Sunday, June 04, 2006

Who is obsessed with my ethnicity

My critics take two amazing contradictory paths. Anum has accused my of disguising my Jewish roots. This seems amazing as even newcomers are well aware of my ethnicity.
However I seldom post on the topic of Israel because many do it better. The topic of Israel comes up when our Communists of low intelligence bring the subject up. The Ducks bizzare claim that I have denied the Ukrainian Famine is bizzare. Even AOW who is brilliant could not understand the illogic of the duck. Why an anti Communist would hide a crime perpetrated by Communists and that my family lived through remains a mystery except to those with bird brains.

I do point out a Jewish obsession of communists. Why did the KGB spend vast efforts to find imaginary Jewish roots of Zbigniew Brezinski and Scoop Jackson ? The reason is that anti semitism has been a key element of the party since its inception. The Communist party made the study of one language illegal ? Anyone care to guess what language that was. If you said Hebrew you were correct. The Soviet Union did list Jew as nationality on all its paperwork. Now the official communist position is that it is just a religion.

Thus it is hardly surprising when a post on art and Ducky's odd disdain for Renoir turns into Jews in the art world. Ducky has the typical anti semitism that goes with being a communist. Now Ducky's latest cry is stop posting about Jews you Khanist. I am still perplexed how an actual appologist for genocidal Marxism would complain about Meier Kahane.Yet the book the Sword and the Sheild on page 238 does show the KGB did have an obsession with Kahane. This obsession went to the point of forging pamphlets. The KGB did have a plan called Pandora to bomb a Black target in NYC and attempt to blame Kahane. How the deranged duck concludes that I am a Kahanist is another one of those bird brained leaps of logic we have grown used to.

The Duck also wants me to stop posting on anti semitism. Would he make a similar request of Rob Bayn to stop writting about homophobia ? Would he make a similar request to Veggietown about anti black racism ?

Veggietown is also another case in hypocrisy . It is okay to call someone a Sambo as long as the person is not black. It is okay for a Commie type to call Collin " Cancer" Powell or Condi Rice Aunt Jemimah. His attacks on La Shawn are clearly sexual harassment . Yet racial slurs and sexual harassment are okay as long as the target is PC.

I do not know or care what Possum's ethnicity is. I know she is brilliant and has a first rate intellect. I do know that Freedom Now is Puerto Rican and that has zero to do with his high quality posts. We have many fine bloggers in this group but the question is why is my etnicity always brought front and center by Marxist stooges .
The reason is quite simple in that in reality Marxists are obsessed with Jooooos.

More interestingly Commie types are historically homophobic. The rumors about J Edgar Hoover's orientation stem from a Communist disinformation campaign. The KGB spent hours looking for a homosexual past in Senator Jackson's history.

These episodes provide more evidence that there is and never was any morality amongst Marxists. Marxism is a criminal pathology with serious mental health overtones and issues. Marxists belong in rubber rooms and far away from classrooms or newsrooms.


JINGOIST said...

Good rant Beaker! I've always said that the commies seem to make a point of violating every single one of the Ten Commandments.
One more thing, are you saying Hoover wasn't homosexual? Interesting.


beakerkin said...

As far as anyone can discern Hoover was asexual. There is zero evidence of anything and the entire matter remains speculation. The entire notion that Hoover was gay was part of a KGB smear campaign.

FLORIAN said...

Hey Morgan. I see the same thing about commies demanding the desecration of the 10 commandments. No God, demand theft (taxes, medicare, welfare), demand death (abortion or murder or the rich and dissenters), always lie (we meant this really), statues and murals of commie leaders and worship of them (Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Kim).

You can easily know your enemy by knowing where he stands on the 10.

JINGOIST said...

It does seem obvious doesn't it Flo? Even if they aren't overtly demanding the desecration of the Decalogue, Marxism is remarkable in it's violation of these laws. You mentioned four(theft, death, lying, idols). That actually covers five commandments.
They care less for a sabbath day.
Honor thy father and mother? They would rather turn them in to the state police.
Adultery? No hard and fast rules there for commies.
And the biggest one for the left: YOU SHALL NOT COVET!!!! The fools on the left use this as their biggest weapon. G-d knew that this caused the MOST hatred among human beings and thought it important enough to include in the decalogue.


kevin said...

Ever see the movie the projectionist? It's about Stalin's projectionist's view of communism. When the eldest member of the family noted that when "God was outlawed we were forced to worship false Gods". The Projectionist responds by beating the old man nearly to death. Another great anti-Soviet movie is "Burnt by the Sun", good luck trying to find them though.

JINGOIST said...

Thanks a lot Kevin. I WILL look for those.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


You're Jewish?


the merry widow said...

Beaker-You're right about keeping the commies away from classrooms and newsroom! Can you imagine the weeping, wailing, crying and whimpering from the leftistas at that little gem? I can her them getting geared up for the protests now!
As for the 10 Commandments(not suggestions), thier take on those is proof positive that they are anti-G*D. Those who have and do stand against them are to be cheered! Where's Felis? When he shows up I think I'll give him a hip-hip-hurray!
Plus, unlike commies, I am more interested in the content of your character than your ethnicity! Rant away Beaker, you have my attention!

Good morning and G*D bless all here with peace this day!

Mr. Ducky said...

Hmmm, desecration of the Decalogue. Maybe that's what it takes to come to an understanding of the Deca logue.

It took a Pole and a leftist Krzysztof Kieslowski to really examine the complexities of the law. Everyone should take a look at his film (or series of films) The Decalogue.

Not recommended for simplistic saps who think life can be "solved" but valuable for those who want a deeper appreciaion of god.

uptownseteve said...

Is beaker just dumb or a congenital liar?

J. Edgar Hoover was a rabid anti-semite who not only kept Albert Einstein under FBI survellience for years but felt that the Jewish community in America as a whole was subversive.

Mr. Ducky said...

Uptown, I don't think consistency is part of beak's act.

I think there's an ACLU lawyer in the family and he can't bear it.

Beak is simply ignorant. His refusal to learn is stunning, however.

....but he sure does hate muslims. Not as much as his buddy Jason Pappas but Beak sure can hate.

JINGOIST said...

To uptown and ducky,
Beaker and I feel the same about Muslims, we don't hate them. Only the ones that want to blow us up. I have Muslim customers and they seem to be perfectly good people. Their pool parties are a bit boring though:-)


MissingLink said...

Just for the record.
Kieslowski was not a leftie.
He had to produce communist propaganda crap otherwise he would not be able to make films at all.
Such was the reality in Poland.
In fact he was opposed to the communist rule and got into trouble with the authorities for his documentaries about 1970-71 workers uprising in Szczecin.
Of course he was a great supporter of Solidarity but the real Polish Trade Unions should not be confused with those in the West.

He represented trend in Polish cinema called school of 'moral anxiety' - or return to ethics destroyed by communism.
This fact very often confuses the crap out of the Western film/art critics who in their wisdom think that only progressive left has the monopoly on all things 'ethical'.

BTW there are many definitions and theories of 'art' and what it should or should not be.
None of them though would even consider that real people should base their knowledge of life and all its aspects from movies.
After all they are artistic, subjective interpretation of life and or fantasy

beakerkin said...

Thanks Felis

Ducky you are a moron.

Mr. Ducky said...

missingling, glad you have some interest in Kieslowski.

I notice that you make the same mistake that Beak and most hard rightists make of conflating left wing with communism. Far different concepts and spending time with Kieslowski might help you see some differences.

I wish we could produce film makers like him in America. Interesting that film makers who have to work under some repression often give us the deepest work.

Anyway, if you can get hold of The Double Life of Veronique I would challenge you to fit that image of selfhood with the standard libertarian right wing claptrap that BeaK and jason try to push.

If you haven't seen any of Kieslowski try Blue, White and Red or Blind Luck.

He's no communist but he ain't kissing Reagan's ass either.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I notice that you make the same mistake that Beak and most hard rightists make of conflating left wing with communism.

And yet, in general discussions of "the left," which includes the leftist Hitler's Nazi Germany as well as the leftist Robespierre's France, you'll turtle your ass back into "only commies are lefties" mode.

Shame, Ducky. Did you forget you're dealing with your intellectual betters here?

MissingLink said...

I've seen all Kieslowski's movies and most of the Polish movies ever made.
He is one of many Polish directors, who unlike most, made it to the European “studio” theatres.
Firstly, only people who had the official blessings of the Polish communist party were given funds to shoot films and were allowed outside Poland.
Secondly, Kieslowski 'became connected" to some influential French folks who helped him to market his work.

I notice that you make the same mistake that Beak and most hard rightists ..

I am not making any mistakes in this department.
The way I see so called 'left' and right ids: 'radical' vs. 'conservative'.
Radicals promote rapid social changes justified by their beliefs and conservative stands for slow change management process justified by circumstances.
In this respect Kieslowski was as much leftie as JPII was.
Just much more politically naïve (a lot of artists are).
The radicals vary as much as conservatives do.
Supporting Reagan or Bush has nothing to do with it.
As I said Kieslowski was into "restoring ethics" in life.
Ethics destroyed by communism and social democracy.
(I am not going to proceed into discussing the fine ideological and tactical differences between Marx, Bernstein, Kautsky and Jaures as their main philosophical premises and principles did not differ.)
The late Kieslowski’s art (died in 1996) was strongly opposed to what so-called 'left' of various flavours preaches - moral relativism.
An example of moral relativism and patronising approach to 'people' other than self can be found in this sentence:
"Interesting that film makers who have to work under some repression often give us the deepest work."

Oh yes, ‘Arbeit macht frei ‘ principle.

Some repression?

Was it good for me???

Would I like to be tormented to produce deeper, more profound work?

When is it good when the oppression occurs?

Or, is it just good in general?

If yes, why worry about this terrible war in Iraq?

Shouldn’t the film industry in Iraq be flourishing by now?

Just to address the argument below:

He's no communist but he ain't kissing Reagan's ass either.
It doesn’t make him leftie either.
Just as well he could be Chirac’s or Khomeini’s supporter.
In fact, from the Western perspective, he was apolitical.