Friday, February 29, 2008

The Final Analysis

The basic problem with the Sabagh book is arrogance and hypocrisy. The book does not even come close to being coherent. The book reflects Jim Crow type of arrogance and actually does point directly to typical responses to Commie lies about fake indigenous people.

1 Arabs got to Israel via colonialism
2 Arabs subjected Jews to a Jim Crow culture. Contrary to the authors claims the period of enlightenment was imposed on the region via European coercion and short period of colonial rule.
3 The author even refers to the region Southern Syria, not Palestine.
4 The author does not mention creation of Jordan on 80% of the mandate and the etnic cleansng of Jews from that area. The author basically thinks Jews should stay only if they know their place.
5 The author fails to establish anything close to a Palestinian ethnicity. The authors claims about dialects and cuisine could be made about St Louis, Brooklyn or parts of London.
6 The authors own accounts show Brazilians and Englishmen called Palestinian based upon a relative lived there.
7 The accounts of the author show fluidity of movement around the general region into parts of Jordan and so forth was the norm.

There are no Palestinians and Arabs in allready posses land in abundance and that land was colonized. Any claim that Jews oppressed Muslims is as absurd as claiming Blacks in the South or Indians oppressed whites.


Anonymous said...

Let's face it beak, this book is just another exercise in a series of post-modern deconstructions, dis-simulations and "myth creation". There will be many more such books to follow in the future, only they will cite this book as a "reference", and they in turn will then be cited as further references... until a complete "myth" of the oppressed Palestinian has been documented and transformed into a body of historical scholarship that will then treated as documented fact by future generations of Pseudostinians and the Ummah and used to 'justify' fresh attacks upon and repression of the Jewish people.

Ducky's Here said...

Where do you find this stuff, Beak?

This "book" is about number 2,000,000 in popularity at Amazon.

Nobody reads this stuff. This guy's apparently just another vanity writer like Richard Poe.

I'm afraid your reading list isn't very worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

Nobody read Zinn or Chomsky's crap at first, either...

Ducky's Here said...

You know, Farmer. I have still never read Chomsky. Anarchists frighten me.

Anonymous said...

They're into spontaneous order... and so they scare me too. They don't know how precious a "civil" order really is. Just ask the Somali's.

QunQat said...

OT: Frontpage has another reminder of what happens when Utopians get control:

Lest we should EVER forget.

QunQat said...


I didn't think you could make me think any less of you, but, Chomsky frightens you?? Chomsky is an anarchist??


Chomsky is so incoherent how can he be considered anything but, INCOHERENT!! It appears to be what he is and what he does!!

Please do not insult anarchists by even trying to associate that money grubbing WUSSIE with them!!