Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What is with this Duck Obsession

The Duck seems to reduce all of the GOP primaries to Gays. This is quite odd as this is not a major issue especially with the economy and war issues. Gay marriage is not even on the radar and being debated.

Oddly immigration is probably more at the center of the GOP discontent with McCain. We need to review the debate and look at the overall proposals. The entire bill contained many good changes in addition to the odious.

What planet is the Duck on?

It may be that the Duck is obsessed with Gays in addition to Jews.

The Duck also is quite deluded if he construes an earlier post as saying Zimbabwe is Muslim. However, Mugabe (Communist Tyrant) is far more homophobic and dangerous than a few stupid remarks from Falwell.


KuhnKat said...


Conservative disatisfaction with McCain was only Metastasized by the Immigration fight.

McCain pushed a bill to basically shut down gun shows. Dealers have to run background checks wherever they sell. This bill was directed at the HEART of the INDIVIDUAL RIGHT to Keep and Bear Arms.

McCain rants about earmarks and reducing expenditures, yet, buys into the JUNK SCIENCE of Anthropogenic Climate Change based on Greenhouse Gas Theory (http://icecap.us/images/uploads/Evans-CO2DoesNotCauseGW.pdf for a refutation). This is driving legislation which will LITERALLY DESTROY THE FREE WORLD ECONOMY pushing the third world into a Dark Ages not even Dreamed of by most Libtards!! The only winners will be Oil Producing Countries, which are buying the US, China, and Russia.

McCain claims to be a BIG proponent of the war on terror. First, see above. You can't win with an economy that has been destroyed. He wants to shut down Gitmo. Gitmo allowed the Jihadis to be sidelined HUMANELY without allowing them to interact with their friends like the Blind Sheik did in US prisons through a Traitorous LIBTARD Lawyer!!! He does not want to allow Torture. He claims it doesn't work. First, we do not torture. His claims have hurt our war effort. Second he wants to stop resonable manipulation of the detainees which HAS provided quality, actionable, intelligence which helped prepare the field for the SURGE, among other things. Again, he claims torture does not work, yet, in his own writing, he states he offered military information to the Vietnamese for medical treatment. So much for torture not working!! McCain claims that he was the only one supporting the Surge. Gov. Romney among many other Senators, Representatives, Governors... supported the surge. Some of them even pushed increasing troops, like McCain, before the Surge.

McCain claims to be military friendly. He was part of the Republican Majority that GUTTED our military during the Clintoon years. I would add that he was an early and Vocal supporter of the War On Yugoslavia which has turned over many areas of the Balkans to Jihadists!! Wonder why Putin is PISSED at us?? This is HIS back yard where we are helping the Jihadis!! PS: Don't even think of suggesting this was appropriate. NO GENOCIDE HAS EVER BEEN SHOWN IN KOSOVO and arguing the TIT FOR TAT in Srebrennica and other areas has wasted Millions of dollars in the war crimes trials in Belgium!!!!!

The FIRST time I became aware of McCain was his stabbing the families of the MIA's. In hearings in about 92' with John Kerry, they declared no live POW's existed and there was no need to keep pushing Vietnam for an accounting. Whether there were LIVE POW's is certainly questionable, especially now. Unfortunately that papered over the loss of access to the Vietnamese records to track WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE POW-MIA's!!! When pressed on this he did a typical McCain and started screaming at the people reducing one mother to tears. Interestingly enough, after declaring there was no evidence of live POW's, he could produce no records of the Committee testimony as they had SHREDDED THE RECORDS!! In more support of our military he attacked the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, who outed Kerry's lies and traitorous activites, during the 2004 election. Hey, they're both United States Naval Academy Elites, right??

McCain lies about his opponents. Good example was his BLATANT misrepresentation of a Romney interview. He led everyone to believe that Romney was for a timetable to WITHDRAW the troops. Romney stated in that same interview that he would VETO a withdrawal Bill!! In the same time frame McCain would not answer a question as to what he would do if the Benchmarks and Timetables that he thought should be imposed on the Iraqi Gubmint failed.

McCain has done virtually everything he could to damage Bush and Rumsfeld. This while they were executing the War on Terror. McCain is from a Naval Family with 2 Admirals. He himself is touted as Decorated War Hero and POW. He is a Senior Senator. He married money and has many acquaintances and friends/collaborators who are also influential. Tell me this man could not have found a less public way to express his displeasure with the Administration?? His actions, again, caused us Image problems in the World and helped our enemies. Was he just taking his ire out on Bush? If so, that would be even WORSE!!!

To REALLY make sure we understand he is for the war on terror, he has REFUSED TO UNDERSTAND WHY WE MUST CONTROL OUR BORDERS!! Even though the US is being literally reinfected with diseases we had defeated over 20 years ago, our infrastructure flooded, deaths among illegals and Border personnel is rising along with the violence, hard evidence of probable Jihadis entering has been found, his only response was basically, OK, if they want it so bad I'll close the border. This is a clear admission of NOT EVEN COMPREHENDING THE WAR!!!

McCain claims he is for free speech. His McCain-Feingold bill was passed over the objections of many real conservatives. Its result has NOT been to reduce the CASH being spent on campaigns. Its only REAL affect has been to limit the speech of Grassroots and small groups in the weeks immediately preceeding an election allowing the MSM to have the ONLY WORD?!?!?!

He is the straight talk express right?? Another LIE he BLATANTLY tried to pass was that he opposed the Tax Cuts because they were NOT balanced by spending cuts. Unfortunately for him there are audio and video tapes of him declaring that the Tax Cuts were only for the RICH. Nothing like a little LIBTARD Class Warfare huh??

Some think he will appoint Conservative Judges. Except, it has come out in the last week that he doesn't like Judges who are too obviously Conservative. HUH??? Makes me feel all warm and snuggly!! He formed the Gang of 14 obstensibly to allow Bush's appointees to get a vote. Of course, many of his appointees were STILL not allowed a vote!!! He just became A DIFFERENT UNCONSTITUTIONAL GATEWAY they had to pass!! This also prevented a showdown where the Unconstitutional use of the filibuster to block a VOTE on the appointees could have been overturned!!

Now, who is coming running to support this staunch Conservative?? I am ashamed to say I thought better of Mayor Giuliani, but, he beat the great white RINO AHHHHHHHHNULD to the punch!! AHHHHHHNULD has destroyed the Cali economy WHILE WE WERE IN AN EXPANDING ECONOMY NATIONALLY!!! Of course, his wife, (a Kennedy relative) is backing Obama so I guess it is ALL IN THE FAMILY with no Archie!! You go down the list of those who support him and it is mostly a list of RINOS!! Some of them coming OUT for the first time!! SMIRK

Please make a list of all those supporting McCain right now. These will be people not to be trusted with anything greater than a GUMBALL in the future!!! If they have allowed themselves to BELIEVE McCain, they are too DUMB to trust. If they are supporting him because they see him as inevitable, SAME THANG. If they believe the same as McCain, they should be in the Dimmicrat party!!

Look, I am using up way too much of Beaks blog so I will stop here. Please don't think there isn't MUCH MORE negative out there on McCain. We haven't even gotten to the CORRUPTION!


nanc said...

pluckster is from OUTSIDE space.

he honestly does make more of gays than the rest of u.s. but that's just the one percent squawking and quacking all over the place.

if they NEVER brought it up, how many of u.s. would?

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Everytime I start getting the itch to ease off my conservatism, just let the Republican Party have my vote like a good little robot, people like Kuhnkat remind me of the fight.

I wonder if Peroutka is running this year.

Always On Watch said...

Duck is worried about gay rights for this election? Surely you jest.

The Merry Widow said...

Mr. B.-I'm writting you in this year!
Deal with it!


nanc said...

how funny is that going to be when "MISTER BEAMISH" is written in from every state in the union?!?

it's newsworthy i tell ya!

KuhnKat said...


we could make his campaign song Mr. B, sung to the tune of Mr. Lee!!!!