Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I will work on Kyle's interview next. I want to thank the Rob Bayn and American News Crusader for excellent interviews. The interview of the Mad Zionist was a special treat that I owe a special thanks to Nanc. I wanted to ask the Mad Zionist myself but appear infrequently on his blog that I regularly read.

My wish list of interviews include
Jason Pappas one of my oldest friends on the web.
Farmer John a special poster
Felis A person I highly respect
Esther Class personified
David Yeagley I did ask but will see. Dr Yeagley is a busy man.

Anyone with a blog can ask for an interview. However we make exceptions for well known posters on this blog Nanc, Ducky and hopefully Farmer John. In general if I read the blog I can put together a good interview. Blogs that I am unfamiliar with I ask a day or two to do my homework.

I also will sit for a similar segment on your blog if asked time permiting if requested.

Beamish in 08, Ducky escapes the kitchen and 167 hits an all time new Low as we speak. The reason he is not being skewered is he has zero ratings. He is a total bore and a flop.


nanc said...

excuse me, beak, but why no drummaster segment? the ends will remain untied until he sits in the hotseat.

come one drummaster - bring 'em together!

beakerkin said...

I honestly never thought of putting
Drumaster in the hot seat. I will
prepare a segment tonight that will appear tommorow.

nanc said...

spellcheck police here.

should say: "come ON drummaster".

Anonymous said...

Sorry beak, but trying to answer a single question or make a single point usually wears me... and those who read my posts...out. I do find find these interviews very interesting though... keep up the great work!


nanc said...

beak - what is highly suspect is the fact that the subject in question is a female and that this female used this forum to make a point known. females of the faith in question are not to be so bold. there's a start.

my wheels are spinning right now and i will pose some things throughout the day to you. madze would be very interested in some of this. e-mail him and ask some pertinent questions.

beamish, warren, and aow know their crappe.

f.j. bock, bock, bock!

MissingLink said...

And how would I know what the correct answers are? ;-)

nanc said...

missinglink - i was talking about beak's new ishmaellike resident.

MissingLink said...

I got that.
I was just horseing around my interview Q/A. ;-)

nanc said...

i don't really care much for people who want me dead. especially when they haven't even met me yet to confirm their disdain for me.