Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New Serialization Men In Black by Mark Levin

For those of you lucky to live in a major media market have the honor of listening to the best radio show in America. Bob Grant who set the mold that Limbaugh and others tried to emulate has retired. He now does Paul Harvey type spots on WOR in NYC. Grant was a history based show with an acid snarling tone. Mark Levin is Bob Grant with a Law Degree but his historical skills are close to Grant. His interviewing skills are a work in progress.

His show should be required listening for our friend in Detroit who is worried about imaginary civill rights for terrorists. Unlike Chris Mathews or others Levin is a legal scholar. For the record Ann Coulter and Greta Van Sustren are also lawyers.

There is a reason Sean Hannity calls Mark Levin the Great One because he is. I have been listening when he had a local radio weekend show on WABC. Levin regularly beats Savage in the ratings at WABC. I remember being torn when Michael Savage went on opposite Mark Levin. Levin is the real article and much more fun then Michael Savage.
His original show in NYC had an odd Commie geriatric named Della who would come back weekly but has still yet to earn her government cheese, Big Macs or Marlboros . The exchanges were comedy classics

So all you Libs listen to the best as this blog will serialize Mark Levin. Bring your crayons copies of Marx, Chomsky and Mother Jones and lets rumble

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky the above means you and 167 to be made into Bacon


Warren said...

I wish Mark Levin was offered in this radio market.

Limbaugh calls him "The Rush Limbaugh Conservative Institutes, legal scholar, F Lee Levin".

I always get a good laugh out of that!

beakerkin said...

He may be in your market sooner then you think. ABCis trying to get stations to carry Rush, Sean and Levin in a pacage deal. Levin is going against Savage in Washington DC, SF and NYC and beating him clearly in NYC. In Savages defense not having Bob Grant as a lead in hurts. Grant had the best ratings at WOR.

Warren said...

Locally, they play Dave Ramsey in that slot and then play Savage on a delay.

I've been hoping that they will pick up Levin.

Sometimes, on the weekend, they play Barry Farber. I always liked his show.

I need to read Levins book.

Robert Bayn said...

I will ignore the cheap shot about terrorist's, I don't listen to talk radio, i don't need someone with a inflated ego to tell me how to think, my inflated ego does just fine for itself.


beakerkin said...


In the case of Mark Levin you should make an exception. Had you listened to Levin you would have known that International phone calls were never protected by the law. The second part is that once a person has made contact with a terrorist that is probable cause.

Lastly in a time of war it is the Presidents role to defend the country. Granting Civil Rights to terrorists at Gitmo is an unprecedented and absurd precedent.

We are governed by the US Constitution and Levin is well versed. Much of the Left has not got a clue what is and is not Constitutional.

Mark Levin does not host a mere talk show it is education via ridicule and comedy for Liberals
who know jack about the Constitution.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Michael Savage needs to get naked and jump back in the pool with Allen Ginsburg where his talentless hack ass belongs.

MissingLink said...

Unfortunatelly we cannot listen to your radiostatins here in OZ.