Friday, March 03, 2006

Mark Levin and Constitutional Imaginations

The First Amendment was designed to protect against the establishment of a state sponsored Church. It was designed so that religious minorites could be free to worship or abstain. As a religious minority I am not threatened by anyones religious practices as long as those practices do not advocate criminal behavior. I am unconcerned about those who relagate unbelievers to hell because we do not share a certain religious philosophy.

However, exhortations to commit criminal acts against Jews, Gays or Red Sox fans are a violation of the first amendment. Once you have exhorted violence against any group you have exceeded the boundaries of the First Amendment. Jihad does not mean struggle and is in realiy a crimninal exhortation to violence. Islam itself has a lengthy history of Colonialism and human rights violations. In real terms praise the Prophet and practice your religion peaceably. The second one starts advocating Jihad criminal acts and possible sedition have occured. Your right to freedom of religion also does not trump my right to free speech via cartoons.

Thus we have the odd specter of the imagined wall between Church and State but it is not expressly in the Constitution. It comes from an insertion of a Thomas Jefferson
quote taken out of context by ex KKK member Hugo Black inserted into a legal opinion.
Jefferson was in Paris when the Bill of Rights was written. The note itself was a courtesy note and not a major correspondence.

The activists have built a mountain upon this myth. At the time of the Constitution there were state churches in a few states. Those who dissented were forced to subsidize official Churches . This was remedied in the Toleration act of 1784.

The Constitution does not say a thing about Art Displays on public property. Removal
of Crosses and the Ten Comandments is a restriction of freedom of artistic speech.
Levin points out that the logical next step is to ban displays of the Declaration of Independence.

My rights to Freedom of worship are not threatened by a Nativity Sceene in a Park. Nor am I bothered by a moment of silence. Anyone who has taken a tough test has engaged in a form of prayer or is a good liar. Nor is any real American worked up about the pledge. Most of the objection comes from Marxists who are by definition dedicated to the overthrow of the United States government.

The intent of the founders has been usurped by a cadre of Judicial activists. The notion that the founders who viewed rights that were bestowed by the creator is a farce . Freedom of Religion does not mean freedom from religion. Moreover when man attempts to usurp and become God the bodies start to pile up. The best examples of the devaluation of life are the French Revolution, Nazism and Communism and despite poultry protestations Nazis were not Christians. Nor was Nazism a polar opposite of Communism it was its rival.

Mr Beamish in 08, Ducky to be prepared for Shake and Bake and 167 to Abu Gharib to run out and throw all his Calvin Klein underwear out mustn't wear Zionist er Jooooish underwear.


kev said...

It is truly an amazing thing, what the leftists have done against religion, all religions, in this country. It seems that non-religion, or atheism, is becoming the state religion of this country, witnessed by many recent court rulings, and leftist, activist judges are only too happy to continue this path.

Mr. Ducky said...

Red Sox rule Beak. Didn't know you're a Spankees fan.

Sox should have the best defensive time in baseball this year and if Schilling doesn't pull a Pavano they'll have outstanding pitching. All we need is for Big Poppy to swing the bat and Manny to stay away from the help at the local bar so that Mrs. Manny doesn't go ballistic.

You have no chance. Johnny "Douchebag" Damon can't hit the cut off man. Thats going to hurt when you find out Johnson and Mussina are finished and everything's going gap.

Jorge "Clang" Posada should be good for .240 and 20 PB's this year.

You're finished.

kev said...

Very discerning, daffy!

beakerkin said...

Get used to the cellar Duck. Lets see Manny goes back to the DR or goes AWOL in about May. John Kerry is still checking for this Manny Ortiz guy at the airport. I heard Manny Ortiz runs a laundromat about eight miles from the Staduim. Whoops that guy is Columbian

American Crusader said...

Should have known that ducky was a Red Sox fan. Amazing how they all downgrade Johnny Damon's talent now that he is a Yankee. Same thing they said about Roger Clemens, his best days were behind him.

beakerkin said...

Actually you can listen to his show as WABC Radio is on line Levin is a National issues show. However you can hear his this accent and mannerism at Mark Levin fan. There is a sound board that is hysterical

MissingLink said...

This is what really gets me when it comes to recognizing Islam as a mainstream religion.
An ideology, which preaches criminal behaviour gets tax exemptions and all the perks.
Should we calssify Nazism and Communism as religions as well?
That would be fun.

beakerkin said...


In reality Communism , Nazism and the environmental movement do have religious dimensions. They all seek a Utopia on earth. There is a belief that they hold a sacred truth. They all have flexible morality to achieve that goal. The Utopias turn out to be an illusion corupted by human failure or lack of devotion.

There are religious elements in all. Islam has political elements as well and has much ,ore in common with Communism then Catholicism.

American Crusader said...

I lived in Staten Island in the late sixties/early seventies when my father was stationed at Ft. Wadsworth. I grew up watching the World Trade Center being constructed.

elijah said...

However, exhortations to commit criminal acts against Jews, Gays or Red Sox fans are a violation of the first amendment..
I will review the first amendment for that red sox
Here in Toronto attacks against jews or gays are almost unheard of, but now and then something stupid occurs..Our Jewish community is large and influential,Tanenbaum and the Leafs?..what could be bigger?
I have said many times that most of my clients were jewish and a delight to work for[however I can not say the same for the Italians]
LOL! oh well, it is what it is.
How many people show up for the gay parade In million?

beakerkin said...

Elijah many Jews in Montreal have told me that some got tired of the Quebecois and moved to Toronto. The Vermont French are not anti Semitic and patriotic.

Some yahoo made a smart remark about 9-11 in the beverage mart. The local town police officer looked at me and told the idiots get your stuff and get out of town.

American Crusader My parents like in the Willowbrook section. Transplanted NYC residents swear I have gone native. However I am a different breed of NYC resident.

I love when a clod asks about my home town. I say Staten Island and the clowns say never heard of it how many people live there. 600,000
and they think I am being a wise guy.

Then again I have the regional Staten Island accent that sounds 3/4 NY and 1/4 Jersey. The locals seem to think I have a voice off the set of the Sopranos. I was in a bar and a hot woman came over to me and asked if I was a hit man. These people watch too much TV.

elijah said...

The thought of someone never having heard of Staten Island is for the hit man..well, your knew photo does no good in disprooving this so called allegation?...

beakerkin said...

It is all relative when the locals talk of Highgate, Richford and Sheldon I shrug my shoulders. Some locals out here talk of the big city and refer to St Albans 8,000.

I was a Garment traffic manager and worked with work release prisoners. Some of my expressions and mannerisms bear almost zero familiarity to the cultured Scarsdale and Soho types.

Always On Watch said...

I believe that one reason people fail to understand the truth about the First Amendment is that textbooks are corrupt in that regard. "Establshed religion" means no government-established and taxpayer-offended religion. And the courts have perverted the intention of the First Amendment so far as to be unrecognizable.

This is especially good, Beak: Freedom of Religion does not mean freedom from religion. Moreover when man attempts to usurp and become God the bodies start to pile up.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

If there is no God and no moral gauge and guideline outside human imagination, as leftists would have us believe, then the outrage they would have at us expressing our artistic freedom to mow them all down with machine guns is just bullshit posturing.

Kyle said...

I like to listen to Levin, I don't always agree with him, he is a little extreme, but he is so damm funny.

Always On Watch said...

Leftism is nothing but bullshit posturing.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Well, yeah. Becoming a leftist does involve a conscious effort to convince every person you come in contact with that you're incapable of rational thought. That was my point on the results of adopting leftist amorality. A consistent leftist would argue that laws against murder should be taken off the books because they violate the seperation of church and state.