Wednesday, March 15, 2006

How should we deal with Domestc Enemies or Deport the Duck

Part of the Commie game that the far left plays is the dual loyalty charges aimed at American Jews. 167 and the Duck get very testy if any of us hint that Mooooslims might have loyalty issues. Yet they have no problem labeling supporters of Israel traitors. The fact that Israel has been one of our most consistent Allies is just a minor detail.

The far left has a lengthy history of treason in the United States. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg remain their gooood Jews but they were not alone. An entire mythology about irrational fear of Communism has been created. Fealty to a Genocidal movement
that killed 100,000,000 is a mental illness akin to anti Semitism in the words of Joel "Deranged " Kovel. He then turns around and claims anti Zionism is not anti semitism. Beakerkin is an evil Joooooo a Kahanist because he supports Israels right to exist and points out the ethnicity claim of Paleostinians is crap.

We have moved away from prosecuting sedition and treason. However it is time we as Americans reconsider what Communism and Jihadism is and what we should do about it. The notion that Free Speech includes criminal behavior is false. Nor does it permit exhortations to violence. Nor does the notion that American Citizenship can not be removed have a basis.

A perfect illustration of how this should work are former Weatherpersons Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn. In a country that function correctly these two would have been executed or denaturalized is we were Charitable. Today both terrorists are paid cushy
salaries at American Universites.

Another Example of a group who should have its leaders in Denaturalization proceedings is Code Pink . Code Pink gave money to our enemies in Falujah. The members of CPT who meet with our enemies in Iraq and protect terrorists in Israel should also be denaturalized. One CPT member was sentenced to death and tortured by the Supermen of Islam he was sooooo worried about.

Any call for Domestic Jihad or acts of violence against the US government should be met with Denaturalization hearings. People like the Duck have already demonstrated probable cause for Goverment surveilence. Communism is and always will be a movement dedicated to the violent overthrow of the US government. Merely being a Communist is probable cause in itself. When the Duck crosses the line off to North Korea where he can end up in a Pot. Any Call for Jihad or association with known terrorists is also probable cause.

One does not have a Civil Right to Commit Treason and Espionage. Nor is the Ducks cry about violence warranted for deportation and denaturalization. The way we are going now I can see Columbia granting a Professorship to John Walker Lindh or some midlevel Al Queda types. End the insanity and get the perversity out of the University.

Beamish in 08, Ducky Denaturalized and 167 barred permanently from fouling our soil. Communists are allready barred from Citizenship.


kev said...

While I agree with your assertion that we should reinvigorate our pursuit of traitors and seditionists, I can't help but wonder how in the world we'd accomplish this. You'd have all the leading democrats screaming against this, the loudest ones probably being kennedy and kerry, who should have been punished for these crimes regarding Vietnam. As I've said many times before, the democrat party is and has been enablers, at the very least, of terrorists and enemies of this country. If anyone doubts this (daffy) check into the history of the democrat party. And yes, I DO question the patriotism of those who have lied in order to create the anti-America atmosphere surrounding the Iraq War. None of these people uttered a peep while clinton was doing his thing.

Anonymous said...

IMO, the only thing worse than having to listen to the duck squawk would be a government program to shut him up. In the marketplace of idea's, Marxism has gone bankrupt... and it's obvious to everyone "why".


beakerkin said...

Farmer John

What are the limits of the First Amendment ? What should be the penalty for violation of those limits. If the Duck advocated the violent overthrow of the US government is denaturalization and deportation cruel and unusual.

Anonymous said...

It depends upon what you mean by "advocate" beak. If his words lead directly to an actual attempt to violently overthrow the government or the actual performance of any criminal act, I might agree with you that the duck deserves some responsibility and punishment. But until that happens, let him squawk to his heart's content. As each day passes, he'll come to further resemble the man with his robe and bare feet who parades with an "end is near" sign up and down Main Street USA. Someone the kids all point to and giggle about.


beakerkin said...


Ducky serves as comedy for this blog. However, the leaders of Code Pink who gave money to our enemies in Falujah should be candidates. The members of the Christian Peace Keeping Teams and The ISM should also be candidates. Private citizens are barred from conducting foreign policy.

Robert Bayn said...

Expressing a insane point of view does not make someone a terrorist, when we start deporting people because they think differently, we head down a dangerous road, this is a free country, not a country ruled by right wing kool aide.

beakerkin said...


The violent overthrow of the USA is not an opinion. Nor is aiding and abeting terrorists a mere opinion.

If you want to protest fine Peaceful protest is your right. You do not have the right to go overseas and conduct your own foreign policy like the CPT Teams are doing. One you aid and give comfort to our enemies overseas or call for violence you should lose citizenship.

Being a Communist in of itself is probable cause to be watched by the government.

Robert Bayn said...

I disagree, just because they hate this government and want it overthrown does not make them a terrorist, if that is the case, than Militia's should all be thrown out of the country. The right likes to accuse people of aiding the enemy often, when they are not, voicing a anti-bush, anti-war opinion does not make anyone a terrorsit, Communist people have the same rights and freedoms you have, they have a right to voice there opinions, just like you have a right to say they are wrong, if they become involved with a 'terrorist cell' to kill Americans, than you toss them in jail, you just don't throw people out of the country for being anti-bush or republican and teaching in universities.

nanc said...

beak - these are wars of ideals - men cannot solve these problems. people have screwed EVERY good thing up since the beginning of time. i can see the utopia, but will my point of view or what i feel is true and right change or enhance it? weighty questions i'm having lately.

and btw - orangeducks is on his way back to blogging if beamish didn't tell you - he's still in iraq and has posted first article at autonomist.

beakerkin said...

Communists do not have a right to sedition or to conduct independent foreign policy. If one wants to protest peacably fine. Going overseas and giving aid and comfort to our enemies is another matter entirely.

Communists have zero right to preach sedition in the guise of free speech. Moreover individuals are prohibited by law from conducting private foreign policy. Protest all you want but interferance in Civil wars and aid and comfort to our nations enemies are against the law.

Time for prosecution to start with the leadership of Code Pink. Criminal conduct is not protected free speech. Why are terrorists teaching in our Universities ? Houston we have a problem and this is serious.

Anonymous said...

I agree w/you about that part, beak... as soon as Code Pink or any other organization starts funneling dollars into terrorist organizations and meeting with them in hotel rooms in Dubai, they become, as a certain and oft over-looked FISA term describes, an agent of a foreign power, and should get wire-tapped (without a court order) and followed wherever they go by FBI and CIA so that evidence can be collected, sub-agents identified, etc... and the whole group should get scooped up, tried, and sent to Leavenworth for an appropriate period of time (wars end or 20 years, whichever comes LAST).

That's what SHOUL have happened to John Kerry and Jane Fonda.


Mr. Ducky said...

Somebody fix Beak a sedative. Man, he is completely over the top today.

Been off the high side a few times too often Beak, time to ease up.

beakerkin said...

Hey Duck

Remember the right to Sedition is not protected. If and when you cross the line you should be punished. Deportation is more humane then the Justice handed out by the people you are an apologist for. The people you are an apologist for behead and send people to gulags.

There are limits to Free Speech and criminal acts were never protected.

Iran Watch said...

Doesn't the Koran violate the limits of the First Amendment? Doesn't it advocate the overthrow of our Constitution and the implementation of Sharia law? I believe the Koran should be banned as hate inspired speech and those in possession should be tried for hate crimes.

Anum Mahktar said...

Please, aren't you all just mostly Islamicophbic? Islam is a peaceful religion that is being exploited by American interest. Most people know that the Jews were behind the attack on your Trade Center. This is all in excuse to steal our oil. Our you all slaves to your president?

beakerkin said...


Unlike the rest of the people on this blog I have been there twice when the Sons of Allah attacked the WTC. I am a survivor of the 1993 blast and the Keystone Cops of Jihad were tried and convicted and should have been excecuted.

I was across the street on 9-11 when the second plane hit. I do not need or appreciate your mind games with a crime against humanity. The fact is that you are in denial for a crime Osama took credit for long ago. Step into the light and accept the crime of your cohorts. It is time to learn to live in Peace or rest in Peace.

I have zero fear of Muslims what so ever. If you live peacably fine but the second the word Jihad crosses your lips out you go. Jihad is sedition just as Communist cries for revolution are sedition.

American Crusader said...

My wife works in the flower District (family business) of Manhattan. I'm not sure if you know where thats at but it's close to the Empire State Building. I get nervous every day she takes the train to work. I agree with Iran Watch in that the Koran preaches hate as well as the overthrow of the Constitution. One of the cofounders of CAIR has openly admitted this. I would love to see the Koran banned, but we know who their strongest supporter would be...the ACLU.

nanc said...

beak - did you check out his blog? he should definitely be renamed "anus mctarbutt". very threatening blog.

beakerkin said...

American Crusader

This is one amazing day Commies and Jihadis oh my. The only thing missing from my set to make a full set is a racial power kook. Do notice that Anum blamed the Jooooos. People think that I make this stuff up but you can not get better comedic props.

beakerkin said...


I did check out his blog and it is about what I expected. However we practice free speech on this blog and when I get home I will check if this is from Tarzana . Fake JB hasn't been seen for a while. Most of these types stay for a bit and then move on.

Jihadi types do not like being used as comedic fodder.

beakerkin said...

American Crusader

I am very familiar with the flower district it is between sixth and seventh around 26th to 28th street.
It is not far from the Garment center.

American Crusader said...

Exactly...there is a picture from 1936 with their store in it.. Almost the entire district is Greek owned. I was thinking of the cost involved in deporting Mr. Ducky, wouldn't a bullet be cheaper?
By the way I've added you to my blog links.

beakerkin said...

I have asked my nephew to add your blog. Did you see the Jihadi blog ?
This is either a parody or one strange dude. I have been getting hits from Saudi Arabia and Turkey for a while.

This call for the comedic genius of Mr Beamish.

Deporting the Duck to Cuba is just what Fidel deserves. Let him put up with Ducky's whinnig.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Anum Mahktar,

Actually the conspiracy goes deeper than that. Your computer has either a Motorola or Intel processor designed by an Israeli. The ISP you connect to probably networks through Cisco routers, if not they definitely connect to them on the Internet, those being designed by Israelis as well. Like the message board function? Guess who created java applets for Sun Microsystems?

Avoiding Israeli technological breakthoughs will leave you blogging via abacus.

Warren said...

Anum Mahktar, is a Malaysian name although not the preferred English spelling.

"Please, aren't you all just mostly Islamicophbic?"

Maybe Ophidiophobic, but Islamophobic, no. We simply dislike people that act in a subhuman manner by lopping off the heads of anyone that thinks their prophet was a pedophile liar and murderer, which he was, and snakes.

"Islam is a peaceful religion [...]"

1300 years of history say otherwise. In fact, Islam has proven that its adherents cannot live in peace with anyone including other Muslims.

You partake of our hospitality then stab us in the back.

"[...] that is being exploited by American interest."

Do you mean like Muslim men exploit their women and treat them like possessions and less than human?

What? Do you think you should get our dollars by selling us sand? OPEC sets the price per barrel and Muslims run OPEC.

"Most people know that the Jews were behind the attack on your Trade Center.


"This is all in excuse to steal our oil."

If we wanted to "steal your oil" we would do so, and there isn't a damned thing you could do to stop us!

"Our you all slaves to your president?"

We are free men and women and the "slave" of no one, something a "slave" of Allah wouldn't understand.

As a gesture of peace, I offer you a ham sandwich, with my left hand!

And that Nuclear threat on your Blog, keep it up. Many Americans are begining to believe that Muslims should kneel in prayer to a blue glowing hole where Mecca used to be.

kev said...

robert bayn--you admit that when "protesters" get involved with terrorist cells, then this does cross the line. I submit that when protesters contribute money,
support, aid and comfort, at this point they do indeed become involved. Terrorists and many other ememies of this country would be left at the door if it were not for their supporters inside this country. A perfect example of this is what kerry did with his Vietnam activism, something we're still suffering the effects of today. Yes, we are a country of freedom, but unless we tighten up, we won't be for long.

MissingLink said...

The sad truth is we cannot realistically expect denaturalization or deportation for people being born in our countries.
I would tend to agree with FJ that outlawing Islam and communism, Nazism etc. also would be counterproductive and knowing our governments' ability to complicate issues it would probably turn into yet another bureaucratic nightmare.
I'd say let them talk, but recognizing these hostile ideologies as main stream political or religious organization is another matter.
If from their definition the ideologies in question aim to destroy existing order/law they absolutely should not enjoy tax exemptions and other privileges of non-profit organizations.
Also no outside funding should be allowed..
As it is now Ramsey Clarks can fund ANSWERs and it’s probably all tax deductible anyway.

Robert Bayn said...

Kev, i don't find what Kerry did to have been a threat to America at all, Should they have done some of the things they did, of course not, but it is time to move on with life, i don't care if people like Kerry or not, has zero effect on me.

We are a free country, but i disagre with you that if we dont tighten we won't be, i beleive when we do tighten up, we are no longer a free country, i'm a libertarian to the core, that will never change, no matter who i support or vote for.

Anonymous said...

ps - Did I mention that we don't have to listen to or remain silent in the face of squawking waterfowl?

In fact, we have a responsibility and duty to challenge it as citizens of a liberal democracy. For if we don't, we'll soon lose the "liberal" part... the part that means both "liber" meaning book and "liber" meaning free.


F.B. Jones said...

I added you do my blog roll. I kinda invited myself into the family. I can't get enough of this banter.

kev said...

robert--I couldn't disagree more regarding what kerry did, and it has had an effect on you and all of us. Kerry was a main cause of our abandoning Vietnam when we were on the verge of winning, a move that has emboldened our enemies of today. Additionally, he met with leaders of north vietnam , our enemy of the time, while still a member of the Navy. I could go on. What makes this man particularly disgusting to me is that his party offered him up to lead this country, a country he lied about to further his own political ambition. I don't begrudge your attitude toward him at all, as it's certainly your right, but to say what he did has zero effect is to ignore facts. As to your last sentence, all I can say is "Freedom is not free." It costs in many ways. And I am a conservative to the core, which will never change. I certainly do not consider myself an extremeist, however, just very watchful.

Freedomnow said...

Hey its Ducky's soulmate:

Anum Mahktar said... "Please, aren't you all just mostly Islamicophbic? Islam is a peaceful religion that is being exploited by American interest. Most people know that the Jews were behind the attack on your Trade Center. This is all in excuse to steal our oil. Our you all slaves to your president?"

Is ignorance really bliss?

Freedomnow said...

Hey Robert Bayn,

Beakerkin is right. Code Pink and CPT have committed treason. However, Leftists are above the law and cant be touched.

In any rate it proves the tolerance of our government. Thats why I love this country.


Anonymous said...


Don't you mean "our intolerance of government"? I mean, the government exists to serve the people... not the other way round. It isn't the "government" that's's us. Just call me a liber-al.


Robert Bayn said...

Kev, Kerry was entitled to expressing his point of view, he should have never met with opposition leaders, agreed. However he did not force America out of the war, we were we winning? thats up to debate, the question is as it was then and now, how many soldiers have to die before we admit our mistakes? I never want our soldiers dying unjustified.

Freedomwnow, I disagree these groups have not commited treasons, they are anti-war, i know the right would like to make people guilty of hating America for being anti-war but in the real world that kind of thinking does not fly, only in the right wing camp does anyone really believe that.

kev said...

robert-while I don't always disagree with you, we seem to be on a run. If these people are so anti-war, where were they during clinton's reign, when he was playing with our military. I think they are just anti-Bush war. Again, on kerry, of course he had a right to express his point of view, but he did not have a right to create "facts" that he represented to a very friendly congressional committee. As to your last question (not your last remark), perhaps if the enemy were not getting aid and comfort from our own people, this particular war would have been over and done with, and FEWER American soldiers would have paid the price.

kev said...

By the way, you're beginning to sound more like a far-leftist than a libertarian. You're resorting to ducky-type branding generalizing.

Robert Bayn said...

By the way, you're beginning to sound more like a far-leftist than a libertarian. You're resorting to ducky-type branding generalizing.

It's a good thing your not generalizing.

In all honesty i don't care what people label me.

Now your humoring me, with your assumptions as to why we are still in Iraq, blame the anti-war crowd, not the incompitent leadership, of course that a whole other subject for a entirely different time.

I'm sure by now i'm also anti-semetic, a communist, i support terrorist and i sleep with Hillary, any other assumptions or labels you like to make? Because i have heard them all. The wing nuts make me laugh, because they both dislike me.

kev said...

robert, robert, robert--you're not worth all that trouble to label you with all those things, most of which I have no reason to believe anyhow. For one thing, I have to admit that you don't sound that far out to want to sleep with hillary, nor do I think you're a communist or a terrorist supporter. Nor have I ever said I didn't like you (Wow!) But I wonder why you would be so defensive. Our discussions have been fairly interesting until this "oh, pity me," stuff. Perhaps I've been giving you too much credit. So, you keep your beliefs and I'll keep mine and we'll simply agree to disagree.

Robert Bayn said...

I don't think i said you didn't like me, rather those on the wing's don't like me.

I would never sleep with Hillary, i'm not into fat legged lesbians.

Not really being defensive, it was more of Scarcasim, and being my little Jerk self, ask Beak, he's use to my little rants.

Agree to disagree, that a obvious thing, seeing we both see things a little differently.

But the matter was Generalizing, calling someone far-leftist (or going in that direction) and being like Ducky, is a generaliziation. I may be on the left, and i may be the minority here, but i'm in no anything like Darkwing Duck.

Anonymous said...

There is a solution to hard-cases like the duck... a Dionysian Chorus (Plato, "Laws"). Re-programming via pleasure.


Freedomnow said...

Robert Bayn,

What does Code Pink's pilgrimages to Cuba have to do with being anti-war? Their activities are clearly illegal.

They also had the nerve to raise funds for terrorists in fallujah during wartime.

CPT goes to a war zone and organizes on the behalf of jailed terrorists...during war time of course.

Many have forgotten about American lawyer, Lynne Stewart, who helped a jailed terrorist plan more terrorist attacks while in captivity.

These radicals have allied themselves with America's enemies the same way they have allied themselves to Palestinian terrorists.

I am tired of protesters with "Support the Resistance" signs. However, there is more to it than that.

Treason is tolerated to a point and instead of angering me, it makes me proud.

We tolerate dissent like no other country in the world. This is the world's healthiest democracy. I am proud to have George Bush as my President.

Robert Bayn said...

Going to Cuba is not a crime, last i checked.

I am proud to have George Bush as my President.

Well i guess someone has to be.

beakerkin said...

Going to Cuba is a Crime

There has been a travel embargo for years. The fact that the Government chooses not to prosecute does not decriminalize the behavior.

The key term is peaceful protest. It is okay to protest the war peacable. However giving arms and money to the enemy is a violation of the law and should be prosecuted. Violators should be denaturalized and booted even if born in the country. Off with the Duck.