Thursday, February 21, 2008

Frontpage tells half of the story

Frontpage Magazine correctly describes a new policy that allows people to get legal status if their FBI name check is pending more than six months. This policy is in response to a series of lawsuits
called MANDAMUS. It is entirely insane that courts should award money for people in this situation. However, courts can be silly at times and undermine common sense.

The story in the Washington Post about VA deporting aliens convicted of sex crimes is good news. The government has been focusing on sex criminals for over a year. However, as reported in the article not all municipalities co-operate.


Ducky's Here said...

Writs of mandamus have been part of the foundation of western case law for hundreds of years.

It doesn't surprise me that Beak has no respect for case law and precedent (right wingers see the law as an impediment).

Now the writ would require that the name check be done in a timely fashion. Monetary awards would occur in a civil action quite outside the scope of the writ.

The level of ignorance over at Frontpage is stunning. But it's where all the hip Fascists, Nazis and Kahanists hang out.

Always On Watch said...

The story in the Washington Post about VA deporting aliens convicted of sex crimes is good news.

It's about time!

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

"right wingers see the law as an impediment"

That's why right-wingers want laws and the Constitution interpreted by strict construction, right Ducky?

For someone who vehemently champions the leftist cause of convincing people that all leftists are mentally retarded, you really do go the extra mile, Ducky.

QunQat said...


still conflating Precedent and Law as usual. ANY JUDGE CAN IGNORE ANY PRECEDENT FOR ANY REASON OR NO REASON!!!

Unlike the cheese eating surrender monkeys and other Fascists like you who would rather have their legislating done by a man in a black dress and scented and powdered wig on a raised platform, the US does not include that piece of aromatic foecal matter in its LAW!!!!

Case Law is just the Legal version of a cheat sheet!!


Don't worry Ducktard, we already have the PRECEDENT that killing a mother and foetus is TWO MURDERS. Can't wait to hear you squack when another Judge uses it as PRECEDENT to convict a man of FIRST DEGREE MURDER FOR INTENTIONALLY KILLING AN UNBORN CHILD!!