Friday, March 17, 2006

Sowell on Education of Black's the dirty four letter word WORK

The dirty little secret is that our schools have been failing . The failures are linked with the rise of a political Teacher's Union. The failed educational theories of Marcuse have yeilded students who can't read. This is evident in my own family where my test scores for reading were at college level in the fourth grade. I was reading the New York Times in second grade. My younger brother the Beloved Rav Roov was reading at a third grade level before he set foot in a school. One would think my neices would have some of the ability but it is sadly wrong.

The failures of the system are most evident in minority schools across the country. Yet throughout the country there are schools where minority students beat the odds. Sowell shows a variety of methods do work but the common denominator is hard work.
Washington's famed Dunbar school was an example of excellence. Yet is was turned from a special school to a local school in the era of social engineering. Now Dunbar is just another failed inner city Scool.

Sowell points to the missionary spirit of some of the early black schools. The mission was not about books and learning it was about building men and women. That type of education continues in select public schools but mostly in the parochial schools. These schools are unburdened by PC imperitives and demand results. Yet the notion of vouchers is denied to the kids the most by the Democrats who are in the pocket of the Teachers Union. Hillary Clinton made an odd gaffe when she spoke of potential " Church of White Supremacy or Jihad Schools". Her entire focus is on protecting a failed system run by her donors in the Teachers Unions.

Sowell has found the RX is hard work and high expectations. The Marcuse based educational crapola ebonics, afrocentrism were not practiced at Dunbar. Students at Dunbar learned Greek and Latin and excelled in the highest levels of higher education without quotas.

Yet the notion that hard work and high expectations should be the key to sucsess at anything should come as a surprise to none.

One more chapter of Sowell and onto either Horowitz's Hating Whitey or The Decline of Eastern Christianity Under Islam.

Newsflash Nixmarry Brown's father has emerged from the shadows. He is a Pakistani man who played zero role in her tragic life. He is suing for several million dollars
over the loss of his daughter who he never seemed to spend a moment with or support.
He is doing this in the name of all the kids out there, yeah right. Where are the fathers of all of Nixmary Brown's siblings ?

I am looking for a Brave soul to sit in for a Beakerkin interview. 25 Randomly selected questions on topics you do not cover on your blogs.

Possible Questions include Mr Beamish on Dynamite fishing. Jason Pappas on his views of Art. Justin Morris on Sports , Always on the Watch on Bowling , Farmer John on the politicalization of Art or has Rob Bayn ever drove a tractor. This is a great way to promote your blog and there questions will be geared toward the comedic fun.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to seek employment as the mascot for Coco Puffs and 167 RIP


Anonymous said...

Let's face facts, beak. The whole purpose for a labor union is to allow the members to do "as little work as possible". You don't think they practice that ethic in class or pass it down to their "students"? Dem kids ain't blind.


Justin said...

It is not just the labor unions it is the Pols like Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton who know that the more illiterate the masses are the less work you have to do to control them.

Under the Democratic leadership and the Black leader ship the dumbing down of America has reached all time highs and I doubt that it can be reversed.

It is not just the work ethic at stake the intelligent ethic is at a greater risk.

Justin said...

A post note:

A recent study however did show that kids by a large majority are wanting harder ciricula,more home work and more time with their parents.

To the NEA and the Libs that is like throwing up a cross in front of a vampire. God forbid these kids get any enlightment.

Mike's America said...

Radio talk show host Neal Boortz had a great commentary on education and the teachers union.

He described a trip to Russia to visit friends and went along with the wife to go grocery shopping. They went to a store for bread, a store for milk, a store for meat and another for vegetables. None of these establishments offered much in terms of quality and certainly less in service.

When the woman came to visit him, he took her to a grocery store. The minute she walked in the door she stopped, then started to cry. She could not believe it. She demanded to know if this was a special store for high ranking officials.

Choice in grocery stores has given this nation such an abundance of food, that obesity is a problem.

And yet with education, there is no choice, a neo-Stalinist teacher's union sees to that.

Imagine if we had education choice. The competition between schools would encourage each to meet the needs of it's students. And an abundance of education would create a surfeit of literacy.

kev said...

This is why the dem's are against school choice. If this would ever pass, teachers' unions complacency would be a thing of the past. But, since the democrat party is in the pockets of the teachers' unions, this will never happen. Teachers' unions and the trial lawyers' assoc. are th biggest contributor's to the dem party and it shows. This is also why lawsuit reform has never happened.

beakerkin said...

Maybe Mr Beamish will step upto the plate for an interview.

Freedomnow said...

Labor unions gave us a 40 hour work week and fought for worker's rights in the 19th century.

However, after mob infiltration and the conflict of interests that union bosses have cultivated they have become corrupt.

I am not saying that they were angels because their tactics were as bad as the strike breakers, but they did have some positive influences on our society until they succeeded.

Our society is no longer subscribes to the kind of exploitation that scarred the 19th century. Workers have rights and protection.

Its time to move on...

Robert Bayn said...

One of the problems in schools today is it's all a fashion show, it's less about eduction, and how you are socially accepted which is ashame.

When i was in high school (which was only a few years ago) you would be amazed how many students could hardly even read.

Beak, you might be surprise, but as a little kid i grew up on a farm, and yes i have drove a tractor.

American Crusader said...

I went to PS 39 in Staten Island growing up and it was a pretty good school back then, I have no idea how it is today. After leaving the Coast Guard, I taught school in Hialeah Florida for 6 six years and was told not to fail any student no matter how poorly he was doing(one of the reasons I left teaching). The Dade County teachers union was very strong and nonmembers weren't treated well. The best thing I thought Dade County did was to initiate a " magnet school" system where children who were interested in specific areas such as sciences, law-enforcement, or building trades would attend. These schools in general did much better than the average school.

kev said...

robert--I sincerely apologize for my remark insinuating you were ducky-like. The ducky reference was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but I understand how it offended you.
freedomnow--yes, the unions did serve a needed purpose when they were young, but as you say, many forces created corruption, including political power. Right now, and this is only my opinion, they are as much a hindrance to progress as not. I don't claim to know the answer to this problem, though.

Always On Watch said...

John McWhorter has also spoken to the subject of education in black America. He entertains no excuses which allow for avoiding work and responsibility. An affirmative-action hire, McWhorter doesn't suit the left, especially at UCBerkeley, where he teaches linguistics.

Always on the Watch on Bowling

Hehehe. I've pretty much given up bowling as I cannot afford another dismal performance.

Always On Watch said...

Sit for an interview? Well, I might when the schoolwork eases off. Sounds like fun.

beakerkin said...

This is an ask 25 fun questions
and it won't take much time. Mostly irrelevant comedic type light humor.

There are subjects we all never cover.

Robert Bayn said...

Kev, not so much offended as wanting to be sure, that Liberals like myself, and people like Ducky are not put into the same catergory, very different group, and thinking. Personally i don't think Ducky beleives half the stuff he says, i think he just likes getting everyone riled up.

nanc said...

so i take it no homeless bloggers can apply for the 25 question interview? imagine tears and fists pounding on the floor...

beakerkin said...


You can volunteer but remember these questions can be tough. You could be asked such horrible questions as Do you own a Julio Inglesias Album ? The last person we asked walked out after that one.

There are more serious questions but it is geared towards comedy.

nanc said...

don't you ever accuse me of owning a julio iglesias album - you take that back! i'm not sure about the comedy part - it's not my strong suit - it's plaid.

Anonymous said...

And yet despite his early talents, the "Beak" seems unable to compose a single, grammatically correct sentence.

beakerkin said...

Anonymous is just another admirer who lacks the courage to sign a name to his posts. Thanks for stopping in Hank and show some courage and put a name to your posts.

Always On Watch said...

Okay, I'll volunteer for the interview. I'm a sucker for surveys.

If the phone company gets my line fixed today, I hope to upgrade to broadband. I'll post an announcement at my site when I get the broadband switch-over accomplished. I hope not to be offline for long once my husband and I start the process.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

The whole purpose for a labor union is to allow the members to do "as little work as possible".

They're not even good for that any more. Now they're just extortion rackets.

America's largest domestic terrorist organization, the AFL-CIO, began as anarchist thugs tossing dynamite at cops during a work stoppage.

Proof that terrorism works.

And now, "labor unions" aren't even a shadow of what they once were. But they don't have to be. Only about 13% of all "workers" in America are unionized. BUT 85% of those unionized "workers" are government employees.

Yes, that's right. Taxpayers pay the wages of unionized government employees, that in turn kick funds through their union as "tax-deductible" contributions to Democratic Party political campaigns to fund the candidacies of politicians who will raise taxes and expand the size of the union racket. The Democratic Party IS a welfare program, paid for entirely by the US taxpayer they screw every single day.

Hungry? Eat your union card.

Warren said...

Did anyone else have trouble getting Beaks blog last night?

I just kept getting an empty web page with the correct URL.

I don't have a lot of patience for those that criticize other people's grammar. They seem to think they are grading elementary school homework, which tells me they don't understand the thought behind the post.

Its as if they judge the value of a diamond by the box which it comes in.

The other option would be that they understand the argument, and unable to refute it, attempt to change the subject or discredit it with a personal attack on the author.

Warren said...

I don't care for dynamite fishing.

Mt wife's half-uncle, (pun intended), is missing an arm, ear and eye, from a short fuse and short fishing trip.

Grenades work better as long as you remember that its; pull the pin and toss the grenade, not pull the pin and toss it.

Telephoning fish is safer and less noisy.

Safety rules:

1. (dynamite fishing): Don't start a conversation once you light your ( "bait".

2. (telephone fishing:) Don't put your foot in the water once you've started "fishing".

beakerkin said...

I have heard rumors of grenade fishing. I think the topic was portrayed in the TV show call of duty. It seems counter productive and a waste of good fire power. Mr Beamish has come out against this practice because everyone gets wet.

Warren said...

Ordinance is never wasted by practice. Besides, the stock in your arsenal needs to be rotated.

There's nothing worse than a "dud" when TSHTF!

As for getting wet; make the fishing trip a coed experience and take along soap and towels.


Warren said...

As you can tell I was just now able to post a comment I started early this morning.

Warren said...

Errr... yesterday morning.