Saturday, February 16, 2008

No apologies on cartoons

Muslims who want to live in the our values West and have to understand that include freedom of expression. Commies who try to co-opt Muslim causes attempt to point to a parallel in the famous
piss Christ exhibit fight in NYC. That fight was about State subsidies to offensive art and has zero relevance to material printed in periodicals.

Moreover, given the fairly common bigoted cartoons commonly found in their own periodicals this gets to be hypocritical. The episode shows once again that religious zealotry is approved by the far left so long as it is anti American and non Christian.

Beamish in 08


Justin said...

I had to hand it to the editors of the papers who decided that they were going to run the cartoon. It was idiotic that it took a attempted murder to get it done but, it has proven these rag headed dune jumpers will back down when they are truely challenged.

Like I always say if you want the roaches out of the kitchen just turn on the light. They will run for cover.

beakerkin said...


It is just a sign of the differences we are fighting for. The First Amendment is my birthright as an American. Sorry, but the only law that matters to me is the US Constitution.

QunQat said...


you are SOOOO right about Hypocritical Muslims. The cartoons they publish about Jews, and Israelis especially, probably wouldn't be printed in most western papers. They would have been right at home in the Third Reich and a few other periods in European history!!

If nothing else, the popularity of those vile things shows how much the typical middle easterner HATES JEWS!!!!!

Warren said...

I blame global warming.

Quite obviously, if it hadn't been unseasonably warm, "the youths" would have stayed indoors.