Sunday, February 10, 2008

Where do we go from here

Many of us are angry with John McCain and for good reason. I do want to point out the misconceptions on the immigration bill. In the real world there is give and take. The reform bill
did have some major improvements namely ending family ties as the major factor in determining who gets a visa.

Sadly, only Hillary has mentioned a key problem is getting aliens who violate the law out of the USA. The appeals process needs to be streamlined and countries that do not take their criminals back need to be prodded. The endless appeals may go on for well over a decade and it is a huge waste of resources.

Maybe McCain will address this issue in the near future. I am not surprised that Coulter and Limbaugh have gone off the deep end over McCain. However, the thought of five more Ruth Bader Ginsburg's on the Supreme Court and using foreign laws is enough motivation for me to vote.

Lets keep our ears and minds open and hope for the best.


z said...

is the visa situation you disucss here the same thing as the 'anchor baby' deal, Beak?

I'd appreciate it Hillary mentions a key problem of aliens who violate OUR LAWS here IN the USA.

By the way, Erdogan of Turkey spoke in Germany this weekend advising Turks not to assimilate. My husband, who reads the German news in German, is going to give me the main points: Erdogan's details; German reaction, etc. and I hope to publish tha at geeZ! soon. I'd like your input. This stuff HAS to stop. I have a take on it which I'd like your input on.

Beak, let us know if you hear from Rob. That line about the Red Sox killed me. you do crack me up.

Jungle Mom said...

me too!

beakerkin said...

Z All of us miss Rob. We miss him as a friend and he is always my friend
wherever he goes.

The anchor bride and baby bit would be halted by the new system. I am just amazed at cases that go on for decades in spite of criminality.

JM Maybe something good will come of this.

QunQat said...

With good enforcement on businesses which will take away jobs, the illegals self deport.

Arizona and Oklahoma are currently seeing a steady stream of illegals leaving their states due to strong laws removing the LURE, JOBS!!!

Of course, right now they are heading to California and Texas, BUT, new laws in those states would deal with the issues. It will be, Crack Down on employers or see your social services bill rival the US Military!!!!