Thursday, March 09, 2006

Oriana Fallaci The Force of Reason

I am interupting my reading of Thomas Sowell to bring you The Force of Reason. Oriana Fallaci's earlier book is banned in several European Locales.I am curious if the Pride and the Rage is available in Australia. My guess is that it is available for now.

Fallaci delivered a rant that was priceless in the first book. Imagine a Mr Beamish style rant lasting 200 plus pages. Fallaci does not have Mr Beamishes sense of humor.
She is direct and on target and goes straight to the point.

In the introduction Fallaci compares the left to the new Inquisition and she has a point. One can write almost any type of anti semitic tract except Holocaust Denial in most of Europe. This is not enough for our professional anti semites like 167. Ducky may be deranged but he does not deny the Holocaust. He puts in some odd charges about Beakerkin covering up the Ukranian famine that is familiar to my family and was caused by Communists.

In fact the rash of household pet eating jokes on familiar blogs is due in part to my
retelling some family history in the style of Johnathan Swift. The dumbest person on the Web is the Bad Eagle poster Amerind . She espouses multicultural blame America and Christianity and the Joooos for everything. Then she turns around with fake non partisanship and plays the standard multicultural games with Islam and Communism. I decided to do a role reversal to illustrate the absurdity of multiculturalism by claiming my cultural legacy includes eating man's best friend. The entire rest of Bad Eagle got the obvious point of the comedic gem. Amerind grew upset and claimed I was mocking her dear departed pet and is still as clueless today as ever. The moral of the story is that to a dope like Amerind pc ends when we start to cooks dog. Killing civilians in the name of Allah and or Communism is just another example of well everyone else did......... The dog eating has spread beyond Bad Eagle and may arrive at a blog near you.Remember it was not gratuitous dog eating there is a point
to the comedy.

More curiously some Muslims have been complaining the Deranged Chemist is anti Mooooslim. This was due to the fact he had the nerve to post the Mohammed cartoons and say much of the hysteria was unjustified. The same Derranged Chemist is from the Bush Lied Troops Died school of thought. He regularly goes on long rants against fundamentalist Christians but only now has the relevation occured wwwwwell they do not behead anyone. The furor at the Chemist is even more odd because he is a genuine anti Semite. He has recently posted that Israel is a terrorist nation and compared it with Iran. He also defends playing word games with Joooo and Zionism ala 167. In fairness to the Chemist he does not play games with the Holocaust. His friend 167 has posted articles linked to David Irvings Institute for Historical Review. 167 does also defend the President of Iran and capital punishment of homosexual in Iran and Saudi Arabia " because they are all guilty ". The fact that both Iran and Saudi Arabia use genuine torture in their criminal justice system is just a trivial detail.
167 rails over the execution of Tookie Williams because it was "racist".

This leads into the opening of Fallaci's book. Anti Semitism and Anti Americanism are
considered praise worthy and a virtue on the far left. There are the plethora of 9-11
conspiracy books in Europe. However, the second one starts to go into the real history and reality of Islam one is a racist. Thus if one starts to recount the obvious brutal history of Islamic Jihads one is racist, Islam is still not a race. These colonial expansions and predations preceeded the Crusades. However, that is just an irrelevant detail. Muslims exterminated the Jooooos in Saudi Arabia and invaded Israel. The Jews had been there well over 2000 years before the Mooooslim invasions. There are no Palestinians and the term in its current context was invented largely after the Arabs got their clocks cleaned in the Six Day War. The war was started by the illegal closing of the straights of Tiran by Nasser. This is a fact the left ignores when they cry about the Six Day War.

Fallaci's first chapter gives you the real story of Islam in Europe. The slavery and the executions and the Jannisaries are all there. Yet for some insane reason the Marcusian morons still put Mooooooslims on top of the list of victims. The cult of the insane left include Gays that defend Muslims killing gays. There is a bright side that the Moooslims do make alliances with the far left. However after they take power they kill them. This was the pattern of the Iranian Revolution and the aid of the Iranian Communist is a forgotten story. The Iranians jailed and executed many of their former allies.

This book is not likely to be displayed prominently if at all in your local bookstore. I had to hunt for copies of David Horowitz's book the Professors whil Jimmy "Penut" Carters books were stacked in a huge display. There is an answer to this perfidity buy your books on Amazon . Amazon is more then happy to fill your orders without the attitude and games at the book stores. I got my copy from a small store that is more then happy to do business. In fact some of my odd book selections get purchased in a second wave by locals . I purchased Sword of the Prophet by Tifkovic in July and four others were purchased shortly after.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to get checked for Mad Poutry Disease and 167 to get a mental illness named after him. Dementia 167 is when blathering idiots imagine that they are intelligent. They imagine that they alone speak for the world . Patients are known to be Anti American, Anti Semitic and Anti Catholic but lecture anyone who might have an adverse word about the Sons of Allah. They are closeted commies who claim to be socialist libertarians and perpetual victims. Step out of the Commie closet 167 you have 100,000,000 fans er victims.


nanc said...

hold on beak - i've got to go get warren!

beakerkin said...

Warren will be here after work

American Crusader said...

Is she a great lady or what? Nobody can accuse her of being a tool of the right wing. Her own country wants to put her in prison for speaking the truth. How long before the Italian flag has a crescent moon on it?

American Crusader said...

Yo..I want to add you to my links list but wanted to ask first.

beakerkin said...

I will ask Drummaster to put up links to your blog and Freedomnow. I am a clutz when it comes to that.

nanc said...

if anybody knows, please tell me what it means when someone says they're going to send a pine-apple your way - is it a grenade? someone sent me an e-mail stating this and although i've e-mailed them back to inquire, the waiting is excruciating!

Mr. Ducky said...

How long before the Italian flag has a crescent moon? I simply find it difficult to hold back when I here something that foolish. About all I can do is laugh at the paranoia. It's absolutely nonsensical, a collective hysteria.

We really have become a nation of diaper pissers.

beakerkin said...


Will the last patriot turn off the light as they leave MA. What is the state flag of MA the Hammer and Sickle

I thought a pinaple was a regional variant of the cocanut line. In NYC we call nutty people like Ducky Cocanuts

nanc said...

so perhaps he could be a pie napple too?

Warren said...

Duck, don't you have a cell meeting you need to attend or something?

Beak, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. (Besides you never posted any good recipes even though you made passing mention of gefilta dog), and who are you to pass judgment on Nanc's and my cultural heritage?

Nanc, ever had any rattlesnake? ;^)

Home a little early today, power went out, storm and small tornado.

beakerkin said...


The more serious problem I have with the Duck is the disrespect for the military. People serve for many reasons and they are the cream of society.

kev said...

The only diaper-pisser here is daffy. Actually, disrespect for the military from the likes of him is highly complimentary to our people in uniform. When he likes something, or agrees with something, that's a serious clue that it's wrong. All the books by kerry, pelosi, and jimmy the failed president are stacked in front of the booksellers. The more conservative books you must search for. Speaking of kerry, he was the original model for the "he lied, people died" phrase. That man was and is a disgrace to this country, along with his mentor, teddy-boy.

Kyle said...

This attitude of the hard left is really quite understandable. The extreme left has always been motivated by hate. Hate for the middle class, hate for the nation-state and so for all patriots. Hate for the proletariat who are so ignorant they always reject the left's policies when given the chance. Now I am talking about the hard left, not your poor old Uncle Nussbaum who always voted for Democrats since the days of FDR.
Naturally such people will choose even Muslim fanatics, who would kill them in a instant, over the USA and its citizens. Its all about the hate.

nanc said...

warren - my husband used to raise rattlesnake - no lie - he just told me to tell you he's done everything but mate and give birth to rattlesnake! i know you can get bad rattler - our neighbor ate some (i have the skin for future use) and the timber rattlesnake had bit itself before he had it killed all the way and it made him deathly ill for two or three days.

although i've never heard of such a thing, it must happen - it happened to him. he's one of those survival, special forces, former marine types - too many guns and not enough ammo...if you know what i mean...:[

Warren said...

He must have ate it raw or undercooked. The poison won't harm you if you don't have cuts in your mouth or an ulcer, it has to get in your bloodstream. Heat breaks down the proteins of the venom. Like all reptiles, snakes can have salmonella in their gut.

Hardly any rattlers around here although I've killed a couple of, extremely small, mature timber rattlers. (Can't let them live in the backyard!)

There can be a lot of good meat on a diamond back. I was in Oklahoma for a while in 1971,

Give your husband the high five for me!

Esther said...

You have to go through all that just to hope that you don't have an ailment that the venom will prey on, so to speak? Is it that good to risk your life for? Pass the chicken any day, I say. Oh wait, I can die from that too, can't I? Man, it's getting dangerous to eat! ;)

Beak, I really must get her book. She's an amazing person.

MissingLink said...

I am getting my copy any day now.
The slavery and the executions and the Jannisaries are all there.
To people from outside of the Balkan region it is hard to understand how vividly the Muslim presence in this region reminds the local about the 500 odd years under the Ottoman yoke.
And then there was WWII and the Hanzars.

All snakes are protected in Oz so I cannot send you guys any good recipes.

nanc said...

warren - give his mother the high five as she's the one who allowed him to keep them in a huge aquarium in his bedroom - i say if you've brought me here you (my husband) must kill every poisonous thing within a hundred yards of the house - so far only two rattlers (one pygmy) and several copperheads (14" - 3')! tarantulas don't bother me, although i would neve eat one.

missinglink - i believe it is a several hundred dollar fine to kill a copperhead here unless it's threatening your life or the life of one of your loved ones or animals - so if i'm ever asked, i'll say it pulled a gun on me and put one right next to it...

Warren said...

The Oz Copperhead is a different kind of snake, its non-venemous.

The DNR, (nature cops) say there are no rattlesnakes around here. So I can't kill something that doesn't exist, right?


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Rattlesnake will never match the taste of dodo bird.

nanc said...

well, beamish, i've heard said it's as tasty as american condor. it's been so long since i was served dodo...

Always On Watch said...

Rattlesnake is sometimes available at our local Giant Gourmet.

Warren said...

Esther said...

"You have to go through all that just to hope that you don't have an ailment that the venom will prey on, so to speak? Is it that good to risk your life for? Pass the chicken any day,"

No, you just have to make sure its cooked good. Sushi, especially blowfish, is hundreds of times more dangerous.

Tastes just like chicken! LOL

Anonymous said...

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