperate attempt to increase the size of the tent by supporting those who share few values and beliefs.

Personally, I would rather die with only our Lord with me than the whole world mourning.

The Merry Widow said...

Amen, KuhnKat! I'd rather be on the right side than with the crowd!
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!