Friday, February 22, 2008


This blog has been taken back from the webolutionaries. Apparently, they were outsmarted by Nanc and Mr B. Nanc tricked the students in the nearby little red school house into marching gasmaks an LL Beamish kidswear into thinking that they were going to choir practice. The webolutionary labotomies did the rest.

Mastermind Dr Yeagley used brilliant battle tactics. The racist webolutionaries mistook the Village People for a special forces unit led by Dr Yeagley.ean Meanwhile Dr Yeagley was disguised from the webolutionaries by wearing LL Bean clothing and walked right into the prison. He created a convenient distraction by using the PA system to announce free autographed copies of Mein Kamf,
the Holocaust Industry, I Rigoberta, Julius Rosenberg icons, Paul Robeson CD's were being distributed in the basement.

After the diversion Dr Yeagley and I merely walked out of the Gulag while the webolutionaries devoured each other looking for an imagined free lunch.


Anonymous said...

Good diversion. Sounds like a price that always brings comwads out of the woodwork...

nanc said...

so, are we getting beakerkin back?


Ducky's Here said...

No self respecting leftist wears L. L. Bean.

He'd be stopped at the gate ad asked to name five films from Godard's middle period.

Failure would mean execution.

The Merry Widow said...



QunQat said...

Ducktard stated:

"No self respecting leftist wears L. L. Bean."

There are self-respecting leftists??


Oh, I get it, they have all been executed by their tolerant comrades!!