Sunday, February 17, 2008

Newsflash Salon Type Beatroot Claims Communist No Longer Exist

This news items comes from Poland where Salonista Beatroot, perhaps after way too much alcohol, proclaimed that Communist do not exist. This idiocy must come as a shock to people who call themselves Trotskyites. With a wave of his scepter Beatroot has turned them into something out of cryptozoology akin to Bigfoot or the Skunk Ape. This must also come as news to Fidel, Hugo, Mugabe, the leaders of Code Pink and Kim Jong "Mentally" Ill.

This topic once again shows the utter sloth of Beatroot who criticizes books that he has not bothered to read. Humorously he credits Jonah Goldberg with inventing the term "cheese eating surrender monkey". The term is part of American popular culture and refers to salon types like Beatroot who have a Pavlovian reflex towards hypocritical rabid anti Americanism. the Salon types seldom do real work and think they are the moral arbiters of good and evil on the planet. If anything the episode shows how obtuse and out of touch with reality these lunatics are.

Goldberg argues with some validity that current definition of fascism it intertwined with the Holocaust. Fascism was a varied phenomena from the far left like communism and includes more
examples than Nazi Germany. In no way does Goldberg endorse fascism or pretend it does not exist.

Beatroot objects when I tie modern communists (Renegade Eye) to the historical record of Communist. He has been on record stating it is unfair to link Renegade eye to Pol Pot, Stalin, Bill Ayers and my favorite Commie Jim Jones. He does not answer if it is fair to judge a self described Trotskyite by the record of Trotsky. Unlike Goldberg, Beatroot does endorse communism when practiced by Chavez whom Beatroot claims reminds him of Peron. This must come as news to Chavez who has been quite open about who his role model is.

Beatroot seems to have two faces that he presents depending on where he is. He would never dream of letting his Polish readers see how cavalierly he dismisses the crimes of Trotsky. This is because patriotic Poles are too familiar with the war crimes perpetrated by Trotsky. I include members of my own family who fought against Bolshevik predation in the ranks of patriotic Poles. When Beatroot is away from his site and his Polish readers he sings an entirely different tune about Communism.

Beatroot lives in a fantasy world where communist relabel themselves as Greens and so forth and sling the same garbage and are somehow untainted.

Any comparison between an Ostrich and Beatroot is an insult to a noble creature, the Ostrich.

Beamish in 08


Ducky's Here said...

Oh so close, Beak almost went an entire post without mentioning the holocaust or the Likud government.

So close.

QunQat said...


You use ALL the tried and true Commie methods. Your current post is a perfect example. Instead of addressing the substance, distract from it.

You may try to call Fascism Right Wing, but, both Communists and Fascists like to kill off Unions once they have taken control!!!! Where Unions remain, they become another WEAPON of the ESTABLISHMENT to control the populace!!!

Fascism is only Right Wing compared to Communism!! They are both still to the left of my Favorite LIBTARD Republican McCain!!

Your propaganda enemas from your Fascist Controller must be up to date!!


Warren said...

Qunqat said: "Your propaganda enemas from your Fascist Controller must be up to date!!"


Unfortunately they came in a bottle labled "Best if used before November 9, 1989"

Anonymous said...

Communism is a snake that continually must shed it's skin (name) and attempt to hide from public view.