Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sowell's History of theGerman people

Thomas Sowell goes into the history of the German people.Sowell points to the large specter people place on the Nazi years. The Nazi era was a shameful era but we do not single out other groups. Do we hold the Russian people accountable for Communism. In fact creepy anti semites hold the Jews accountable for Communism. Lately, I have heard several attempts to blame the Holocaust on Jewish financiers.Do we hold Chinese accountable for actions of its Communist government ?

Anti Semitism was an is a fact of European life. Today it is a far left disease and dementia with Ancient roots. Jews were persecuted middlemen minorities and Sowell points to several other groups suffering similarly in history.

Now the far left and a few critics of this blog have acused the author of being unfair to Communists and Muslims. Communist history is sprinkled with treason and dead bodies. There is no reason any rational person should apologize for its failures. Even its adherents today go to odd lengths to distance themselves from the label. 167 plays word games but his real orientation is fairly evident. However, he prefers to stay in the Bolshevk closet while pretending he speaks for the world. Maybe this little rally cry will help him. We are here and red, lets have a few million more dead.

The story of Islam is fairly simple. Islam should be judged by its history and the recent actions of its adherents. If the Colonialism, Slavery, Genocide, Ethnocide, Jim Crow and theft in Western Civ is evil the exact same behaviors in Islamic history are also evil. In fact they are worse because even today Indigenous minorities are colonized on their own land centuries after invasions. We hear cries about Colonialist Jews on their own indigenous soil. Arabs arrived as invaders 2600 years after the Jooooos. There is zero connection between Phillistines and Palestinians.

Are there peaceful Moooslims living among us ? The majority of Mooooslims are peaceful . The problem is that when Mooooslims get onto a college campus they get spoonfed a whole bunch of BS from Commie professors. It is time for a comprehensive Black Book on the history of Islam. In reality rather then lecturing the West about Colonialism they should be taught about what the Moooslim invaders did to Indigenous people. This self righteous anger in the Unversities is feeding the problem at home. It is time to end victims studies and to purge our Universities of Marxists. Marx is a failed Philosopher and teaching Marx is equivalent to teaching the world is flat.

Now onto more serious news.

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Justin said...

Beamish Aint For The Squimish!

Mr. Ducky said...

Sowell wrote a thorough history of the German people? Must be quite a tome.

I'm working through the second volume of Richard Evans' history of the reich. It took him many years to put this together.

What did Sowell do, knock a complete history out in a couple days? Beak, have you figured out that Sowell is a shallow charlatan?

WomanHonorThyself said...

Theres nothin remotely rational bout hatred of Jooooos..if ya ever read The Jewish Mystique ..(from back inna day) all comes down to one simple emotion beak : JEALOUSY.
Of their family lives (which are intact), of their financial success (which they struggled for) even during pogroms and ghettoes...and for the dignity with which they carry themselves in the World. pfffttt@Commies n Muzzzzzzzlims..puleeze!

beakerkin said...


That sounds promising.


Sowell is a world class author and he is correct that we should not stigmatize a whole people for the horrible sins of the Nazi Era. I do not hold the Russian or Chinese responsible for Communism. I hold Marxist responsible.

Woman Honor Thyself

Sowell elaborates on your sentiments in Are Jews Generic. I was unaware of rhe anti German hostility that took place in Latin America due to the sucsess of German farms. It would have been easier to learn from their methodology but that is too abstact.

kev said...

I wonder how daffy knows when Dr. Sowell began this book, and how long it took him to write it. As for daffy's usual name-calling, I don't personally know either Dr. Sowell or daffy, but from the writings of each, I certainly have an opinion as to one's character over the other's. daffy sounds like a hateful little man with a large chip on his shoulder who is too blind to see the forest for the trees, unless all the trees are to his liking.

Mr. Ducky said...

Hey kev, in competent professional circles, if someone writes a thorough history of the German people (as Beak erroneously claims Sowell has done) it is peer reviewed and considered a major work.

Beak probably confuses a column of aphorisms from Sowell for scholarly peer reviewed material.

Time to buff up your reading list, kev.

beakerkin said...

Wrong again but had you read the book in question Sowell explains this book is written for the general public. However the Duck like to critique books he has never read.

He attacks authors he has not bothered to read.

kev said...

What in hell do you know about competent? Again, based on some of your writing here, it's you who needs some reading, other than only far-leftist bullshit. Was your movie scholarly reviewed? I can't believe YOU are challenging Sowell. Your moth has a set of balls!

kev said...

Sorry daffy, while your moth may very well have balls, it was your MOUTH I was referring to.

Robert Bayn said...

all governements and or religions should be judged by their history than, it aint pretty for anyone, you can beleive that.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean "peer reviewed" like Cornel West's recording of a hip-hop CD entitled "Sketches of My Culture?"

I guess we won't be seeing Sowell at Harvard. He'll have to settle for Yale.

oooops. Not true. Larry Summers isn't at Harvard anymore. Bok ("The Shape of the River") is back in charge. I believe he & Gates recruited West. Welcome to Harvard, Profesor Sowell! You can now truely be called, a modern scholar!


Mr. Ducky said...

No way Farmer...that disc was crap. I caught a few tracks at a listening station in Border's, pure cheese.

Snoop Dog's status is safe.

Mr. Ducky said...

My, my Kev. Did I criticize Sowell. I can't imagine why...other than the fact that the man has produced nothing beyond shallow libertarian aphorisms.

He desn't have any depth whatsoever.

I don't care who he wrote the book for. If he claims he is qualified to write a scholarly history of the German people then please give us a hint. What are his credentials.

American Crusader said...

1400 years of violence, conquest and killing. That's a pretty strong record.

American Crusader said...">American Crusader

Robert Bayn said...

It's been a violent area no doubt, course the Christian Crusades have a lot to do with why they hate us today, i saw a documentry on this, they still are feeling the effects of it today, the reminder of the sick crimes the Pope and Christians commited against them, live everyday in their minds.

Surely there is a time to move on from that, but to ignore the past, and to see that it is partly the fault of all the religions in that area that have been fighting since the death of Christ is irresponsiable in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Crimes against them? LOL! Man, get the soap out from between your ears. Do you think the Jews and Christians SOLD them the Holy Land?


Robert Bayn said...

I know it's only one sided, and history books lie about the whole ordeal.

Only Muslims are guilty of crimes in that area, no one else, i mean so what if they they ate there young, and killed women and children, right?

MissingLink said...

Crusades were in fact defensive, and very badly organized attempts to stop the spread of Islam.

This is part of the problem - even if you defend yourself you commit crime against Muslims.

In fact you can find out for yourself in any decent history book that most of the Middle East was Christian before the Muslim invaded and plundered the whole area.

My link:

Robert Bayn said...

Oh i agree, Muslims had taken the land from Christians, and the Crusades were about taking it back, the only thing i'm saying is during the Crusade, terrible crimes were commited by people in the Name of Christ, these are just facts, and it is one of the many reasons why people in this area hate Christians. In the end my final point is this, yes the history of Muslims as been very violent, but so has many other religions, failing to acknowlege that is irresponsiable by anyone.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

All those wacky Zionist time travelers keep burying Jewish archaelogical treasures in Jordan...

Anonymous said...

Hey, the Roman's bought Masada fair & square beamish. And they built one hell of great road right up to the gates of the city to link it into their inter-state highway system. I still don't understand why the residents got so disgruntled.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many "terrible crimes" were committed by Mulsims against Christians in the name of Allah during the Crusades...or on 9/11. "We're just emulating Mohammed, the Prophet", said Osama. I doubt that many of the Crusaders thought they were emulating Christ.


Anonymous said...

Over 3250 years, various Peoples, Religions and Empires marched through Jerusalem, Israel's ancient capital. The region was successively ruled by the Hebrews, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Maccabeans, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Egyptians, the Crusaders, Mamelukes, the Turks, and then once again by the Jews in 1948.

It must be noted that in 636 C.E., when the Arabs marauders came to the land and uprooted its Jews, they did not form any Arab nation there... and certainly not a "Palestinian" nation. They were simply "Arabs" who, as did others before them, moved into a geo-political area called "Palestine!"

And so the Muslim's have a grudge against the "Christian" Crusaders...big whoop. They ought to just get in line with everyone else.


kev said...

So THAT'S why the muslim terrorists cut people's heads off and strap explosives around their children's bodies, and blow people up indiscriminately! I get it now!

Robert Bayn said...

Kev, now you get it. History always brings to life why things are the way they are, assuming they just hate us for our freedom is not entirely true, this goes a lot deeper than anyone will admit, than again if part of my history included savages that BBQ a infant and eating it like a piece of chicken, i might have a problem too.

Robert Bayn said...

FJ, to the contrary, the crusaders beleived what they were doing was for christ, as the Pope told them, much like todays radical Muslims beleive what they are doing is for their prophet.

Anonymous said...

I guess that's why they sacked Constantinople.... for "Christ".


MissingLink said...

to the contrary, the crusaders beleived what they were doing was for christ,

There are two different issues here:
- human behaviour in general
- pure religions and their ethical values
We are all human and as biological species we are capable of commiting the most horrible acts as well as acts of true beauty and heroism.
Most of the world's religions try to improve our behaviour.
Islam does the opposite and since it is not possible to change the Quranic instructions (direct words of God) these criminal values are passed from one generation to another.
We are lucky that most Muslims have never read their scriptures.

Additionally, as FJ pointed out crusaders sacked Constantinople and so they definetely not acted here even in the name of Christ even if they claimed they did.

The point here is that Christianity could never get organized as Islam could.
Because from the beginning Christinas acted as Individuals and/or political separate entities representing their own interests rather than the interest of their religion,they did not act as one single unit which we could call Christiandom.
Getting together like in the case of Islam was not possible because Christian teachings do not include Jihad, and concepts like Dar al Islam vs. Dar al Harb.
Islam is a totalitarian doctrine which comprises all aspects of life together.
Separation of church and state is not possible under Islam and any in depth stude into Islam will produce jihadists and terror.
The same mechanism applies to Nazism and communism.

Robert Bayn said...

That's not entirely true, modern day christianity allows individual freedoms, however the begining of christianity was no such thing.

The bible does talk about a Jihad (holy war) that's what the Book of Revelations is about.

My final point is this, if people are going to go back 1,400 years and say that the Muslim faith is a violent faith, than you must also accept the facts of Christianity's violent begining, sure things have changed and Christanity has become civilized, but they too have a history of Violence.

Constatine was a evil man he only used Christianity as a ploy to get on the good side of the people (many politicians like to do that today). However that has very little to do with the Fact that during the Crusades the Pope told them what they were doing was for Christ, it may be hard to accept, but that is what happened. This time period was not pretty for anyone, however the Muslim faith is not alone in a violent actions, you can go back to Henry VIII and Martin Luther to find examples of this.

Christianity does not get a free pass on violence, and neither should Islam, i stand by what i said earlier that not talking about the violence that has existed in Christianity as well as Islam is Irresponsiable.

MissingLink said...

The bible does talk about a Jihad (holy war) that's what the Book of Revelations is about.

The bible is a narrative - story and the parts of which you think about is an once off event NOT A RULE.

The Quran is a set of instructions which must apply forever - cannot be changed.

My final point is this, if people are going to go back 1,400 years and say that the Muslim faith is a violent faith, than you must also accept the facts of Christianity's violent begining, sure things have changed and Christanity has become civilized, but they too have a history of Violence

Christianity as a religion hasn't changed - people started following its rules more closely.

The only rules which have always applied in the Judeo-Christian faith are the 10 commandments.

"Thou shall not kill." - one of the most important of the rules.

Of course people kill but NOT BECAUSE the rules say so.

The Quran instruct its followers to kill.
Not just "long" time ago but always, forever - these are eternal rules.

Constatine was a evil man he only used Christianity as a ploy to get on the good side of the people (many politicians like to do that today). However that has very little to do

How many times I need to repeat we MUST NOT confuse RELIGION with HUMAN actions.

I said that there is no difference between humans (christians, muslims, or watever).

Find any part of in the BIble wich instruct people to kill Infidels as their duty.
Not as a recount of history but as a rule.

My point has always been this:

Islam cannot change because Muhammad built into it a safety mechanism which forbids to change or even interpret the EXACT words of Allah - The Qur'an.

And so violence and intolerance are endemic to ISLAM as a doctrine (not as what people may or may not think about it).

Robert Bayn said...

You offer some good points, as a Christian myself, i follow the 10 commandements, because if you followed the laws of moses you would be killing someone everyday for something.

I don't know enough about the Quran to say what it says and does not say, all i can say is what i know about Christianity and it's history, that which i do know about, so i will take your word about what the Quran says.

Anonymous said...

Constantine waited until he was on his deathbed before being baptized... how come? St. Augustine postponed his baptizism until he could bring himself to give up his mistress, how come?

The janjaweed militia, on the other hand, have no regrets or any actions to atone for.

See the difference?

Anonymous said...

Here's why the 2nd crusade started... nope, not to emulate "Christ", but instead the Jewish Macabbees (Matthias).

Now the 1st crusade's start was a little "fuzzier"