Thursday, January 17, 2008

Empty words and souless hacks

The basic problem with Utopians is the ends justify the means at all times. As man is god and all actions taken on the wishes of the divine leader are acceptable. Morality is whatever the leader says it is at the moment. All the words about the poor are empty and all classes are pipedreams.

The sons of property theft, class genocide and jihad mock the Christian. The deeds of the Christian come from the heart of a higher calling. There is right and wrong and standards for all including the powerful. Life is to be treasured and improving lives in measurable goods and quality of life.

The greatest crime of the far left is debasing life itself in the lust for power.


troutsky said...

truly brilliant.

KuhnKat said...

Careful Beak, the UTOPIANS are gathering!!!