Saturday, February 09, 2008

What it takes to be a Commie

The first ingredient to be a commie is mental illness. This mental illness comes in conspiritorial idiocy. Renegade Eye believes Scottland Yard is now part of the conspiracy to hide the truth about
Benazir Bhutto's assasination. John Brown/LWB and Weazie are exponents of 9-11 conpiracies. The Duck, John Brown/LWB and many others are fans of the disloyal Jew bit. Thus American Jews have dual loyalty issues. This is amusing considering commies have a virtual monopoly on treason.

Then one should add a bit of stupidity. Lets see there is a housing bubble in the USA. This is a financial problem but the market produces housing. How one points to communism as the solution when it fails to produce quality housing requires a talent for stupidity.

One also needs a great deal of bigotry to become a comie. Lets see it is okay for Comies to call Condi Aunt Jemimah and to call Elie Weisel a " Shoah Pimp". John Brown/LWB calls Native Americans Samboes. The Duck also seems to think all Government workers are lazy. This may be true in higher Ed where the Old Bolshevik club has lifetime tenure, but the rest of us have strictly enforced goals and deadlines. Moreover, unlike commie educators in higher ed we are legally accountable for our actions. Thus I do not have the luxury of malfeasence like Noam Chomsky who does get to lie and teach about such falsehoods as US-Nazi alliances.

One has to also be a first class hypocrite in order to be a Commie. Ren's jab chides me for approving executions of Commies. This is amusing comming from a person who views Leon Trotsky as a savior. The real Trotsky ordered regular executions of POW's and opponents. Moreover, I do not run around with a picture of Che on my shirt either. Lets worry about Gitmo
while praising an executioner of hundreds without trial.

When reality doesn't agree with the narritive make a movie or create fake ethnicities out of thin air. Lets see Nazi's killed the folks at Katyn because some dolt made a movie. Commies were victims in the 50's didn't you see The Front. What the basis is for this Palestinian ethnicity is remains a mystery. Last we checked they remain Arabs who in any coherent view of history are a colonial oppressor of a variety of indigenous people.

Commies are exponentially more prone to be terrorists and traitors than the general population.
They should be under 24/7 security scrutiny and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law when they act true to form.

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KuhnKat said...

I love the Bhutto conspiracy. It is fairly meaningless. Pakistan is a violent place where the leaders whack those weaker and less well prepared.

Benbrasseire had stated that if elected she would be extremely aggressive in rooting out the terrorists. Even if Mushi HAD whacked her, he only beat the terrorists by a few days!!


The 9/11 conspiracists are WAAAAY off. The Masons kept Timmies brother alive so he could do an improved repeat at the Twin Towers with their Middle Eastern John Does 1,2,3... Just see if you can find ANYONE who knew where McVeigh was on 9/11!! (I found their plans in a MASON JAR!!)


Beak, no t-shirt with Che?? Get THIS put on one: