Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Commie version of the Fuhrer Bunker

When one is a commie, one is not rooted in reality. According to the lunchroom Lenin FARC is not Marxist. This must come as news to the people at FARC who have been dealing drugs, commiting all types of crimes in the name of Manifesto madness for decades. One can find this latest fantasy
in the comment section of Farmer John.

Ren plays a disgusting game and tells everyone exactly what they wish to hear. Thus if you are a rabid anti semite, he writes posts in support of the planets foremost anti-semite Norman Finkelstein. When cornered with a litany of anti semitic quotes feign ignorance. When insane Kahanists show up claim odd biological kinship even as you continue to toss RED meat to the most RABID of anti-semites like actual NEO NAZI John Brown/LWB. Kahanists are foolish sorts who have rescue fantasies and Ren exploits this even as he fosters the readership of the most rabid types of anti-semites. The reason Ren permits this type of anti-semitism is that populist Anti- semitism is a central component of Communism.

Lets see according to Ren he does not support Bill Ayers. Then in a comparison of the alleged crimes of Posada Cariles he trivializes 30 bombings on Ayers lack of skill ???? Sorry there Ren, but any comparison of the spoiled human garbage Ayers or any RED Army clown with Posada Cariles shows Posada Cariles to have far more cause. Ayers and the spoiled turd children of the RED Armies lived in societies where they were allowed to participate in the political process. They were allowed even though they were subversives and sought criminal actions such as theft of property. Rather than organizing Ayers and the RED army types tossed bombs, kidnapped and killed. Posada Cariles was not allowed to organize and his sole failure was selecting a civilian target. That being said human types do not knowingly send a person to near certain torture. Unlike the cries about panties on the heads or naked twister at Abu Gharib or Korans in the toilet at Gitmo Cuba practices genuine torture. In fact the prisoners at GITMO get better food and have more freedoms than Cubans. Ask a Cuban when is the last time he had fresh Baklava
or was able to talk privately to a lawyer.

We have seen the claims that Mugabe is not communists? We have seen the claims that the crimes of Pol Pot had nothing to do with communism. We have seen all the crimes in the Soviet Union blamed on Stalin. Sorry, but there were plenty of crimes commited by Lenin and his hench man and war criminal Trotsky.

We even predicted his comments on Hugo's blunderland.
1 Pretend that the Maximum leader is not a commie
2 Pretend that this is something new and untried.
3 Repeat every single talking point of Chavez
4 When something obviously goes wrong point fingers every where
5 Then claim to be a critic when the crimes and disasters mount
6 Repeat with the next savior of Communism

Some of us are country club types who do not want to slap commies around. We play into the games by allowing exponents of pure evil to pose as social critics. For example G claims to hate Missionaries because they tell Indians how to live. This is amazing considering he supports a government that herds them onto collectives. Of course G will talk about every imagined crime of Christians dating back hundreds of years but will have a memory lapse about far more recent commie crimes.

The commie fantasy is that Brand X will somehow be immune to the fatal flaws inherent in their madness. There is no brand X communism and its entire history can be summed up in two words failure and Evil.

The next time a commie talks about the housing bubble. Remind them about decades long waits
for housing in communist countries. The next time they point to Gitmo, point to the Cuban political prisoners on the same Island. The next time they point to Gaza, point to their messes in Zimbabwe. FYI Bathist Syria is also owned by Commies as well.

Take out the steel toed boots and kick Commies to the curb, just like you would do with their Nazi peers and sometimes allies. It is more fun to laugh at anarchist freaks than to kick them to the curb.



Anonymous said...

Direct hit, beakerkin. Kick the self-appointed social-critics of the never successful club to the curb!

KuhnKat said...

Excellent Beak!!