Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Beakerkin steps out of the Semitic Closet

There is a rather odd charge that Anum and other racial power kooks have made. I do not hide the fact that I am Jewish. This is an absurd charge and is most often made by leftist like a clown that post under the name of Andy Carr on Rob Bayn's blog.

Normal people do not obsess over the ethnicity of other bloggers. I do not pick and choose blogs by ethnicity. I have zero idea of what ethnicity American Crusader or Always on the Watch are. I know that they have interesting sites and are good friends.

This obsession comes with the standard bit that Jooooooos are manipulating the country. Both Anum and Communist 167 readily use the term Zionist media. The fact is one finds fewer mentions of Joooooos at this blog then at the site of 167 who spends almost 1/3 of his site on Jooooos . He even now uses the term Faggins in a recent post about two Jooooooish business men. If any of you point out humorously that this was a typo and he meant Fagins well you are just a homophobe.

I want to invite you to look at the latest FBI hate crime numbers. 167 has proved he is unable to read a basic chart. The number of hate crimes against Jooooos in the latest report 2004 was 900 plus vs 700 plus hate crimes against Gay men. The Mooooooslims he is sooooooo worried about reportled a measly 180 incedents. Oddly around 80 of the anti Moooooooooslim bias crimes were commited by blacks. This fact is at odds with the medias portrayal of a love affair between the black and Moooslim community.

I am bewildered how it took Anum sooooo long to deduce that I am Jewish. To all the anti semites out there I have these three words AM YISROEL CHAI. To all the Anti American Commie traitors I have these words GITMO is calling.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to be smoked and 167 to Special Ed where he can learn to read a simple table.


nanc said...

i saw that and was appalled - and i thought your biggest cross to bear was being related to b.s. - now there's something to joke around about! people are just ugly, beak. but hate does drive some more than others.

MissingLink said...

And they say we see commies under our beds!

beakerkin said...

I do not understand this charge that I hide my Judaism ? Should I have to state my ethnicity before every post. There is something bigoted about even needing to ask ?

Felis you are 100% correct.

Always On Watch said...

I saw that comment by Anum and was going to comment on it, but my carpal tunnel was twanging (Too much avatar-gloating, I guess).

Normal people do not obsess over the ethnicity of other bloggers. I do not pick and choose blogs by ethnicity.

That's how I feel!

Beak, you have never tried to hide your ethnicity. And why should your ethnicity matter to me? You are an American, and that's enough for me.

One of my blogger friends asked me early on (I do have a "Jewish first name"), "Are you Jewish? You hang around the Jewish blogs." That was never a decision on my part.

I admit it...I'm pretty ignorant about people's ethnicity. I get this all the time: "I'm Jewish. Didn't you know from my last name?" Uh, no. I'm not into that. Sure, I know that some last names are obviously Jewish, but beyond that I'm ignorant. Knowing a person's ethnicity has never been a priority for me.

Just for the record, my personal friends run the gamut of the ethnic and political spectra. Also, my family is all over the board on politics (except for far left).

Robert Bayn said...


Your one of them Jews? OH MY GOD!

On a side note, all hate crimes against any group of people is important, comparing numbers is not a good argument, because it makes it look like your saying one group is better over the other, because their hated more, we need less hate in this world and more tolerence and understanding.

beakerkin said...

Rob I 100% agree that one hate crime is too many. However the basic inability of 167 to read a table is absurd. He likes to invent numbers and facts. Few people bother to check the facts. Interestingly there were about thirty acts of hate crimes commited against heterosexuals.I am not complaining about a crime wave just curious.

Yes there are homophobic and hateful Americans. However this is the same person that justifies the Saudi and Iranian executions of Gays as justice. 167 is a moron extraordinaire.

On Ducky's worst day he can not sound as incorenent as 167.

Robert Bayn said...

Mark is not all there i'm convinced of that, anyone that would defend the Saudi's or the Iranian government on these actions can not be all there, than again people will say anything and do anything if it will support their argument of how America is so horrible, sorry but in America we don't have state sponsored murders of minorities, however in these Islamic facist nations they do, i will take a loud mouth jackass like Jerry Falwell over being hanged in Iran.

Mr. Ducky said...

Still obsessing over religion and ethnicity, Beaker?

The reaction to the vote in Israel today is interesting...a lot of folk seem worried about the poor economic conditions in Israel and there seems to be an awareness that the "God is a real estate" cult isn't doing anyone any good.

And I mean anyone.

beakerkin said...

Hmmm that is fairly funny coming from the person who obsesses more over my ethnicity then anyone on record. I want 167 to give you a royalty check every time he calls me a kahanist. Do not hold your breath because he is cheap and unoriginal.

Mr. Ducky said...

It is ironic that a large number of voters in the Israeli election want to return to the countries socialist roots. The economic situation is deteriorating and the wealth disparity is becoming quite large.

Similar to what is happening here while we also avoid facing it because the freaking diaper pissers have us worried about the "islamic menace".

Israel seems to be figuring it out more quickly than the American right but it's taking too long still.

Funny how right wingers can't leave hme without a box of Depends. They do need to be put on notice.

the merry widow said...

Hey Beak! good post, as far as I'm concerned you are a loyal American, what you do on Shabbat or not is your business, not mine. Being a patriot on the other hand is!

Mad Zionist said...

Correction to Mr. Duck, socialism actually lost decisively once again in Israel's elections, although appeasement of the vermin did win very big, indeed.

Check my blog for a rundown of the election day's events.


nanc said...

nanc - native american/irish female, christian-type - reporting for duty! i missed all the action today - ratz-hiney!

beakerkin said...


Tommorow is post 500. It will be a celebrity roast of me. Bring your humor and let it fly.

themerrywidow said...

Hey nanc, BadEagle is calling for a raid on Mexico City! Hoohoo! I do believe the good Dr. is about to lose his temper!
Beakerkin-Congrats on the BIG 50! Lookin' good! Going to blow us all away? I've been enjoying the 'hotseat' interviews.


nanc said...

welllll, i don't know, beak...we'll have to see if i can muster up some humor. i am usually serious...

btw - the brownieboy is at aow trying to start some crop!

nanc said...

tmw - i don't believe dr. yeagley is built for that sort of thing. if he ever does - we'd all better stand back as he looks to have been storing it up for awhile. i do not want to get in the way of that. but, perhaps i'll have a look see. i'll be the one lurking in the shadows...

themerrywidow said...

Sorry Beak, 500, not 50. Bad fingers, naughty.

Warren said...

Beak! Say it isn't so!

I can hardly believe it.

The next thing you know, you'll be telling me that Rav Roov is Jewish!

Madzionist, the Duck doesn't live on the same planet as you and me. Wait until he starts making predictions and you will know why I call him, "Nostradumbass".

Anonymous said...

Come clean beak, how many summers did you spend in Israeli kibbutzkin? That's why you hate the commies so... admit it...some clown in your barracks kept short-sheeting your bunk.... not to mention...those dreaded towel fights that made up the bulk of the communal shower scene. Were there naked pillow fights in the girl's dorms? Enquiring minds want to know.

Ooops, better save some comments for tomorrows "roast". Sorry beak.

-FJ ;-)