Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Early Reports Mougniyah killed

The second most notorious terrorist was allegedly killed in a car bombing in Damascus. Reports of Mougniyah's death have been previously reported. We do have a lengthy profile of the most wanted terrorist pre-911. Mougniyah is responsible for car bomb that killed 241 marines in Lebanon in the Reagan years. He is also an Iranian intelligence officer in addition to the real brains behind Hezbollah operations.

Keep your eyes on this story.

No doubt John Brown/LWB and the communists anti semites will be mourning if this is true.was

To the commie garbage clowns. What was he doing in Communazi Baathist Syria in the first place?Can we deduce the Syrian regime that YOU support is a terrorist state.FYI when an Alawite clique has a monopoly on power you have a genuine apartheid state. Baathism is yet another communist gift that the left keeps trying to pretend has another cause.


Ducky's Here said...

Wow, Likud set off another car bomb in Lebanon. As if they weren't satisfied with trashing the country and getting marines killed in the days of "Fat Boy" Sharon.

Can you really eat kosher and get that fat?

roman said...

Whoever did set off this bomb should claim responsiblity. That way I'll know where to send a huge donation and kind words of thanks and congratulations. Terrorists like Mougniyah, responsible for so much needless pain and suffering, should be "taken out" by any means possible.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like justice was done.

beakerkin said...


Is there any doubt you are an anti semite?

Mougniyah was a criminal who deserved to die. Maybe his friend Norman Finkelstein dropped the dime on Mougniyah.

I suppose all the people in Lebanon deserved to be abducted and tortured.He was a mass murder and his death was poetic justice.

Roman: I am sure MFL will spin a long tale. No doubt the usual crowd will soin this, but I agree.

FJ: I agree.

QunQat said...

Uhhh guys,

"...was allegedly killed in a car bombing in Damascus."

I believe Damascus is still the CAPITAL OF SYRIA!! Whomever was responsible lit up some prime real estate in the Nazi capital of the Middle East, Bless Their Hearts!!!


as Nanc would daintily put it!!


QunQat said...

Yes Ducktard,

you are really living up to your Nom de Plume, as I write it!!


By the way, are the orderlies still having to run you out of Sharon's room when you get too amorous??

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

I would like to point out for accuracy's sake that the Marine barracks bombing killed 220 Marines, 18 Navy sailors, and 3 Army soldiers.

And further, that these men had names.

beakerkin said...

I stand corrected Mr B

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

No gaffe on your part, Beak. I'm happy this Hezbollah fuck is dead.

One of my childhood friend's older brother died in that terrorist attack.

I remember his name, not Mougniyah's.

QunQat said...

Talk about your excedrin headache number 9,999: