Sunday, February 03, 2008

Odd Commie Obsessions

What is this rant by Ducky about Conservatives being Homo haters? This is part of many insane obsessions that Commies have. Lets see Falwell makes an idiotic remark and the whole world goes off for hours. Zimbabwe, Psuedostinians and other Shariah based nuts use the legal system to harass and sometimes kill gays and their is silence.

The Duck claims I should be silent about Israel and Communist anti-semitism. I wonder what his sentiments would be towards a Black man talking about the KKK or Jena. Lets see only Jews are to remain silent in the face of far left bigotry. I seriously wonder how he would take a conservative making as vile a comment as the "shoah pimp" crap. He also thinks it is just peachy to call Condi Rice Aunt Jemimah. Can we say Left Wing bigot and Dumbass?

Then there is this insane view expressed by Commies that Indians hate Christians. This must come as news to the folks at Bad Eagle and some of the readers of this blog who are quite devout. Jungle Mom also knows many Indian Christians and this is really silly. The warped logic has Indians loving commies who herd them onto collectives but hating the missionary who brings education, health care and the word of God.

Then there is the madness espoused by the salon leftists, notably Beatroot. Communism in Latin America is somehow a different animal than the one presented to his Polish readers. Sorry, but people running for the doors every time souless Communists like Renegade Eye set up shop is just a fact.


KuhnKat said...

I think Ducktard must have learned his geography in our modern school system and be mistaking Indians for Hindus. Yes, Hindus hate Christains because they interfere with that really neat CLASS SYSTEM and othe things. Hindis tend to burn churches and run preacher men and other Christians out of town!!

Now DUCKTARD, would it help if I told you that India and its Hindi majority is only a LITTLE east of Iran, where you say you visited??


Of course, maybe Ducktard is under the impression that the Indians are REALLY the descendants of fallen Jews who wrote the history now referred to as the Book Of Mormon and they are still PISSED OFF ABOUT BEING DRAGGED TO THE NEW WORLD!!


Ducky's Here said...

"Falwell makes an idiotic remark and the whole world goes off for hours."

Hey Mickey the Dunce. You must be aware that in America we have ways to contain these religiously insane fanatics but we have no way to effectively deal with events in Zimbabwe.

Even you must understand that Beak. The homos beat the ever loving crap out of the evangelicals and that's as it should have been. A class of people should not be denied civil rights due to religious groups spouting a line from Leviticus, a legal code that has no bearing on the population of the United States.

Ducky's Here said...

kuhncat, please ask the orderly to adjust your dosage.

Ducky's Here said...

Zimbabwe, Psuedostinians and other Shariah based nuts use the legal system to harass and sometimes kill gays and their is silence.


Beak, are you implying that Zimbabwe is Muslim? Surely you know better.

It is interesting that any of your arguments go immediately to the topic of the Palestinians since you can't go a paragraph without fellating Likud.

KuhnKat said...


Please read this very interesting editorial about your first love, NVA:


You MORON!!!

The more things change, the more people COMMIES, and Islamo-Nazis, slaughter!!

KuhnKat said...


If my group based their uniqueness on sodomising Ducks, should they have special CIVIL RIGHTS to protect and PROMOTE that activity??

You LEFTARDS really do not have a CLUE do you!!


When are you going to extend CIVIL RIGHTS PROTECTION to Pedophiles, Zoophiles, Sadists, Necrophiles, Coprphiles...

How about Arsonists? Shouldn't they get Civil Rights Protection??