Thursday, January 10, 2008

Not concerned about Rudy

Many people who read this blog wrongly deduce that I am conservative. Actually I am a patriotic
social liberal who has no home in the Democratic party. Those of us that were serious about the Cold War had no home in a party that treated nationalism as the N word.

The party of JFK had defined those letters in my years with John Forbes Kerry. Kerry's name like everything else about him was fake. He was the front man in a Communist group VVAW. He did knowingly meet with the NVA in Paris while a member of the Naval Reserve. He presented fake Vietnam Veterans as the genuine article. His co-spokesman was never a pilot, never in Vietnam and his injuries occured playing sports in Hoboken NJ. Kerry's first mission was to save the Sandanistas at any cost. He made up absurd stories lifted from Apolcalypse Now about secret missions in Cambodia in his testimony before congress. The stories were humorous, such as blaming Nixon for the missions when Johnson was the President and there were other gaffes. Kerry went on to write the infamous Dear Comondante letter that blew up in his face. Kerry was but one of these Democrats who seemed to work 24/7 to promote the interests of Communism.

While many people are bothered by a McCain candidacy, it suits me just fine. Ronald Reagan is not returning and if he were he would have my vote. My votes for Reagan were not based on Conservatism. They were based on a can do attitude and taking our country back from spineless clowns who seemed to recoil at any mention of patriotism or Nationalism. Reagan was
a rare talent and won the Cold War by fighting Communism aggressively. He did not mince words about the evils of the disease, nor do I.

Some of you have also misinterpreted my comments about Obama as support. The great Richard Poe once said "Tis no great feat to discern an honest man from a knave". Mr Poe said these words when we I was concerned about him mistaking my Rudy Republican dissent on an issue for something further to the left. We know all about the Clinton corruption scandals, the self centeredness, paranoia and the ends justify the means bit. In any comparison Obama is superior in all respects. Obama does want a better future for America, even if he is dead wrong about how to get there. Unlike the Clinton's he does not worship the UN, big media or pseudo intellectuals in the Salons of Old Europe.

Similarly we need to look at those on the left and see where they are saying. A person who describes themselves openly as a Trotskyite is a different animal from a Labourite. When I discuss the war with a Rob Bayn or Jams it is an entirely different conversation than that held with bug eyed commies. The conversation starts with a common premise that we all want the best for our countries and how do we get there from here. The conversation has no conspiracy
angles or indict America tone or other agendas. The same conversation is impossible with Commies as they seek to subvert anything for their own agendas.

Do I lose sleep if McCain gets the nomination? No, I would still prefer Rudy but it works for me.
McCain did support the buildup and even floated the idea when things were not going well. He may have even called for the build up before Bush did. However, many of us have become mono
focused on Iraq and to a lesser extent abortion and Gay marriage. I do not wake up worrying over the fate of abortion. John Brown and Greg are great poster children for abortion. I do not see my life changed by Gay marriage, I still favor Civil Unions. The discussion about Iraq is far more important, but it is not all there is.

When in doubt pull the lever for Mr Beamish. He has the support of Craig Bardo, Sonia and Beakerkin


Farmer John said...

The Democratic Party banned the Scoop Jackson wing after '74 and exiled the last honest Democrat, Joe Lieberman, in 2006. It's time to put an end to the smelly hippy infestation and drum circle which is today's Democratic Party.

nanc said...

beamish will ultimately have my support - i'm becoming more sure of that by the moment.

mccain seems to be doing very well. although he does seem a little overly emotional, kind of like the shemale, only different.

nanc said...

p.s. - i'm not so sure poopstain isn't the RESULT of a BOTCHED abortion...*:[

Ducky's Here said...

I'm not either, Rudy's finished.

First get rid of the Reagan legacy. That's pretty much been done and we can all start thanking the his rotting brain tissue for shutting up about Pakistani nukes in exchange for arming the Afghans ... and we know how well that worked out. President Ronnie Rotten Brain Tissue managed to get us the worst of both worlds.

But his paranoia and laissez-faire legacy are on the way out.

Next to deal with Democratic Leadership Council corporate stooges and Likud arse kissers like Clinton and Obama. One task at a time. The struggle is eternal.

Anonymous said...

Beak, Beak, Beak, when will you stop supporting closet Liberals!!!

John McCain, I will remind you, teamed with Red Ketchup Kerry to shut down the search for POW-MIA's in the Senate. I am soooo disgusted with the military types who have forgotten this traitors vile activities!!!!

Oh yeah, McCain tells us that torture doesn't work!!! Yet, within 2 days of his capture he was trading military information for the medical treatment which saved his pointless life!!!! Wonder what else he traded away to come out of those prison camps so healthy???


Anonymous said...

I would also like to point out that John McCain did a lot of bad mouthing of the Bush Rumsfeld... war effort making it much more difficult for them to get cooperation from the rest of the country and out of the country!!!!

He claims to have been for more troops. I wonder what he would have been for if Turkey had cooperated and the rest of the Army had entered Iraq from the North as per the original plan!!!


nanc said...

mccain was great in the debate this evening. although he is NOT my ultimate candidate, my husband has an affinity for him, saying, "there's just something about him that draws me in." he also cheered paul on in his assessments of israel.

he soured when the talk turned to removing our troops from the m.e.

mah29001 said...

I think Rudy still has a chance of winning. If one looks at all the polls state-by-state in Super Tuesday along with other election poll numbers, Rudy seems to be ahead in most of them. I checked the California poll, and Rudy's so-far ahead of Huckabee who's behind him in second place in which Huckabee has quite a bit of a way to go if he wishes to take California.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Why the hell would anyone vote for John McCain, when Hillary Clinton is running AND she's honest about being a Democrat?