Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Expect a bombsell type of attack from Team Clinton

Hillary has now lost Wisconsin. The Clintons will not go quietly. They have staked their entire legacy on Hillary in 08. The relevation that Obama has worked on commitees with Bomb throwing Communist terrorist human excrement Bill Ayers is not from team Clinton. However, those of youwho had concerns about Obama's judgement should be concerned. Ayers is a communist terroristand should remain a pariah forever. The plagiarism stuff is small potatoes compared to what is next. However, even team toady Charles Rangel appears to have abandoned Hillary. She can not win in an election without overwhelming Black support. She attacks Obama and risks permanently jeapordizing that base.

In further news Fidel Castro has resigned. Do not expect communist clowns to demand he face trialas the Euro dolts did to Pinochet and Sharon for far less reason. Communist killers and criminals get a free pass from the so called morally obtuse Euros who never met a commie they couldn't rationalize.


QunQat said...

Of Course it wasn't from the Clintoons Beak. Why would they try and convince their base to vote for Obama??


nanc said...

i thought they said wisconsin DIDN'T MATTER?!?

there's just no pleasing the hillbillies!

The Merry Widow said...

Nanc-You are giving hillbillies a bad rap here!


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


You misheard them.

What they said was "black candidacies don't matter."

And then Al Gore, Jr., son of segregationist Senator Al Gore, Sr., will supply the tobacco subsidies for the smoke filled room where Bill Clinton, disciple of segregrationist William Fulbright, and Harold Ickes, DemoKKKratic Party rules commitee member and Hillary Clinton campaign official, and Howard Dean, DemoKKKratic Party chairman and champion of people with Confederate flags on their trucks everywhere will decide that Barack Obama's skin is too dark to be a party nominee.