Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Still reading of a Lost Palestine History Nation

The author of the book fails to define what is a Palestinian. He talks about a regional accent and some cuisine. I could make these claims with Texas, St Louis or Brooklyn. The authors history shows that his own family moved continually into and out of the region.

The basic failure of the Arabs in general is to understand what a Jew is. While the author struggles
to define his ethnicity Jews have no such problem. We have a language and a distinct culture. The book is filled with wild inaccuracies claiming the population was 91% Arab in 1919. Perhaps this is before Jordan was carved out of the mandate and 80% of the land was ethnically cleansed.

The author fails miserably to define what makes him a Palestinian. He was born in the was born in the UK to an English mother. Using less logic I can claim regional affinity in Poland. I was born in the USA to parents born in the USA . His grandmother was Brazilian and two of his Aunts were born in Brazil. The book shows movement throughout the region.

The author goes on to claim that the figures in the Bible were small cheiftans. He must ignore all the Greek, Roman and other references to Jews living in the area well before Arabs. Moreover, he thinks it is okay for Brazilians to reside in the region but not Jews from Poland. The last part is amusing because it is racist.

The author at various points describes the area as Southern Syria. This is the exact point supporters of Israel make. He has not provided a single basis for this amazing phantom ethnicity.
Moreover, his family history of people moving into and out of the area shows Palestinianism to be a farce.

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