Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Very Bad Satire Bevis and Buttrey

I want to apologize to fans of Bevis and Butthead. However, we do have a certain anti semitic Commie visitor who fancies himself a personal friend of Dr Norman Finkelstein.

Buttrey: Heh heh The Jooos errr duh Neocons suck. Dr Finkelstein told me the Psudostinians are the foremost victims on the planet.
Bevis: What is a Psuedostinian
Buttrey: A Pseudostinian is whatever we commies say they are? There has never been a Psuedostinian state heh heh and we contrived it out of thin air. Our real goal is a judenfrei Middle East heh heh heh.
Bevis; You didn't answer the question heh heh
Buttrey; The Pseudostinians are just ordinary Arabs who need ever more land from one of many people they have oppressed for 1400 years. Hold on heh heh need a bong hit to read Chomsky so it makes sense. The duhhhhh Zionist want a greater Isreal duuuhhhhhhh so lets make yet another Judenfrei Arab state duhhhhhh.
Bevis: Hey fartknocker that doesn't make sense...........
Buttrey: It is all part of the Jewish conspiracy duhhhh. I read about the stuff on Stormfront where Finky's good friend the Nazis post.
Bevis: Aren't Nazis creepy.
Buttrey: They have the part duhhhh about the Zionists right heh heh . More bong hits heh heh.
Bevis: Have you got a real job yet.
Buttrey: I am the duhhhhh aetheist Chaplain at USC duuhhh
Bevis Heh heh but what do you actually do.
Buttrey: Duhhhh I collect guns heh heh and harass Jews on the web heh heh praising the works of Finky and Chimpanzeee.
Beavis; You seem to be obsessed with sclongs heh heh Gun colecting and that gay porno name Lance Thruster.
Buttrey: Heh heh say what.
Beavis According to Freud heh heh guns and lances are surrogates for schlongs heh heh.
Buttrey: Hehhh duhhh Freud was a bad Jooooooo er duhhh Zionist. Only Finky, Chimpanzeee and commies er duh are goood Joooooos.
Beavis: Heh heh you spend alot of time talking about Finky heh heh is he your lover duhhhh.
Buttrey: Nahhh numbnutt duh I met him at a urinal. He told me the duhhh truth about dem Joooos er duh Zionists der uh Neocons er duh Jews and then I ate the mints der duhhhh in the urinal.
Beavis; You do seem to spend heh heh alot of these time on the duuhhhhh Joooos. You sound alot like the clowns at duhhhhh Stormfront. I am Cornholioooooooooh.
Buttrey: Duhhhh I am not duuhh antisemitic. Heh heh I just spend all day posting idiocy about them 24/7 heh heh heh.
I am off to hold my aethiest ass er duhhh mass asses in masses power to the people. All those people who called Pol Pot a murder lied because Chimpanzee said so heh heh.
Beavis; lay off the cheap weed heh heh Bungholioooo

Followers of Norman Finkelstein and Noam Chimpanzee are more cartoon like than human. What does a "aetheist chaplain" do at USC? He spouts off insane idiocy about dem Jooos and collects guns. It would seem that the position of Buttrey at USC could be filled with greater skill
by a lab rat or gerbil on LSD.

Beamish in 08

Stay tuned for More Joooooney Tunes featuring your favorite Jewish wascaly wabbit Buggs Beakerkin and Elmer Fudd Thruster, Doofus Duck, Charlie John Brown, Woody Woodbeaker and Rengade Eyeball and Stremsky. We may even have cameos by Beakerambo, Mr B, Jeff %^&%&
Bargholtz , Snagglepuss Gert and Corpral Eitan Klinger.


Ducky's Here said...

Another Giuliani fanboy

LanceThruster said...

Beak - You've outdone yourself in that your rambling attempt at humor is as sad and disjointed as when you actually try to make a serious point.

I guess it is easier for you to knock down strawmen of your own making than actually craft a coherent argument. Well, at least you and Rudy will always have Florida. If Rudy's typical spiel is "a noun, a verb, and 9/11", yours has gotta be "an exclamation and 'anti-Semite!'"

Ducky's Here said...

“Freedom is about authority. Freedom is about the willingness of every single human being to cede to lawful authority a great deal of discretion about what you do.”

-- Rudi Giuliani 1994

"Rudi Giuliani is nothing but a sour little man looking for a balcony"

-- Jimmy Breslin

nanc said...

i've never seen beavis and buttrub.

beakerkin said...


You are a one note bore and a dumbass. The strawman bit is usually
offered by commies who get their asses kicked.

On this blog I determine the content and the topic of this post is basically Lance Thruster is an Joooooooo obsessed communist anti semitc asshole. The idiocy that is all over the web is quite easy for me to track.

On this blog we do not put up with commies. This is not the far left
higher ed gulag where unemployable Marxist mentally masturbate and pass academic gas. Try your act in the real word and you will find the unemployment office quickly. Outside of higher ed people do not like Commies. That is why Finky and Kovel call themselves Greens and Chomsky calls himself an anarchist.


It was a great show.