Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ted Roosevelt and the mirror

One of the points about the Liberal fascism is the progressive term is used across the board to describe most of the political leaders in the generation. Today the term progressive has been stolen by commies as one of the many terms they hide under. Liberal once upon a time meant pro American, anti communist person who believed in a balance between business and government.
Sadly this term is claimed by people who are basically fellow travelers like Gomer Kerry and Tom Harkin. Kerry's record of supporting every anti American crackpot is quite clear.

Ted Roosevelt is a unique figure in that many people including Bill Clinton fantasize that they are like him. The truth is that what we see in Teddy Roosevelt is a reflection of ourselves. In Clinton's case this seriously becomes amusing. TR was a nationalist whose big stick policy was a very real part of his persona. Bill Clinton should never be associated with nationalism and big stick in Clinton speak is left in the realm of Paula Jones. TR was not corrupt and very much a family man, qualitiesnot associated with Bill Clinton. TR was clearly manly in a way that Bill Clinton could never be. TR's unique mannerisms and style were emulated by many. Clinton's
most famous quotes are the meaning of is, I smoked but didn't inhale and I didn't have sex with that woman (Hillary ?) . Members of the vast right wing conspiracy will add " place some ice on that". What could Bill Clinton possibly see of himself in TR other than they both loved the cameras and thought they were the center of the universe.

What many of us see in TR is often more of a reflection of ourselves than TR.

I am amused by the section about Wilson's authoritarian streak. However, many of the people who were prosecuted were commies and subversives. Commies are not quite the same as rational coherent political foes. They are a treasonous bunch who advocate the violent overthrow
of the US government and theft of property. I can sit and respectfully disagree with a liberal like Rob Bayn or a laborite like Jams respectfully. This is quite different from having similar discussions with bug eyed lunatics seeking a caliphate or demented Trotskyites.

The truth is that Wilson and the people of that era were more aware of the evils of communism.
The book talks about episodes where nationalists took matters into their own hands and tarred and feathered commies. In the new media age tarring and feathering commies would be a great concept for reality TV, but will not be done. I wanted to have my own reality show called Revolting America. Bug Eyed Commies like Ren, Troutsky, Che Bob and G preach class struggle in Walmart Parking lots, housing projects and Cuban enclaves. The folks at Fox have not responded yet. The animal rights people should get behind the tar and feathering of commies sport as a animal rights improvement over rodeo. Why rope a steer and ride bulls when you can hog tie and tar and feather commies?

The first amendment does not cover treason and sedition. The folks at Code Pinko who gave money to our enemies in Falujah should have been tried under the sedition act. Rather than waste time and money by jailing them tarring and feathering on national TV is warranted. Now some out there might think this is cruel and unusual punishment. However, given the nature of the crime and commies love of the media it is appropriate for the punishment of treason.


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

The point (in a nutshell) of the book Liberal Fascism is first to return the Fascism label to its proper historical and philosophical origins on the left side of the European political spectrum, and then to show that everything that conservatives in America find fault with or oppose from the American left (which stole the "liberal" label from European classical liberals, i.e. American-style conservatives) all have commonalities (and even common cause) with traditional Fascism.

In short, Jonah Goldberg is tired of American conservatives being called "fascists" by actual fascists.

Fascism was / is left-wing. All contrary opinions are non-factual bullshit.

Anonymous said...

America and the UK have become a safe-haven for COMINTERN fellow-travellers under the "progressive" label.

This is why the Arab World calls America the "Great Satan". We harbour a nest of domestic subversive cockraoches that no government in the world can spray with DDT. The challenge of the 21st century will be one of expunging those nests and eliminating the infestation.

kuhnkat said...