Monday, February 18, 2008

One hit wonders

I am starting to seriously think that the Obama rise is due to two factors

1 I am not Hillary. Hillary is not likeable. An Obama man said yesterday she had eight years to fix things and did nothing.

2 Optimism. Obama is a leftist but has endlessly repeated hope and change. This is out of the Clinton, Carter and Kennedy playbook. Obama like Kennedy talks about a mythical third way. Commies use this lie when it is apparent their latest poster boys are tyrants, see Vietnam.

The far left is so rabid and obsessed with Israel that they can not recognize their own. The usual turds are in a stew because Obama allegedy defended right Israel's iitself from Hezbollah rockets. This sounds like common sense to me.

Beamish in 08


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

I can show you an Islamist / pro-jihadist website that endorses Obama and that quotes him directly telling them that he is "keeping quiet" about the "Palestinian" cause until he gets the nomination.

beakerkin said...

I am with McCain unless he selects Condi Rice. Rice has been an embarassment and needs to mend fences.

I 100% believe your information but the far left doesn't.

Always On Watch said...

If McCain chooses Condi Rice as his running mate, he'll be playing the race card.

QunQat said...

The West has been conditioned to believe anything they hear enough times. If the election were put off another 6 months Ron Paul and the Libertarians would be backing Obama also!!



Z said...

AOW..absolutely true. He simply CAN'T.

Does anybody think this fainting/swooning phenomena could be people planted to do that? Or would he risk our finding out? Why're they swooning now instead of months ago when he was starting campaigning? I find this whole thing weird. You have to admit it's effective ..the CARING, the stopping his speech until HE is sure they're "fine"..making sure they're attended to. There's something weird about this. SO seemingly contrived.

Or am I growing far too cynical?