Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sowell's Black Rednecks and White Liberals

Sowell points to the "authentic blak " nonsense spouted by White Liberals. White Liberals ( Marcusian Marxists) have served as enabler of a dysfuctional black redneck culture. Expanding the welfare system served as an enablement to the perpetuation of this culture. The White liberals are experts in the excuse of the moment for high crime rates, low test scores and the breakdown of the black family.

One of the curiosities is that there is a Eurorevival of Redneck Culture. The same pathologies of Redneck culture are in the rise in Europe amongst Muslims. However, Muslims use the crutch of colonialism that does not seem to impede Christian Arabs or Hindus. The current similarities are violence overthe most absurd slights. The riots in France and cartoon furorare examples. Muslims in Europe are more likely to be unemployed and criminal then their coresidents. The paternalistic Marx based culture of handouts and self esteem has failed. The creation of Islamic Rednecks should hardly surprise anyone as Islam is a colonial Jim Crow culture.

I am perplexed at the mendacity of Marxists to define minority authenticity. On this blog Commie 167 defines Noam Chomsky and Joel Kovel as authentic good Joooooos and Zionists as the bad Jooooooos. Similarly Tupac Shakur and Mummia Jamal are praised as authentic blacks and Professor Thomas Sowell and Colin Powell are portrayed as traitors to their culture. On Bad Eagle KPS a Commie lectures Dr David Yeagley and Native Americans how they should feel about America. On the Crank Files Faux John Brown does the same thing to at least four posters who are part Native American. There were Gays and stupid Liberals who blamed Ronald Reagan for AIDS .

All people should define themselves and be expected to achieve. Life is not fair and excuses do not get the job done or raise a family.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to a speach pathologist and 167 to the Abu Gharib fantasy camp

Up next are Jews Generic Sowell's middle man minority hypothesis.


Always On Watch said...

All people should define themselves and be expected to achieve. Life is not fair and excuses do not get the job done or raise a family.

Ever read any of John McWhorter's books? He addresses the topic of blacks' achievements. An affirmative-action hire at Berkeley, he disappoints many of the leftists there.

Mr. Ducky said...

Hey Beak, a little censorship action?
Good NYT piece.

Play About Demonstrator's Death Is Delayed
Published: February 28, 2006

A potential Off Broadway production of "My Name Is Rachel Corrie," an acclaimed solo show about an American demonstrator killed by an Israeli bulldozer while trying to stop the destruction of a Palestinian home, has been postponed because of concerns about the show's political content.

The production, a hit at the Royal Court Theater in London last year, had been tentatively scheduled to start performances at the New York Theater Workshop in the East Village on March 22. But yesterday, James C. Nicola, the artistic director of the workshop, said he had decided to postpone the show after polling local Jewish religious and community leaders as to their feelings about the work.

"The uniform answer we got was that the fantasy that we could present the work of this writer simply as a work of art without appearing to take a position was just that, a fantasy," he said.

The play, which received strong reviews in London, follows the story of Rachel Corrie, an idealistic American demonstrator and Palestinian-rights activist who was crushed to death in March 2003 in the Gaza Strip.

The play was written by the actor Alan Rickman, who directed the piece, and Katherine Viner, a journalist at The Guardian newspaper in London, who pieced together snippets of Ms. Corrie's journals and e-mail messages to create the script.

beakerkin said...

What this has to do with the current post is only known to Marxist waterfowl. I think the show should go on. However I would like to do my own version called Rachel Corrie Communist Pancake a product of bad breeding , warped Marxist education and possible cattle mutation.

For an encore I would like to perform traitors Julius and Ethel Rosenberg story and how the left has lied for fifty years about treason.

pappy said...

Anyone who like Sowell cant be all bad.

MissingLink said...

This reminds me of the social divisions in Poland in the 50's, 60,s and 70's.
Peasants in Poland got their freedom of movement only between 1861-64 by the tsar's decree (Polish territories was occupied by Russia, Austria and Prussia/Germany until WWI).
For almost a hundred years they gradually moved from villages to the cities.
In most cases they assimilated well.
In Poland the real social divisions (as close as you can get to racial tensions) started after WWII.
Being a peasant was like a social stigma (as close to slavery as you can get). You couldn’t escape it – your language and behavior would always betray your background (skin colour was not necessary).
There was a program championed by the communists to promote the peasants (over 50% population).
Call it "positive discrimination" or "affirmative action" – it was disastrous.
I think it really slowed down the assimilation of the “peasants by at least 50 years.

There was a saying: Can he really do it or was he “promoted”.
As a result people who really made it because of their talent hard work and ability felt they were treated like those who were “promoted”.

Kyle said...

I have or have read nearly all of Sowells books. They give you a great foundation to form opinions about things you might not have encountered before. I put him foremost among economic/social commentators living today.

kev said...

Sowell not only has the intellect and knowledge, but he has the guts to speak out with sanity. Sadly the minority population chooses to listen to showboat shysters such as jackson and sharpton. Regarding daffy duck's comments, I'm sure the play gives a true and unbiased account of this kid's life. She is no hero, simply some unfortunate kid, misguided by parents and educators, who died a very tragic, useless death. I'm always amazed at the "heroes" they put forth. cindy sheehan, michael moore, john kerry, etc., etc.