Sunday, February 17, 2008

Jonah Goldberg's Kennedy Cult

I have always been amazed at how the far left has created a cult of personality around a very mediocre President. Kennedy's one claim to fame was that he had been shot and was martyred before his ineptness became a greater issue.

Goldberg recounts the hateful BS linking the Kennedy assasination to TX. The fools of Camelot had a hard time accepting that Kennedy was killed by a Commie. Thus almost immediately we get a series of idiotic conspiracies.

The left has without any validity turned him into a lost savior. In fact there is no evidence that Civil Rights or Vieenetnam would have been different issues with Kennedy at the helm. The Civil Rights legislation probably benefited from Johnson's deal making prowess. JFK and RFK were anti Communists and should not be confused with Ted or Gomer Kerry national disgraces and soft on Communism.

The real JFK or RFK probably hasvemore in common wtith Joe Lieberman than his embarassment of a clown sibling.

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Anonymous said...

Anti-communists with mob connections that had a huge financial investment in Cuba bigger than Las vegas