Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Post Number 499 Jihadi Toy Story

When we last left the story Hassan was jailed for violating McCain Feingold and our hero the talking Mr Beamish action figure was sent along as evidence.

Hassan: This is an outrage look at all this mail a plastic action figure gets and all I got was this letter from American Crusader. He wants to know if I can get him a Mr Beamish action figure autograph.

Look at this a letter from Mariah Carrey to the Mr Beamish talking action figure.

Mr Beamish: I'm the star and you are just cheap labor. Now lets go to the yard for excersize.

Hassan : I am not your donkey. Ouch Oh Ahhhhhhhh Okay I carry you just realease me from this pain.

In the yard

Hassan : For the love of Allah do not say anything to Raw Meat Randy.
Beamish: Why do they call him Raw Meat ?
Hassan : The police sent a German Sheperd after him. He ate the dog alive and they took him in after he got tired after a big meal.
Beamish: Another Roadkill fan.
Randy: You are sitting on my bench ?
Hassan : Praise Allah we move
Beamish Sit down .
Hassan : I want to live.....
Beamish : I'll deal with you later .
Randy : You talk tough for a shrimp. But I eat shrimp, dog, cat, bufalo, racoon, possum, skunk
Beamish: Lets make this simple what don't you eat ?
Randy ; Tofu that stuff stinks.... No civilized person should eat Tofu.
Wait a second aren't I supposed to be killing you.
Oh you droped a roll of lifesavers.
Oh ahhh eeeeeekkk Ohh aeiiiiiii
Mr Beamish : Do you see this it is your spleen.
Hassan: Now you've done it Beamish every guard in the place is after us.

Guard Ok you its off to solitary. Ripping out spleens is frowned upon.
Hassan : But I didn't do it . It was the kick $%$%^ Mr Beamish action figure. Noooooooooo
Boyle: Sir that makes you the Boss of the joint
Beamish: Hmmmmmmm that gives me some ideas.

Hassan: This is Hassan saying do not mess with the Mad Zionist he fights dirty.

Tune in next time for the continuing Jihadi Toy Story.


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