Friday, March 17, 2006

Important Readings

Lee Kaplan takes us inside the fake Jews who are the typical poster boys for the anti semites. Kaplan notes as I have that a special effort has been made by the ISM to locate and promote Jewish Communists and Anarchists to their cause. Communists are not Jews in any coherent definition. Anarchists are the Mickey Mouse brigade of the deranged utopian brigade. They are not Jews in any definition and are not reality

Typical of this dual game is a clown called Mark Elf. He runs a blog called Lenins Tomb and wonders why he is called a Commie. Obviously reading comprehension is not Elf's strong point. He does attempt to provide cover for the more pathological antisemites. The game far left anti semites attempt to play is to hold up a Communist like Elf and say but he is a Jooooooo. Sorry, Communists are not Jooos and never were. Trying to create Utopia in this world goes against the faith. Cooperating with Nazis and Jihadists also goes against the faith and common sense. There were jewish Communists who did defend Stalin even as he murdered Jewish Artists in the Soviet Union. The same Jewish Communists want us to forget that they supported the Soviet Nazi treaty . The same voices screaming about AIPAC also want you to forget about the Rosenbergs and a host of other traitors. These Commie Clowns
masqueraded the truth about the Rosenbergs with fake Charges of Anti semitism for years. Nor were the Rosenbergs alone in their treason and our government made a severe mistake by not prosecuting more of these traitors.

Kaplan's article in the current issue of FPM takes you inside the ISM. It is run by Fatah and aids and abets terrorists. I hope Kaplan's story about the security cameras
filming the death of Rachel Corrie is true. According to Kaplan Corrie was in a trench and not visable to the driver. However, I shed no tears for the deaths of ISM and CPT types. They place themselves in harms way for their dishonest far left fantasy agenda and deserve their fate. Do notice that CPT teams do not help Chistians in Sudan or Bhai in Iran. Nor do these clowns help Tibetians or members of Falun Gong. I would love if more of these Kooks would go to China and meddle there. Then again members of Falun Gong and Bhai are peaceful.

It is time for the US government to get serious and start prosecuting these law breakers. It is time that Colleges learn that student loans and research grants can be eliminated from Universities that do not clean up their act.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

The IDF security camera video of Rachel Corrie getting buried in the Rafah terrorist weapons smuggling tunnel she was guarding will probably go the way of several IDF aerial drone videos of Hamas terrorists firing rockets at Israeli residential areas then loading the rocket launchers into UN "relief agency" vans and high-tailing it away.

In other words, the media will ignore it.

MissingLink said...

This is what I've been saying all along.
By chosing the path of delusion communists give up their own cultural heritage, ethnicity and past memories.
The only value left for them is the "heaven on earth" idea to which they cling with all their might as they have nothing else.
left in their pathetic lives.
Islam is very similar in this respect.

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