Saturday, February 09, 2008

Welcoming a friend to the ranks of blogger

I want to welcome Z to the ranks of blogger. When I first met Z she was a Front Page forum where many of us started. I might have been the first in our group to start a blog. It was largely because one needed a blogger account to post on Moonbat Central where I met Mr B and some others.

Along the way Donal, Farmer John, Nanc and Florian have decided to start blogs. For me this was a more natural place to function without the psycho trolls. I do not consider the Duck to be a troll as he largely functions with his own honor. FPM was a great place haunted by a psycho troll Socrates.Socrates was a hack writer whose paper thin personas were poorly written. His vendetta against David Horowitz over a job rejection led him to post under multiple names.

Some of those names were long term personas and he would slip up. Normally, he would steer clearof me as I was very good at spotting fakes and had no desire to interact with him. One of his favorites was the fake Prof Meaheadsubstitute an expert on gasses. I placed a thinly veiled message in one of my responses and it was uncoded by Jeff Bargholtz. The war was on and I got banned from FPM. Roberta offered to reinstate me but I declined.

I found my home in the blogosphere. This blog once was designed for mass ratings. Now it is a quieter place reserved for friends with little fan fare.


Anonymous said...

Well, I can't speak for anyone but me, but I kinda like it like that. Makes for more genuine conversation...

Z said...

Thanks, Beak, it's a nice community with good old FPM memories, though I still post there quite a bit myself...sporadically, but mostly on than off. it's a far better site lately, by the moderator, etc.

Farmer John, have you ever posted at FPM?

I'm enjoying the blog. What I really like is finding others' blogs through mine. Such a big world I didn't know existed, tell you the truth. Don't know where I WAS but boy, there are SO many great blogs out there!

beakerkin said...

The Farmer was at FPM. It is good to
see Mike again. One should always keep Liberterians around as they drive commies up a wall.

Z said...

FPM Mike is brilliant and one of the reasons I still go to FPM. Him, and a relatively new poster, Priscilla, who comments at my blog, too. She's wonderful..bright, logical, articulate.

Mike's become quite down about politics. My optimist who I depended on for picking up my spirits when I was depressed about the state of affairs has now decided there is nothing to be optimistic about. The last congressional elections pushed Mike to the top and these primaries have almost knocked him over the precipice, frankly.

We could use you at FPM again (and Farmer John) more often, Beak. Give Mike a break; some of those libs need more than just the few of us to smack them around!!

The Merry Widow said...

Thank you, Beaker...although I'm a libertarian with a little 'l'! LOL!
Yes, this is a good blog for fun and books, your reviews are quite insightful!