Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Helping the Clintons into Power

The American people have spoken and the primaries are pretty much set as Hillary vs McCain.

Some of us on the right have to decide if we can deal with eight more years of Clinton madness. I have no qualms about voting for McCain, despite some serious differences. Unlike most of the readers I do not call myself a Conservative.

I have had quite enough of her royal majesty. I have had enough of the corruption, selling pardons and blaming ethical lapses on right wing conspiracies. I have had enough media manipulation and softball questions from Clintonistas cronies. I have had enough planted audience questions and debate manipulation by CNN. I have had enough bouncing all over the map with the political winds over Iraq. I have had enough UN worshiping. I have had enough of trying to placate delusional Euroelitist retro commie clods in the salons of Old Europe.

I never want to hear the name Hugh Rodham again.

The rest of you can sit this one out. We can wait for Ronald Reagan to waltz out of the cornfield
and hope for Hillary to make a mess. Our troops do not deserve Hillary as comander in Chief.
Those of you who are angry with McCain are losing sight of the big picture. There are reasons to be upset with McCain, but they are not worth placing Hillary in the White House.


The Merry Widow said...

Which is why I'm an ABC voter, I will hold my nose and fill in the dot for Anybody But Clinton!
mccain would be a disaster, her hillaryness would be an abomination!
I'm afraid that the presidential campaign may just boil down to negative votes.
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


Ducky's Here said...

No way Beak. Obama is not out by any means.

What I find most distressing about McCain is the possibility of Attorney General Giuliani. However I don't think McCain would want a heavy confirmation fight that early and I may yet be able to rest knowing that piece of human sewage is out of the race.

It is nice to see that people are wise to the fact that Romney represents an extension of the economic policies that are harming us.

None of the candidates, including Obama, will get us out of Iraq any time soon so that's a wash. We'll just watch as al-Qaeda moves East in Pakistan and eventually realize what an utter disaster this stupidity has been.

Meanwhile McCain is sane on environmental and tax policy so he isn't a complete loss.

Jungle Mom said...

I'm with TMW!

Farmer John said...

I don't think McCain would want a heavy confirmation fight that early

They won't even let a liberal like Giuliani serve in government... which is why the politics of personal destruction/ progressive Clinton-Alinsky wing of the DNC needs to be staked through the heart and buried once and for all.

With any luck, the wolves will tear each other apart at the convention this year.

Always On Watch said...

There are reasons to be upset with McCain, but they are not worth placing Hillary in the White House.

Much as I dislike McCain (The one bright spot is that he and Grover Norquist don't get along), I won't sit out the election. I never do!

I won't waste my vote either by voting some third-party candidate or by writing in a name.

I'll vote against Hillary (and/or Obama, as the case may be).

Those who sat out the midterm elections in November 2006 accomplished zero. Look where we are now with Congress! Sheesh!

KuhnKat said...

Ducktard stated:

"It is nice to see that people are wise to the fact that Romney represents an extension of the economic policies that are harming us."

Ok, what economic policies that are harming us does Romney represent??


TMW, McCain will simply continue the Dimmicrat agenda. His voting record dipped under 60% the last 3 years. What makes you think as President, and nearing the end of his Political and Physical life, he will suddenly become conservative??


The Pagan Temple said...

It's all about rewarding bad behavior. Those that "hold their noses" and vote for McCain will be doing precisely that. The man is a slimeball. He has been spending years building a centrist coalition to take over the Republican Party. Which, I would be fine with that, except he's a centrist on all the wrong issues.

Amnesty for illegal aliens? Don't tell me, Beak, please, about how there are "good parts" to the immigration bill. That's like saying you can go ahead and drink poisoned whiskey, that the good parts make up for the bad. It will still kill you.

McCain-Feingold? Sheesh, even a good idea, he screws it up. Or, from his perspective, maybe it wasn't such a screw-up. Maybe he thinks domination of politics by people such as George Soros is an improvement over what came before. I do not.

I wasn't happy with the way it was before either, it was nothing but legalized bribery, all this First Amendment bullshit to the contrary.

Still, what we have now is an even worse debacle, and McCain knew that going in, in my opinion.

McCain-Liebermann? Again, take what could be a good idea and turn it into a debacle by making it punitive instead of incentive oriented.

I actually kind of liked the Clinton years. There was a lot of bad, for sure, but there was an appreciable amount of good as well.

When it comes time to go to the polls-if I do go to the polls, that is-I'll just have to concentrate on those positive aspects of the Clinton years when I pull the lever for the first female president of the United States.

Or, for the first black president of the United States. That would be good too.

The Merry Widow said...

pt-The economy during the clinton years was a result of Reagan's policies on the economy. bush senior is no conservative, clinton was governed by his velcro zipper and a lot of hillary.
bush junior is, well, not only a disappointment, but worse than jimmah cahtah, as far as staying with a healthy course. he has sold out America to the saudi's, JUST LIKE cahtah HAS!
As for mccain...I do not; like, respect or trust him. But as I said in my previous comment, he would be a disaster, BUT hillary would drag us kicking and screaming into her socialistic/green utopia. And since in Greek, 'u' denotes 'not', it would destroy this country.
AOW has an excellent post up that has comments that adress this issue.
Good morning, G*D bless and Maranatha!


The Pagan Temple said...

Merry Widow-

You are familiar with that old saying "hold your nose" when you go vote? I am thereby encouraging everybody to "Huckchuck" in the voting booth. It's between McCain and Huckabee now, since Romney has withdrawn.

Therefore, in order to carry on that old,. proud tradition of voting for the lesser of two evils, I hereby advocate that all those yet to vote in a Republican primary should kindly "Huckchuck" in the voting booth.

KuhnKat said...

Romney pulled out early. McCain says he will play nice with the Conservatives (until one pisses him off and he EATS them). Huckabee says he is in to the end, but, if he doesn't win, he would accept the VP slot.

Other than Romney having the Class to pull out and not destroy the party with a fight to the finish, is anyone surprised??

I am voting Constitution Party if they are on the ballot.

Oh yeah, the economy during the Clintoon years was driven by the Majority Republican Legislature who stared down Billy Boy several times giving him a legacy of putting people to WORK off assistance programs and balancing the budget (even though the National Debt was still inching up).

With the Legislature controlled by the Dimmicrats, it will be very UGLY if any of the 3 Dimmicrats win, Obama, Hitlery, or McSwain.

After passing Carbon Caps the economy will continue on its trip south (literally and figuratively).

To shore up the poor poor so they won't lose their major constituency, more Social Spending will be piled on the Deficit Budget continuing the Downside of the Economy, etc., etc...

Be my guest, vote Dimmicrat!!


You ever get the feeling you are voting in Venezuela or Cuba or Pakistan...