Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Into the Hotseat with Justin Morris with a bonus section Beakerkin to the Couch

I want to introduce a poster who should be familar to older readers. Justin Morris is a man who defies stereo types and is himself. He is a Chaplain and an independent conservative whose views are unpredictable because he is his own person. Justin is also a proud father of children he loves. He is a friend to all that know him and he is gay. However, one thing is for certain is that those who call him friend are lucky. I am proud and lucky to call justin my friend. A man is judged by his company so I am a lucky man and all of you have bad taste.

This next segment is for me and some minor issues brought up unintentionally by the interview with Anum Muhktar. Justin is a Chaplain and if Warren is around he also is a religious person. Older readers and Nanc and Felis can join in.

Bonus section Beakerkin mets the Sky Pilot

A Do the memories and sights of that day ever leave ? Am I destined to remember that day forever ? I used to kid myself that with time I would forget but it hasn't happened ? Is this my lot to carry for the remainder of my days ?

B I was not a hero but there were plenty that day and a number of villans too. There is no excuse for the depravity and carnage of those days ? If all I am was a witness what did I witness on that day ? The worst of man and the best of man in the same place at the same time?

C Are the answers to those questions just beyond our grasp ?Maybe there are just some answers that require faith in a god of compassion ? I pity those that live without it and look for answers in man and cheesy fad theories.

Thank you all for indulging the above


1 Is the term Sky Pilot Offensive to Clergymen ?
2 Does the military do a better job of dealing with race and etnicity then the civilian sector ?
3Is the old cliche there are no atheists in a foxhole true ?
4 Can a non military person grasp the bond of teamwork and comraderie military people have.
5 Is military food bad because the same items show up on schedule. My father cringes at the mere mention of chipped beef.

6 Is the Texas and Texas A&M rivalry larger then the Texas Oklahoma rivalry.
7 Do Texans have a greater sense of local history then that of other states ? Or do non Texans have a better grasp of Texas history because it has an epic quality ?
8 Have you seen an Armadillo ? Where do you find those rascaly critters ?
9 How do locals percieve the show King of the Hill ? King of the Hill is one of my favorites and the contract for an aditional 20 episodes was signed.

Foriegn policy International
10 Is China friend , foe, trading partner all of the above ? Has Communism yeilded to a culture of graft or is that all it ever was ?
11 Is graft and coruption a huge international issue ? Should we demand accountability and results for foreign aid sent to the third world ?
12 Is the joke we need an American desk at the State Department accurate. My dealings with them are a nightmare .
13 Do people overseas for a long time go native

Lunch and fun
14 Texas Mex , Cajun or Japanese
15 Do you watch sports and root for specific teams
16 Have you driven a snow mobile

17 In an earlier interview I describe a bond of kinship that Americans feel ? Do most of us transcend Old world tribalism ?
18 Is nationalism and love of country passe ?
19 Do the multi cultural types airbrush third world cultures and hold the US to ridiculous standards ?

Church , state and faith

20 Do public displays of religous symbols bother you.
21 What are your thoughts on school prayer
22 Are there religious components in Marxism and the environmemtal movement ?

Good Humor
23 Should Ted Turner free Speedy Gonzales ?
24 Sinatra or Dean Martin
25 Are people with lawn ornaments the epitome of bad taste ?


Justin said...

Good Morning Beak: I want to thank you for the introduction and tell you I consider you a great friend and I do consider my self lucky to count you in my group of friends I have made over the years.

First let me deviate a moment before the interview to try and help answer your questions at the top of the interview.

A. No the memories and sights of that day will never go away. I would hope that those memories and sights would never fade from any Americans memory because it is the proof of the culture war we are in.
Never forget and remind others of that day lest it become blase.

B.Dont discount yourself. A hero is not determined by heroic acts alone. Many people were there and did many little things that made them all heros.

C. The question WHY will always be with us and we in all probablity will never truely understand. Remember God allows the rain to fall on the just and the un-just all the same. I too pity those who look to man for the answers. "Faith is the sustanance of things hoped for but not yet seen"

Thanks for letting me rattle on there.
Now to the interview:

1. Sky Pilot offensive? Perhaps to some but then you have the super sensitive even in the clergy. And you ask this question of a man who has often referred to Jesus and the desciples as J.C. and the Boys or J.C. and the 12 rebel rousers.

2. Yes, the military does do a better job in dealing with race and ethnicity than the civilian sector. This was not always true of course. Truman integrated the military in 1947 to erase the racial divide. As you come to know people and you depend on each other just for basic survival race, religious and ethnic beliefs fade away. You truely become a band of brothers.

3. While I cannot say with absolute certainty that there is no atheist in a foxhole in my years as a chaplin I never met one either. I pity any one who does not believe in a higher purpose for life and that this is all there is and nothing more. Pesonaly I think many who say they are athiest are lieing to others and themselves. We all have a inate desire to believe in something higher. Remember if there was no God man would invent one.

4. No I dont think a non military person can ever grasp the bond of unity and teamwork or comraderie military people have. Why? Because in the civilian world we devide ourselves into little groups of race,religion,and ethnicity. In the military you work for a common goal and that is victory. In the non military world we are all caught up in our own little worlds that do not include that.

5. Military food has improved greatly over the years. I can certainly relate with your father on what military food was. We had K rations and then there was always that mystery meat. It was so mysterious that you began to ask others "Hey you seen that yellow mutt that was hanging around here yesterday" LOL.


6. While it is true there is a huge rivalry between Texas and A&M but the rivalry between OK and Texas is what we consider Blood Sport.

7. I think Texans have a greater sense of local history than others because we live it. Remember Texas is the only state that was a free Republic before becoming a state. I do sadly see that history waining as time goes by. People in Texas like most Americans are forgetting their heritage and what role it played in shaping them.

8. Now Beak I must teach you Texanese here. It is dilla not Armadilla. They are our little armor plated possums and do bar b que up quite well.(sly smile). They love to root up flower beds and gardens. Not for the plants but for the bugs in the soil.

9. Now King of the Hill was one of the biggies here for a long time. We were actually proud that some one got portraying Texas Suburbia and Hank as the ultimate Texan right.

Foriegn policy International:

10. Foe, why do I say that? I know it is not popular but China has never given up its ideas of domination it just changed direction as to how to achieve it. Look at the impact to America's economy if there was ever a embargo on Chinese goods and manufacturing. They are even working on many of our sensitive military contracts. Scary huh? and yes I do work for a Chinese owned company in their American operations.

11. Graft and corruption are huge. Look at the oil for food scandal. We should not only demand accountability we should link our aid directly with the amount of support we get from these countries.

12. We dont need an American desk at the State Department we need to shake it up from the top down. It is the most detrimental department in our government. It capitulates to often to other governments that are not friendly to the U.S.

13. Try as they may they can never go native because they will always be reminded they are Americans if not by the many freedoms they are use to and dont have but by those who just hate Americans.

Justin said...

Lunch: Welcome to Lunch Beak hope you like Japanese. Yeah Yeah I know Tex-Mex or Cajun but do you know how unhealthy that stuff is. And as we say about Cajun if you have to ask what is in it you dont want to know.

15. I follow the Maverick and the Stars religiously. I root for any team that arent the Dallas Cowboys. My main team is the Chargers.

16. Drive or own. Oh sorry yes I have driven mine on several ocassions. Yes we get snow in Texas.


17. It use to transcend the Old World Tribalism however I fear we are drifting into our own brand of tribalisim. Look around you all you see and hear is "I am a African-American, I am a Asian-American,I am Mexican American, I am Hispanic American (there is a difference between Mexican and Spanish) we even have I am a European-American. What ever happened to just the Good Old American?

18. It is becoming passe yet, I do see hope. Many of our younger people are begining to awaken and see the globalization thing is not in their interest. Remember we have a all volunteer army and I talk to many of these kids and they joined because they truely love their country and want to defend it not just from terrorist but from moving to far to the left. These kids are our hope and deserve all of us to remember our "American Values" that have seen us through the last 200 years.

19. Multiculturalism is a death knell for America. We should kick this idea out on its butt. It has nothing to do with Amerias values it only seeks to destroy those values.

Church, state and faith:

20. Do puplic displays of religous symbols bother me (falls on floor laughing) turns collar around. No, definetly not after all they are a part of the fabric of our sociotey. The people they bother are the ones that want to tear that fabric apart by destroying our history.

21. My thoughts on school prayer are simple. I see no wrong with it and I do see a definite need for it. This country was founded on Christian beliefs I know the left loves to use the wall of separation of church and state but when asked to produce the wall they cant. Like so many other things they say exist but can never be found.

22. Well, yes there is a religious component even though they do not like to admit it. Perverted as it may be it is there.

Good Humor:

23. Ted should definetly free my little rodent. Vivaaaaaa Speedy aribbbbba aribba.

24. Dino of course. Who can listen to "Thats Amore" and not walk a little lighter with a smile on their face.

25. BEAK!!!!!!!!!! you said you werent going to say a word about the Pink Flamingos in my front yard. falls on floor laughing.

Hope this has helped explain to some just who Justin is. Im just a poor old country chaplin that loves his country and fellow man. Even though sometimes they both exasparte me to no end.

Yall take care now and God Bless.

Justin said...

quick correction. It is C rations not K rations (oh beleive me you dont want those.)

nanc said...

i have pink flamingos in my yard too. the color pink, seen by a bird a mile away will draw them to your yard. i've had as many as 21 varieties of birds in my yard to feed at one time.

chargers - my hometown team.

gbu for a fine interview.

Warren said...

Justin, you belong to a very small select group of veterans. Do you know Fr Jim Endress? He might have been in Vietnam at the same time you were.

Yea, them yummy Cs. Nothing like a good can of mystery meat washed down with a cold canteen cup of instant coffee then a John Wayne bar for desert. (Those four stale cigarettes were my personal favorite).

We used to save those little tins of peanut butter and light them like a can of sterno to heat the mystery meat.


Thanks for doing the interview I enjoyed reading it.