Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lets close up shop at NATO

NATO has finished its job and has no reason to exist. Basically there is no need for the US taxpayer
to continue to subsidize the defense of lazy Euros. The Euros have built large safety nets upon the back of the US tax payer. The US should immediately close all the facilities in Europe.

Military treaties should be done on a bilateral basis and the pact should be voidable on both ends.If the people of Poland want a treaty let them vote on it. Given the history of Poland, it is more in their interests than ours. However, if the far left types want to engage in mindless insane delusions let them do so at there own risk. These treaties should be voidable upon the election of far left governments like the current one in Spain.

NATO is a relic of the past and should have been ended when the Soviet Union died.

Americans need to reconsider their relationship with European nations on an individual basis. Moreover, the illusion that Europe is the moral center of the planet should have ended long ago.
The US should determine its own priorities and act accordingly. The troops pulled out of Europe
could be freed to be deployed elsewhere based upon our own interests.

The opinions of those in Europe are only more enlightened in their own delusions. The only relevant opinion on US foreign policy are those of the American people and its elected leaders.
Moreover, the American people should also ask themselves which nations in any they should form bilateral treaties with. These treaties should require both sides assume the fair share of the costs.


Farmer John said...

I think we should trade NATO for a treaty with Eastern Europe. At least they appreciate what we did for them.

beakerkin said...


You do have a point there. Howerver if you do get a chance read the blog of Bruce Bawer. There is a reason for this mindless reflexive anti Americanism.

Ducky's Here said...

End this expense to the taxpayer and replace it with increased welfare checks to the Israeli Apartheid Regime !!!!

Right on, Beak.

Ducky's Here said...

Nah, lets get back into the arms race, it's good for the economy and Putin can play this time since he has plenty of oil & gas money.

He threatened to aim missiles at Ukraine today. Getting all angry over our protecting our SDI investment by installing it in Eastern Europe (screw them, let 'em go through a war again. They're only Slavs).

Damn, I thought St. Ronnie Raygun ended the Cold War and saved all our freedoms.

Hey Beak, this should really thrill you. Lots of opportunities for the Israeli defense economy. Other than blood diamonds they don't have much else.

The Pagan Temple said...

They should get the hell out of Europe, as well as Japan, South Korea, the Middle East, etc. They should do a lot of shit the American people want, like enforcing our borders, but since when did our elected officials give a shit about what the American people want, other than pretending to at election time?

If a President came along and actually did the things the people really want (not maneuvered into supporting by push polling and trick questions) he would be re-elected with at least 57 percent of the vote.

Of course, then the corrupt sons-of-bitches couldn't line their pockets at taxpayers expense.

Robespierre, where the fuck are you?

QunQat said...

Gotta agree with you Beakerkin.

Our Foundling Fathers had it right. Do not enter into foreign entanglements, especially with inbred cousins like the Europeans!!!!

There is no reason that the US Gubmint can not run foreign affairs without signing documents that obligate us to do things which the other signers generally welch on or depend on to commit infamies on third parties!!