Wednesday, March 15, 2006

New Links

My Nephew Drummaster handles the links. He has two excellent blogs to my one. My nephew needs the blog name and URL and he adds it.

We owe links to American News Crusader, Democracy Front Line, Kevin of Amboy Times.
FB JOnes Specify what blog you want linked.

If anyone else wants a link place it in the format and it will be done.

Our Jihadi visitor is not John Brown and I am 90% certain he is in Florida. My hunch from reading the blog is that this could be an impostor. Mutah is not a subject that Muslims would tend to post. Moreover the WTC angle is too coincedental. I will check Papa Ray and Pims Ghost.

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F.B. Jones said...

Iamaworm is my real blog.
Even if your blog sucked it is worth blog rolling because of the profile picture. Beaker rocks!!