Saturday, March 11, 2006

Paradise Never Was

Most of us have spent time on the familiar evil Utopians Jihadism and Marxism. However we must not forget there is a Utopian Green movement. They are one of the names that Commies hide behind. It is hardly a surprise that Joel " Deranged" Kovel and Norman " Crackpot" Finklestein call themselves Greens.

The basic premise is of a Green Eden that never was. Green crackpots talk of Vermont as a Valhalla. However after living with Vermonters I can assure you native Vermonters love their wildlife roasted, boiled , sauted and barbequed. The real crime against nature in Vermont is to serve the wrong wine and vegtable with game. I am always confused over the type of wine that goes with Muskrat or Racoon. Vermonter's do not tiptoe through the tulips and commune with nature. Native Vermonters move stealthily through the forrest and hunt those cute and cuddly forrest creatures. I got a lesson the other day when I swerved to miss a rabbit. The Vermonter behind me hit it and tossed it in the trunk. Native Vermonters are a tough lot even the women. I don't remember ever seeing women fight in bars in NYC but oddly
they seem to fight more then the men who are watching Nascar or sports.

The Greens seem to shape their opinions on Native American life from Mazzola Commercials. Native Americans lived shorter lives and worked hard to survive. A slacker endangered the survival of his entire community. Primitive agriculture is lavor intensive and there were no draft animals. The horse arrived with the Spainiards. The llama never caught on beyond the Andes. The notion that people were freer in this Green Eden is absurd as one has more time for leisure today.

Greens like any other Utopians believe they have a sacred truth. To pursue that truth
they will take shortcuts and use selective morality. Killing excess people to pursue this imagined Utopia is a real probability. No doubt that when all Utopians fail the blame gets shifted to imperfect people such as Stalin or Mao. Naipul describes a similar sentiment in Iran, Indonesia , Pakistan and Malaysia where Islamisism fails it is always due to person x. Person X wasn't devout enough but the thought that Jihadism is not a rational way to run an economy is never considered.

Utopians endanger our health and should be tatooed with a warning label. " May cause pointless massive death with no discernable achievements.

In the case of Greens pursuing Paradise Lost it is in reality Paradise Never Was.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to Cuba and 167 to visit Tehran and lecture convicted gays that they all deserve to die.


Always On Watch said...

I am always confused over the type of wine that goes with Muskrat or Racoon.

What do the above taste like?

beakerkin said...

My coworkers keep promising to invite me but never get around to it. I am going to go to the Mowhawk reservation next week and maybe I will find it there. Casinos also have good food and entertainment.

Justin said...

AOW, muskrat like possum taste a lot like chicken. It is best served with one of 3 wines, Boones Farm Strawberry Hill, Thunderbird Red or Ripple. However, you might consider serving one of the local distillaries brews such as Man Killer,Slammed Against The Wall or Brain Musher. All of which can be purchased at the World Renowned Mother Mables Chain Saw Repair Diner and Juke Joint.

Bon Apitete :p

eyesallaround said...

I think Dag at nodhimmitude posted quite a bit on this subject... if I recall correctly:)

No prairie oysters in Vermont? Yum Yum...

Iran Watch said...

Living in Vermont, I can say that you have a pretty good feel for the state. Yes we love nature here, but most people here are avid hunters and fishermen. I believe that because so many people are into hunting and fishing, is the reason why we are so environmentally conscious. We don't want anything to interfere with deer hunting season.

beakerkin said...

Most of the transplants do not understand that hunting is part of the way of life up here. It is a generational thing and part of the culture.

The left talks about multiculturalism but its adherents do not respect the patterns of Vermont life that preceded them.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

As you know, I have difficulty accepting the myth behind the postulated existence of informed leftists. There just isn't any evidence of them in reality to extrapolate from. The day I meet a leftist that can outsmart a walnut is the day I give up hope for planet Earth.

Kyle said...

Curious, Did you ever read a book from the 1980's called "The Coercive Utopians"? Don't remember the author, but it got me started on thinking about the hidden reasons for the policies many people have.

beakerkin said...

No I missed that one and I am having a rough time finding books on the Lebanese Civil War.

MissingLink said...

It is interesting how the greens try to catch their supporters.
In OZ the top Green is Bob Brown or as some other unkind people call hi: Backdoor Bob.
He advocates voting age as 16!
Not by a chance most of his supporters are not older than 25.
We call them (greens) the Watermelon Party (Green ob the outside and red inside).