Friday, March 10, 2006

Midway through the Force of Reason

Many of us do not have the time to go through vollumes of books. Therefore it is vital that we pick and choose wisely. Fallachis historyof the brutal Islamic conquests is available elswehere in longer form. Most of us ( except poultry and those relegated to numbers )are aware of the reality of Jihad and Islamo Colonialism.
Thus we have the idiocy of the far left claiming Colonialism against a people whose very foundation is Colonialism.

Fallachi has made a minor error but experienced readers will pick it up. She describes her meeting with Yasser Arafat and then she talk of George Habbash. Habbash
is not a Muslim and a Palestinian Christian. The PLO was a Commie founded and led movement whose origins have drifted more towards Islam. The PLO is a creation of Nasser with an Egyptian front man . Yasser Arafat was born and educated in Cairo but somehow becomes a front man for fictional indigenous people. Habbash was a Marxist terrorist and much of the PLO training came from the Soviet Union. A short version of this is in The Black Book of Communism. Fallachi recounts Habbash telling her that Israel alone is not the target, but the entire West.

Fallachi gives an abreviation of Bat Yeor's book Eurabia. She tells the abreviated story of how Europe got into this mess. The sellout of Europe comes after the oil embargo. The vision of a European Middle Eastern partnership has devolved into cities within cities. My coworkers had a good laugh when the demands of the Islamo rioters in France were " out of the occupied territories in FRANCE".

Palestinianism as mentioned by Bat Yeor is a factless based religion amongst the left. We have had many far left types come with fairy tale clims of Palestinian tribes. We have heard the folk tales and illogic that the words Arab unity are linguistic refferences. Yet Palestinianism remains a myth as there never was a Palestinian people . This myth is an insult to genuine indigenous people world over.
There are plenty of indigenous people but Arab colonial invaders makes a mockery of this concept. The pseudostinian obsession is a mental illness of the left who ignore Tibetians , Assyrians, Kurds, Egyptian Copts and other groups with genuine histories.
This is why you will see whole blogs dedicated to this subject by Commies. The word games with Zionist and Joooo are a tip off that you are dealing with a Commie.

This is a good book an excellent reading for experienced readers. It is invaluable to those of us who do not have the time to pour through vollumes. The next book I serialize will likely be that of fellow blogger Mark Alexander. I am looking for a comprehensive account of the Lebanese Civil War. It seems the far left thinks the war consists of a massacre carried out by Maronites and blamed on Ariel Sharon. The fact that plenty of Christians were butchered by Pseudostinians and other Mooooslim thugs seems forgotten. The left likes to invent massacres like Jenin and ignore real ones such as those in Hebron.

Onto other site news we have two new links that my nephew has put up. Freedomnow is an excellent blog that most of you should visit. Rob Bayn's and Justin " Mercurial" Morris blog is also linked on the right. It is important to know that not all Gays come in the screaming far left package of 167. There are Gay Conservaives and independents who speak for themselves.

Now I need an overdue link to Democracy Frontline, American News Crusader, Amboy Times and Kyle's Blog . If you can place the name and URL adress in the post below this my talented Nephew will help out. In the future we must link Bad Eagle as my work appears there. We also have to link Richard Poe's blog. I have another Richard Poe book enroute and he is has shaped many of my opinions.

Has anyone heard from Farmer John ?????? If Farmer John is alive and well touch base.
If you are not alive and well send us a note.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky into the soup and 167 to get sing Teenage Labotomy on American Idol.


Paul M. Kingery said...

Dear Beakerkin,

Thank you for your thoughts. I look forward to following your interesting blog. Choose dangerously in your selection of books for a while and see if it moves you from the middle of the road, not that I am offended by your stance at all. Moderation is good. There is a radical view afloat about Ariel Sharon. Some say Messiah, some Anti-Christ, but not all count him down and out. Some think he will revive, or rule through his sons and allies. I have been studying and writing about the Land of Canaan with regard to the Christian future. Are you interested in topics about the apocalypse, end times, the end of the world, eschatology, last days, the horsemen of the apocalypse, the beast, prophesy, prophesies, revelation, 666, bible prophesy, prophets, Canaan, Canaan's land, Land of Canaan, or the Christian future? If so you may enjoy reading " Land of Canaan." This is a free online book. The Link is
Let me know what you think.


Paul M. Kingery, PhD, MPH

Always On Watch said...

Has anyone heard from Farmer John ?????? If Farmer John is alive and well touch base.

Farmer has been over at my site the last few days. He and I chatted a bit today at one of my blog articles.

Always On Watch said...

I like Fallaci. Haven't read her latest book yet, however.

Right now, I'm reading Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking. It's about the process of grieving, without political content.

A friend of mine, recently widowed, recommends the book to all. Sooner or later, all of us bury a family member with whom we've been particularly close. I recognize much of what Didion says in her book.

beakerkin said...


This comes as a surprise but we do not post much about Israel except when a far left anti semites like 167 shows up. Other people such as Esther or Pam of Atlas Shrugs do a great job on those subjects.

My blog is most often about books
and the ideas in them. My focus has been fighting Utopians via Marx or Jihad. Utopia in this world can be hazardous to your health seriously.

I am not deeply religious but I respect those who are. I am more focused on history then theology.
However the hunt for Utopia in this world is an excersize in futility. Perfection can not be attained by the imperfect.

Where is Farmer John when we need him. Justin and Warren could probably explain the theological point in better depth.

nanc said...

beak - i'm going to leave you an important post at the dogeater's. it's like must see t.v. only different. give me a few minutes.

nanc said...

it could just be an advertisement.

elijah said...

History is what I like to read about.My trouble is finding a good read, but you make that possible.
Thats it, If i have to go to warren for theological technicalities....I will stop swearing on his blog *wink*

beakerkin said...


Is quite a historian as well . However as of late there has been a bit of culinary chicanery. I have a post that is a Bad Eagle on Metaphoric Dog eating.

The worst jokes are the ones you do and the recipient doesn't understand. The person on the other end of the dog eating bit never understood the metaphor.

Iran Watch said...

Farmer John had to see his doctor because one of his breast implants was leaking but all is well.
Just kidding...he is actually one of the most intelligent bloggers I've run across.
Most people who know about Fallaci, realize that she is not one to lightly be so critical of Islam and Arabs. She actively fought against the Nazis in World War II and she has always been wary of the United States's ambitions.

In her book, The Rage and the Pride, she eloquently makes her case against Islam and those who follow bin Laden. Her own government in Italy wants to prosecute this Patriot for speaking against Islam. Makes you wonder what this world is coming to.

nanc said...

ms. fallaci is a brave soul. this world as we've known it may be coming to a close - it may be an entire new world when we awaken one day, iran watch. it's pretty bad when you cannot speak to truth without being ridiculed and worse. yet, people can lie and get away with it.

elijah said...

True Beak, Warren knows his history as well..using metaphor is a crap game, what happened with this dog eating post?

beakerkin said...

Dr Yeagley is Running a Series on Women it will run in the future. I have a scorching critique of the environmental movement at Bad Eagle.

You seemed to be picking up readers
at a fast clip.

nanc said...

dr. yeagley has an article today at fpm. i don't quite know how to approach his subject matter - i've been studying him for the longest time, beak. i know he is a wholehearted creature and a good man. i tend to want to get angry with my native brothers and sisters. not to mention my own.

Warren said...

Beak, as you know, I'm a Roman Catholic. I do not believe that the King James Version of the Christian Bible, nor any other version, is the literal word of G-d. I believe they are the inspired word of G-d.

I was raised as a fundamentalist.

I believe that the fundamentalists place way too much emphasis on the book of Revelation, which is what Dr Kingery is talking about.

Martin Luther considered Revelation to be "neither apostolic nor prophetic" and stated that "Christ is neither taught nor known in it". St. John Chrysostom and other bishops, (in the 4th century), argued against including it in the New Testament, mainly because of the difficulty of interpreting it and the danger for abuse. (To me, the obsession with numbers seem to be heavily influenced by Kabalistic tendencies in early Jewish converts to Christianity, they were Jews after all).

Its inclusion in the canon of the New Testament was initially denied, and although it was eventually added, it is the last book in the Bible. It wasn't placed there for its importance. In fairness, I will say that other books were also initially denied.

Another contentious area is the authorship of The Revelation. Fundamentalists hold that the Author of The Revelation is the same John as St John the Apostle. But, the Gospel of St John and Epistles of St John, are very dissimilar.

The author of The Revelation identifies himself as John several times, but the author of The Gospel of St John remains anonymous. The theology of the Gospel is markedly different from that of The Revelation. While both works describe Jesus as a lamb, they use different words for lamb. The Gospel is written in nearly flawless Greek, but The Revelation contains grammatical and stylistic errors which indicate its author may not have been as fluent with the Greek language as the Gospel's author.

It is the only book of the New Testament that is not read within the Divine Liturgy of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

To my fellow Christians, I urge you not to be obsessed with The Revelation. I have heard many interpretations of what each metaphor means, they cannot all be right. Live each day like it is your last and you will not regret it, but plan for tomorrow.

One thing for sure, this world ends for all of us some day.

Warren said...

Do you want to talk to me about it?

Drop me a line, my Email link is in my personal profile.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Ecclesiastes is my favorite Bible book.

nanc said...

warren - i love the minor prophets and the book of isaiah and psalms. i agree with you regarding who the book of revelation may or may not have been written by - st. john the apostle would have been over 100 years old if and when he wrote it. there almost had to have been another "john".

beamish - ecclesiastes is one of my husband's favorites as i think i may have told you. he's thrilled over the "nothing new under the sun" aspect of life. i'm pleased as a hog in mud your fave isn't lamentations! or heaven forbid, obadiah.

i just do not appreciate drive-by advertisements and will get to the bottom of the person in question. of course, this isn't my site so why should i even be concerned.

my bid on beamish is sealed!

Always On Watch said...

Warren: I believe that the fundamentalists place way too much emphasis on the Book of Revelation...

And the book of Revelation can be interpreted in many ways. Remember Charles Manson?

Always On Watch said...

Of course, Manson perverted any possible interpretation.

beakerkin said...

I think we should give new bloggers the benefit of the doubt.
Mr Kingery has a new blog and it takes a while to build up steam.
This blog was Warren and myself trashing a bunch of anti semites from the UK . However as soon as Jason showed up 167 fled to be rarely seen on this blog again. Libertarians are the ultimate Commie killers.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

The Book of Ecclesiastes contains the essence of every "philosophy" that came after it.

Solomon would mop the floor with Nietzsche.

nanc said...

solomon was my paternal grandfather's first name. he was oglala. my son is jesse, after the father of david.

MissingLink said...

Still haven't had Fallachi's boogf delivered yet.
Perhaps next week.
This is my address: