Friday, February 08, 2008

Very Interesting Reading Standing With Israel by David Brog

Progressive Dispensationalism is the term that describes the anti-semitic view of some Christian types who believe that Gods covenant with the Jews has been superceeded by Christianity. The original point of this is shown to have grown from Paul's inclusion of Christian converts in God's covenant over time to its odious present.

As Christianity drifted from its earliest forms this tendency tended to get worse. The traditional view of the Dhimmi laws are also described in practice in Rome. Apparently the folks at the Vatican were quite fond of making Jews wear symbols on their clothing. This was stopped by Napoleon, in a rare moment of Leftist sanity. However, the record of the left on Jews has gone down since then. Contrary to the delusions of the Duck and Ren, Nazism did come from the left. Communists have also revealed themselves to be the most rabidly anti- semitic and inhuman people on the planet.

As stated earlier most of the anti-Israel and sadly pro-gay congregations tend to view Marx as more important than the scripture. These congregations are declining in membership as the more traditional denominations increase. Oddly it is often the African members of the denominations who push to restore traditionalism.

I want to thank the Duck for proving how bigoted people on the left are. First of all Commies like himself have do not have issues with dual loyalty as they have never had any loyalty to the United States to begin with. The Duck also forgets in his bird brained anti semitic blather that Commies have a virtual monopoly on Treason in US history. Thus the Duck like the other commie clowns and Neonazi LWB/John Brown suggest that American Jews who support Israel are disloyal. How a person who advocates Communism could project their ills upon anyone else is quite amusing.

the Duck also thinks it is quite funny to call Judge Thomas Slappy. No doubt were we to make fun of Charles Rangel, Harry Belacommie or Jesse Jackson in similar terms he would correctly
call us racist. We do describe Justice Bader Ginsberg as a black robed freak but that is based upon her insane history with the ACLU and activist/commie writings. FYI I want black robed freaks like Ruth Bader Ginsburg as far away from religious terms and scripture as possible.


Ducky's Here said...

It's so disappointing that Rudy won't be president. I really hoped that every day could be 9/11.

beakerkin said...

No doubt as a classic Commie this is an honest opinion.

sonia said...

Charles Rangel, Harry Belacommie or Jesse Jackson,

I don't care about the other two, but leave Charlie Rangel alone. Ever since he gave Chavez a well-deserved thrashing, he is a hero of mine.

KuhnKat said...


if a serial killer gave Chavez heck, would they be your hero too??

Charley Rangel has carried more commie water in the US than Chavez!!!

Did you ever consider Charley was giving ADVICE to a person he considers an ally that he didn't want to mess things up for the whole movement??


Always On Watch said...

black robed freaks like Ruth Bader Ginsburg

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! That describes her, all right.

Always On Watch said...

I really hoped that every day could be 9/11.

That's your idea of humor???

KuhnKat said...


for a Commie that was a pretty mild statement. At that rate it would still take a year to kill 1,000,000 people. I think that is the minimum to really make it into the Uncle Joe and Papa Oooh Mao Mao club!!