Saturday, March 25, 2006

One more interview scheduled

The new format has proved to be very interesting. I want to thank Nanc for the excellent interview with Orange Ducks. Take the time to read the section about the State Department. The Chemist should be by later with some interesting answers. We disagree on everything but the bulk of the interview was fun.

I have a few feelers out for future interviews. An interview with Dr Yeagley is being scheduled.

The following is the Beakerkin top ten list of candidates for interviews.

1 Jason Pappas
2 Farmer John
3 Jef Bargholz
4 The Missing Link
5 Woman Honor thyself
6 Esther
7 Mike from Mike's America
8 She Desins ( from Bad Eagle) Brilliant Conservative Eithiopian Woman New Blogger
9 Avenging Apostate
10 Donal from Front Page Magazine forum section.

We should be back to our standard format starting tommorow but the Hot Seat will remain a regular feature. Anyone with a blog can request an interview.

Beamish in 08 will Ann Coulter be his VP, Ducky strangely silent and 167 a ratings zero.


nanc said...

i have a beg in to mike and will put a bock, bock into donal's ear - you know she's planning her upcoming nuptials and is a very busy woman.

good morning everybody!

the merry widow said...

Good morning to you too nanc! Sorry about last night, between rediscovering ya'll, I was inundated by some very bizaire(sic) teenage behavior. Good interview of Orangeducks BTW! Beak also has addressed KPS already this morning! My, he doesn't let the grass grow under his feet, does he?


themerrywidow said...

Ducky can take the Departments of HS,HHS and staighten them out! A large broom should go with the job. Now who for Defense and Treasury?


beakerkin said...


Lets see if we can get Amil, She Designs and Ecology to sit for interviews. If Mark Winters and I sat for an interview it might be interesting.

themerrywidow said...

Oh and Beak, I have novel idea for State! Someone who remembers which country they are a citizen of! Education should probably be someone who has actually done something besides study education.
You of course will combine the offices of Chief of Staff and NSA!


themerrywidow said...

P.S. Ecology can take the EPA. Who gets to clean out Justice?

Why Palestinians Usually Get It Wrong said...

Count me in Beak for an interview Beak!

beakerkin said...

I will prepare an interview when I return home for work.

nanc said...

mike is thinking about it and i haven't heard back from donal.

a question for mike:

azaleas or camellias?

a question for donal:

how do you tell when someone is feigning lunacy?

Always On Watch said...

Warren has been working on an avatar for me. Look at this--might be a temporary one, but here it is.

I'm dying for a fun avatar, and Beamish thought "strong woman."

Always On Watch said...

I switched back to the VA seal until we get things worked out.

Warren is such a great guy!

nanc said...

you're right aow - warren is a gem among men - and i'm not talkin' cubic zirconia! and i hope he never thinks i'm just after his RECIPES!

MissingLink said...

Easy questions pleeeease.

beakerkin said...


I will prepare a special set of questions. I do not know if you have seen Anum's reaction to more agressive questions on her blog . Most of my points are common knowledge about the Baluch.

AOW I like the new Avtar and someday we will talk Nanc into one.

nanc said...

warren's working on one 4 me. i gave him some suggestions - we'll see!

best to felis!

DONAL said...

Here I am, Beak. Whatcha got going? I can't hardly read your homepage on the black background...

beakerkin said...


Great to see you . I am working on two interviews and yours should appear tommorow evening.

Send my best to the gang at FPM .
Maybe someday we will see a Donal or Northern Steve Blog.

nanc said...

HIP-HIP D! you are a mighty woman of the blogosphere! was it my plea or did someone else get to you before i?

nanc said...

couple of more questions for donal:

favorite between uppity or dubby to mash into the carpet?

your fiance is going to be a veterinarian and you are in mental health care - where do the twain meet?

Warren said...

Pet psychiatry?


nanc said...

one more for donal:

you semi-regularly get booted from d.u. - is this a fulfilling venture?

i watch the antics there sometimes and don't know how anybody could stand the stench. you are one of my heroes!