Monday, March 27, 2006

On Deck comming up next is Donal

The next interview will be Donal from Front Page Magazine. This interview promises to be interesting. I am caught up in the interview department so we should resume normal postin regularly. The Dr Yeagley interview is in the works but I am working out a schedule.

Who would you like to see interviewed ? Place a post on this thread and we will try

Now a word from our Sponsor Jihadi Toys

Fed: Mr Hassan Miah you are under arrest for violation of Federal election law. The use of talking action Presidential Action figures is against the McCain Feingold Law ?

Hassan : I am not marketing a Mr Beamish kick $^% action figure. I was marketing Jihadi Joe ..... This Mad Zionist set me up....He outsmarts meat every turn.........
I want a zionist lawyer..........Call Ron Kuby er wait he won't help me because I didn't blow anything up.........I want a good zionist lawyer not named Kuby....

Fed : Son I an going to have to take your Mr Beamish kick &^&*&* action figure into evidence.



Fed: Who said that

Hassan : It is that darned Ann Coulter doll. Take me far away from her anything please......

Hassan : Its okay Dad I have another kick !@#@$ Mr Beamish action figure. The Mad Zionist sent one over. Here officer Mr Beamish will watch over Dad in prison.

Mr Beamish : No jail can hold the great escape artist but it helps to be one foot tall. I got the top bunk because I am the star.

Hassan : Jail is bad enough but place me in a cell with a mad killer but must I get second billing to an action figure even in jail.

Mr Beamish; Hmmmm I wonder how many cans of beer I can get for selling Hassan as a wife. Remember I have the Kill Devil Kung Fu grip if you get out of line.

Hassan : Noooooooooooooooooooooo
Fed: Cuff em.

Tune in next time for the adventures of the Kick @$#$ Mr Beamish action figure and Hassan. Will Mr Beamish escape or will he be the king of the cell block ?

Hassan : Do not mess with the Mad Zionist he fights dirty


Always On Watch said...

About those riots in France, see this.

I'll also drop this link at Jason's site.

nanc said...

has anybody tried to get on fpm today? i'm getting a cannot find server message. wtfarfurgnuggen?

beakerkin said...

FPM is having server issues . It was recently hacked by some over the top left wing types.

I wonder what will happen to Hassan and the kick #%#$% talking Mr Beamish action figure in the Federal slammer.

nanc said...

he has an intense need to die. i'm sure he's heard of kickinarse beamish action figure even if he's repressing the knowledge. i know i am...

nanc said...

why i do believe ninja, zinla, and jinny l. would be excellent interview choices also. strong and intelligent women.

Always On Watch said...

Tune in next time for the adventures of the Kick @$#$ Mr Beamish action figure and Hassan. Will Mr Beamish escape or will he be the king of the cell block ?

Beamish imprisoned? Say it isn't so!

nanc said...

imprisoned? i volunteer my services as minister of extradition (i've had all the best classes from what i remember) - point me in the proper direction.

Anum Mahktar said...

My thoughts on you is that you are Jewish? Is this correct?
They fabricated many more lies and Allah denied them all.
Jews believe in Paradise but claim it is only for them Allah Says (interpretation of meaning): {And they say, "None shall enter Paradise unless he be a Jew or a Christian."

you should revert back to Islam
Allah is merciful

beakerkin said...


I am Jewish but lets get a few things straight. I can not revert back to Islam as Judaism preceded Islam.

Jews believe that non Jews can go to heaven if they practice the seven Noachide laws.

Allah is merciful is this a joke. Lets see airplanes smacked into office buildings, senior citizens in wheel chairs thrown off cruise liners and school kids shot in the back is not my definition of mercy.

Islam places zero value on human life. All rights are reserved for Muslims. In America that is Jim Crowe and I want no part of a Jim Crowe culture.

People have a right to live their own lives and choose their own path to God. Each of us will answer for what we did or failed to do. Do you want to pretend that those who reap death or destruction in Allah's name are more pious then me , forget it.

I have seen Allah's mercy on 9-11 and at the WTC in 93. No thank you but I am glad you are happy.

Mad Zionist said...

Is this Anum for real, or is she a phoney moslem making up this bullshit for reaction?

Just for the sake of playing along, ALL the rightous will have a place in the world to come according to Jewish Law, which means definitely not terrorist vermin like you, Anum.

Besides, Jews believe THIS world is the central arena for which we must give focus. The next world will be what it will be. You'll notice this is why Jews don't act like suicidal murderers, unlike the followers of the profiteer mohammed.

nanc said...

what i'd like to know is just how merciful this allah guy is? tell us that anum. what do women get for their endeavors? where does allah get all those 72 year old virgins?

nanc said...

the person in question spewing hatred at a.c. site. madze - you don't want this troll. makes danabobanabobonehead look like a gem.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

You put my action figure in prison?

nanc said...

it wasn't i who put him in prison - i'm just the press secretary. modeled after ari fleischer, not scott mcclellan. can i have the job?

nanc said...

and btw - it's good to see you out of the clink!

nanc said...

i hope this isn't a sign - imagine donal being late to her own wedding! i know, i scoldings please.

Freedomnow said...

I got a question, how come FPM bans Nanc every other day?

Whats the lowdown?

nanc said...

three times in less than a year is not every other day, fern! once it was namecalling, the second time it was toilet paper jokes (a bunch of us got banned that time) and the other unspecified and mostly because i didn't ask. that's lowdown if you ask me. actually, it may have been four or six times now that you mention it. i forget, do you ever forget?

themerrywidow said...


nanc said...

which brings up more questions for donal:

how many TIMES have you been banned from fpm?

how many of us have come to you for instructions on how to get back on?

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