Monday, February 11, 2008

Tyrany of the present

Many of us look at the mess of Africa and wonder what went wrong. Even Kenya, that was a stable country is now having civil unrest. The racist answer is that Africans can not rule themselves. This response is entirely wrong as one can find plenty of talented Africans in a large city near you. However, this may be part of the brain drain that exacerbates the plight of Africa.

The countries with rare exception were creations of nitwits in colonial offices. There is no such thing as a Sudanese or a Nigerian on the practical level. The primary level of identity is tribal and has always been so. Long term we can live in a fantasy of the present or we can accept that change isn't always bad. Maybe local autonomy in a federalized state would be better that tribal domination.

Part of the problem is that the meddling with rare exception is not designed to build lives. In the case of Arab refugees the meddling was designed by the Islamist and far left types to perpetuate misery. The far left needed Arab victims for their own purposes. Thus we have allowed generations of Arabs to be abused as hockey pucks. Pseudostinianism was only a vehicle by the far left to rationalize Judenfrei real estate. The far left gets to fantasize about greater Israel while obsessing about a fake ethnicity as if planet itself had no other people. Thus the commies created a fake ethnicity with N ASS er and united Islamist and traditional anti-semites. The self
absorbed far left could pretend noble motives while working with Nazis and Jihadis in an attempt
to harness populist anti-semitism.

Does the far left give a rats ass about genuine indigenous people doomed to Islamo and Arab hegemony? While the far left fantasizes about fake ethnicities it spits and pisses on Christians and groups like the Kurds who have far better cases than Pseudostinians. The far left pretends that human misery caused by Communism in places like Cuba does not exist. The far left also pretends that Syria is anything but a leftist apatheid mess rulled by a Communazi Baathist Alawite mafia that is 11% of the population. The Assad rule proves the utility of uniting a people in misery with idiocy of bad Jooo er zionist. This technique has allowed a corrupt band of non muslim pagans to rule Syria for at least 30 years.

The goal should be to build lives and communities. Micro loans have proven to be effective at helping people set up small companies. Maybe we should think of adding light manufacturing
and jobs. Most of us get no pleasure from creating human cattle. The exception to that are communists who seek power by turning people into domestic animals.


Ducky's Here said...

He starts out talking about Kenya and sure enough where does he end up.

Right back where he always does.

Anonymous said...

Are there tribes in the communist system other than "Pipefitter", "Machinist" or "Joiner"? The "Union" brings some AFL/CIO Teamsters tribes together, but the "Party" (CPUSA) does a terrible job of controlling the unions, let alone coordinating their activities. Each "union" boss in Kenya seems to be his own independent capo de tutti capi.

Sounds like a primal structural flaw, ducky.

QunQat said...

Haven't the Chicoms gone the Fascist route in Africa?? They would appear to have the larger footprint anyway, working with whomever will take their money and/or influence!!


Ducktard is just upset cause they are selling out Virginal Socialism for those crass Marxist and other nasty tribes!!

And then, of course, there is South Africa where the Commies have done their usual excellent job in turning a successful, western type capitalistic, country into a repressive, regressive, violent, 3rd world dump!!

QunQat said...

Recent reports out of Kenya tell of rape gangs at work. Anyone else find this a familiar tactic of a certain element all over northern Africa, the Middle East souther Asia...?


Add another country to the Islamo-Nazi overtly active list!!

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Obama's momma's baby's daddy's cousin is at the heart of the Kenya genocides.