Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Palestine Lost Nation by Sabagh continued

When dealing with the cult of Palestine one should expect some idiocy.

The author fails to note that Israel has special significance for Jews. The author notes Arabs are fluid moving in and out of the region. The author's own accounts have people born of mixed marriages to Brazilians and Brittish citizens defined as Palestinians.

One should also expect fuzzy logic. This is an example from the book. The population density of Palestine was the same as the United States. The United States prior to WWI and massive immigration was underpopulated.

Then there are the outright lies and racism. "....The Orthodox Jew is an inoffensive creature..."
This sounds identical to what racists say about uppity Blacks. The author refers to millions of Palestinians world wide and then goes on tirades about East European and Polish Jews. He is personally a Brittish citizen born to a Brittish mother in the UK and is a Palestinian based on what? Then the most famous of Palestinians have similar contrived stories Arafat and Said were
Egyptians despite their posturing. One can still see the lie about the location of Said's birth on the Columbia website.

The racist drivel stated by the author is that Arabs are free to move througout the area. Poles, Americans and Western European Jews have no such freedom. The question remains why is it okay for a Bosnian, Circasian from Europe or even Pakistanis to emigrate to the region and not Poles.We hear a constant reference to Europe without noting the author's own status as a European.

Another example of the lies is the authors claim of community harmony between the religion prior to those upity Polish Jooos. This is akin to claiming under Jim Crow Blacks lived in harmony minus codified legal discrimination and a lynching every now and then. Moreover Jews who lived in the region do not tell similar stories. Any harmony that existed was imposed by colonial occupiers ironically from Europe.

In the mind of the Arab racists, Jews have no connection to the area. This is amusing for an Arab who claims to be a Christian. Who was Christ preaching to? Where was this temple he spoke of?
Were Josephus, Greeks, Romans, Babalonians and so forth in on the plot. Where are these Arabs
in the writings of Josephus? Maybe Josephus and the authors of the New Testament were neocons.

The racist faulty logic displays itself in the authors account of an episode that he claims sparked the riots that led to the Hebron massacre in 1929. Those pesky Jews had the nerve to set up a mesh screen dividing the sexes for prayer. The arrogance of Muslims dictating to Jews about how conditions should be in their own house of worship in the holiest site in the Jewish faith is lost upon the author. Those Polish Jews are upity but Muslims have the divine right to tell Jews how to arrange their house of worship.

This amusing series will continue.


Ducky's Here said...

Let me know when you are ready to stop being a Kahanist bore.

Anonymous said...

Great examples, beakerkin. I'm surprised that the author hasn't suffered a mental breakdown from his repeated unsuccessful attempts to evade cognitive dissonance.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


Let us know when you decide to stop being leftist.

Without your constant anti-Semitism and racism we would think you'd shifted to the right, and I wouldn't want to inaccurately describe you.

QunQat said...


you display your boorishness by accusing Beak of a similarity to someone he can not be like.

You know, like if I accused you of being Stalinist. Being a good Catholic Fascist it just isn't possible for you to be Stalinist!!


Beak, I would add that Islam accepts most of the Torah also that gives Israel to the Jews. Of course, in more modern times, thy are trying to flip who Ishmael and Isaac were so that THEY supposedly got his blessings!

Always On Watch said...

Your needle is stuck.