Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Today's Excuse from Commie Stooges.

I will rehash lessons from yesterday. We asked a simple question , why were the Jehovas Witnesses put in jail. We got lets blame the Russian people except Communists built and ran the gulag. Then we got true communism has never been tried.
Then the morons of the far left reflexively went into Israel and the Joooos. The far left stooges can not help themselves as anti semitism is at the heart of their twisted faith.

Yesterday we touched on the topic of residents of the gulag. The myth perpetuated by the stooges is that the workers are treated better under communism. However the reality behind the rhetoric is that the authoritarian state runs the means of production. The plant is apt to be run by a political hack who should be in the DMV.
This is not my description but the description of a former boss who was an engineer in the USSR.

In a free market business has to compette for workers. The problem with illegal aliens is that they lower the playing feild and unscrupulous businesses like Tyson Chicken connected to the Clintons will exploit these workers. In a functioning labor market companies compette for skilled workers.

Yet in the Soviet Union we have a series of interesting crimes. If one is twenty minutes late for work twice you can go to the gulag. This happened to General Ledbed's father. If you take office suplies home you could be sent to the gulag. Most of the above are treated by personnel departments but leave it to the Marxists to exploit people worse then the capitalist ever did.

What were the gulags in actuality ? The common misperception is the gulags were prisons. No the gulags were neoslavery where the state exploited people for crimes real or imagined. Mining , Making musical instruments, lumber are not labor needed for the upkeep of the prison.

Then there is another more curious resident of the gulag. Spouse of the enemy of the people were sent to the gulag. Your husband commits an act of alleged Communist apostasy or falls out with the current clique you could be sent to the gulag along with your relatives. The constant need for purges in the ranks of Communist systems bears an uncanny similarity to organized crime. However organized crime has a more efficient business model .

Let the excuses begin. How do workers end up in the gulag for being late or taking a pencil ?


Mr. Ducky said...

Interesting, Beaker just found out that the Gulag was a forced labor complex. I'm surprised he is able to learn but this is heartening.

It's something that attentive students have known for decades but better late than never Beak.

Meanwhile I challenge you to actually post something informative and factual.

the merry widow said...

I believe he posted it for the edification of jobro. If you know it great, but I know I haven't been gulagged because of simple human error or mistakes, wasn't even fired!


Mr. Ducky said...

As I have said merry widow, my family was on the Gulag. My uncle tunnelled off.

Beak, is quoting the Applebaum book because he heard of it from me. He knows nothing about this issue.

I remember that AOW "approved" of my uncle for "taking initiative". It amazed me that you thimpers could be so vulgar that you think your approval of a man who went through hell in Europe during World War II is of interest. You should wonder if you could gain his approval.

Anyway, as far as this goes, Beak manages to equate anything Russian with communism (a serious error), he doesn't know crap about Russian history and the fundamentalists that he regularly attracts are even less well informed.

beakerkin said...


I have my own copy of Applebaums book and it is autographed. I read it well before you mentioned it.

Communism is failure and I can extend your illogic to Nazism or slavery. Thus slavery wasn't so bad in Africa or among Native Americans it was just the Southern Application and you are mixing US history for slavery. The preceding example is absurd but exactly the same as your preposterous arguments.

Mr. Ducky said...

That's right Beak, all the folks you call leftists think Communism, Nazism and slavery were really great and we want more.

Don't you realize why you aren't taken seriously?

beakerkin said...


How many excuses can you make for failure ? Each and every single excuse you have offered can be made for Slavery and Nazism but both like Communism remain bad ideas. Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot and Mengistu are all great examples of Commie leaders.

Failure and death remain the calling cards of Marxism.

John Brown said...

Uptown said: How the hell can you claim that Hitler was a leftist?

Hitler stood for racial separatism, blind patriotism, fierce nationalism and a strong military.

Don't forget that his first political move once taking power was to throw Communists and Socialists in prison.

Or that red-baiting fascists like Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Prescott Bush, and companies like IBM did everything they could to help the Nazis.

It's just another case where facts or reality has no bearing on the thoughts and ideas of a group of people wholly invested in the idea of racism and White Supremacy.

John Brown said...

Toady again demonstrates how invested he is in trying to distract people from Uncle Sam's daily crimnality - its torture centers, concentration camps, massacres, chemcical weapons, etc. - by throwing Nazi propaganda which he fully accepts into the discussion as though it were credible testimony.

Meanwhile, he's too much of a coward to actually serialize the book from which most of this inane drivel comes from - a Nazi supporing book - despite saying he would more than a month ago.

Mr. Ducky said...

Beak, once more with gusto.

Marxism is an economic theory which successfully highlights serious problems with laissez-faire capitalism. Economists do not consider that a provocative statement.

Communism is a political system. It is a repressive dictatorship.

My best hope is that you would read a good pragmatic thinker like John Kenneth Galbraith and start to get an idea of the true debate rather than continuing to be a reactionary pimple.

FLORIAN said...

"Hitler stood for racial separatism, blind patriotism, fierce nationalism and a strong military."

So does Farrakhan, NOI, Chavez, Castro, Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, and all other red commies! Which makes him a leftist.

It's always a pleasure doing your homework for you uppy.

John Brown said...

Chavez for racial separatism, eh?

I can't decide what's funnier - the claim itself or the idea that you have a source (not connected to Uncle Sam) proving it. Given your proclivity to pull shit straight from the land of make-believe.

John Brown said...


I don't see how you can a support the Democratic party - one of the most violent institutions the world has ever known - while claiming that something called 'communism' is repressive without defining the term or providing any context for it. How do you sequester the Manifesto from Capital despite their consistency of thought?

beakerkin said...


A person could easily play your word games and try and redefine slavery and Nazism from the consequences and definition of its failures. Marxism is a genocidal way of life that has produced failure, death and human misery.

FLORIAN said...

Nice twist there...Farrakhan, NOI, Castro, Stalin and Mao all called for racial separation. And all are leftists.

NOI is a black nationalist movement. Cuba and Venezuela have strong nationalist movements as does China right now and their bullying of Taiwan.

All the leaders I mention call for a strong military--china's military budget is quoted as being more than USA's.

Do I have to keep spoon feeding you clowns?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Surely Uptownseteve isn't ignorant of the oppression of blacks in Cuba.

Surely Uptownseteve has a word or two about Castro, Cuba's most racist leader ever.

John Brown said...

We're starting to expect this from Florian: whenever he cites a statistic, it's usually an outright lie.

According to GlobalSecurity, a right-wing 'security' website - Uncle Sam's military budget in 2004 was $466,000,000,000 and China's was $65,000,000,000. Uncle Sam's figure is low because it doesn't account for Fatherland Security or HEAD COFFINS and other necessities in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I suppose we could cut Flo a little slack on this because he was only off by $400,000,000,000 and the tough task of finding these figues takes a whopping 2 seconds. After all, one has to crawl before walking. Still, if he bothered to look it up (I know... I know... humor me) before spouting his silly nonsense, he'd see the the rest of the world spent around $500,000,000,000 combined.

The problem I have is that, in the face of these lies he expects us to believe his other assinine assertions - which he makes without even providing his customary fake evidence.

We're not all as naive or gullible as Toady, Flo. If you're going to support your pro-racism case, at least do so with real numbers rather than those cooked in the deep fryer of your mind.

John Brown said...

CENSORMAN the LEFTIST has never heard of Batista, I guess. Nor does he know the history of Cuba or the current state of race relations on the island.

In fact, the site of the most racism there today is undoubtedly the Guantanamo Bay concentration camp.

What he does instead is quote a 10 year old op-ed from a right-wing propagandist and a shallow piece of agitprop from Miami's fascist exile community.

Isn't it amazing that the grotesque reports of racism in Uncle Sam's prison are blamed on the victims yet, when some right-wing crank writing in the Cuban Reactionary Tribune writes anything, it's immediately put on Castro?

Such inconsistencies mean little to CENSORMAN the LEFTIST, as he is a hypocrite of the first order.

And an idiot to boot.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Isn't it amazing that when the same silly arguments used to connect the size of America's black prisoner population to some imagined systemic American racism is used in the context of Cuba's 85% black prisoner population, it's "hypocrisy" or "fascist propaganda."

Not up to deep thinking today, are you, LoBrow?

beakerkin said...

So far we have heard spin from the Duck and dementia from John Brown.
Still no answer to how Communist reinvented slavery or sent workers to the gulag for being late.

Always On Watch said...

Perhaps the Blogger outage reduced input here.

Justin said...

Hey Beak I am so glad to see how supportive of us Hispanics John Brown is. It will make it easier for him when we replace his ghettos with Barrios. We are already the 2nd largest Minority in the U.S. and with the inaction of the Senate we will soon be the number one Minority with the Chinese closing in close behind.

But he shouldnt worry we will throw him a tortilla from time to time but he will be marginalized to say the least.

Viva Zappata
Viva Speedy

Justin said...

Psssstttt Beamish, do you think Im being to hard on Poor, Poor, John Brown?

John Brown said...

Just a question, CENSORMAN the LEFTIST. Just a question.

It's legit to question why the some fascist hack wants a immigrant gulag can have such a soft spot for the human rights of the Alpha-66 terrorists and the Miami Mafia that supports them.

A rhetorical one, I imagine, given your pention for ignoring your own hypocrisy, racism, and ignorance.

Elmer's Brother said...

justin no way, conspiracy brother challenges those who have already been to iraq to fight the pussies of jihad but won't go himself.can you say head coffin mfume?

John Brown said...

Hey Justin,

You may not have noticed it because you don't care, but the conditions in the Barrios ain't unlike those in the Black community. That's why people from all over this hemisphere filled the streets on May Day. I was there... were you? Or did you go to work like a good little Sambo?

Unlike Toady, CENSORMAN the LEFTIST, and the rest of our Brownshirt Brigade, I support the right for immigrants to immigrate.

Can you believe that most of these guys want to open up gulags for immigrants whose only crime is to capitalize on Vanilla Sam's laziness and do the jobs they're to fat, stupid, lazy, and arrogant to do?

How about you, Justin... where do you stand on the idea of gulags for immigrants to Sam's Plantation?

Come to think of it, Justin, perhaps you can explain to us about the legacy of what Uncle Sam has done to your people?

Exploitation, genocide, theft, sectarian strife, colonialism, expropriation...

And I seem to remember a little matter of Uncle Sam genociding those native to this hemisphere for centuries: not just Sambo Warren the Injun Killers ancestors, but also in Haiti, in Brazil, in Chile, in Argentina, in Bolivia, in El Salvador, in Nicaragua, in Honduras, in Venezuela, in Cuba, in Panama, in Haiti again, in Guatemala, in Cuba again, in Guatemala again, and in Haiti once more.

I've probably left some out, but it's quite a trail of blood that you're able to ignore just to suck off a war criminal like BringItOn, Five Deferment Cheney, and MafiaDon. What is it that you gain by doing so? Is Massa Sam paying you?

John Brown said...


I've spent more time in Iraq than you. You're a liar and a coward.

But, after returning from Ramadi, I'm content storing away Rubles and Euros - hustling this criminal system while I wait for the dollar to crash - doing what I can to hasten the destruction of the bourgeoisie right here like Comrade Chavez has did in his country. Such is the beauty of Socialism: "Workers of the world, UNITE! You have nothing to lose but your chains!"

Thankfully, the ass-kicking Uncle Sam's taking in Iraq and the bloody trail of HEAD COFFINS it has left there - along with FEMAs Race War and the Brownshirt attack on immigrants - has only brought that day closer.

JINGOIST said...

Johnny boy,
Out of respect for beaker I won't use the language that comes to mind, but do you have ANY idea how NUTTY you sound? Bubba you really sound crazy. Do you understand that? Serious question John.


Warren said...

Always distraction, no answers!

Ducky isn't firmly anchored in reality. A lot of that is apparent in his obsession with cinema and his penchant for creating "his" reality from his imagination.

When ever one of his stupid revisionist delusions is shot down in flames, he blithely moves on and forgets about it. He just acts like it didn't happen. I believe that's why he doesn't have his own blog. It would contain an ode to dissonance that would be hard for even the most discognative to ignore.

Shit stain, is the typical anal retentive. He lives in a make believe world and its easy for him to ignore anything that chips at the base of its foundation.

We know he is the quintessential Marxist, unrepentant liar and goon, that he is. Childish and delusional on the best day.

L'il stevie, the third stooge.

All three of them completely wrapped up in themselves, screaming at the top of their lungs with their fingers in their ears.

Its like a side show freak exhibition. Like any freak show, its the same thing over and over. Siamese triplets joined at the head, one very tiny brain in three bodies.

Beak, I'm tired of them, they bore me.

JINGOIST said...

Warren it sounds as though you've travelled this merry-go-round before. JB sounds literally crazy to me. In one rant he manages to hit every Marxist base. Do you think he has post it notes on his monitor that he rotates on occassion?
"Lemme see....Mafiadon Rumsfeld, capitalist pigs, uh oh they're out of order." LOL!


Esther said...

Makes me glad I don't live in a Communist state. My boss is nuts enough.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


You've said some bat shit crazy things in your time around - Noam Chomsky is a "Zionist," depleted uranium is a "nuclear weapon," the "CIA" is sending Americans home in "head coffins," etc. - well above and beyond the standard leftist need to establish firmly in the minds of others the idea that leftists aren't exactly capable of rational thought.

Your constant accusations and unsubstantiable claims are boring me to fucking death.

Surely between you, Uptownseteve, and Ducky, you three can recruit another leftist to debate here that isn't hellbent on convincing all that leftists are mouth-breating retards?

Is that asking too much?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


Psssstttt Beamish, do you think Im being to hard on Poor, Poor, John Brown?

It comes with the territory. In my experience, I've never encountered a leftist that wasn't or couldn't be intellectually outclassed by burnt charcoal brick.

Leftists are too busy trying to convince you that they're morons to notice that they already have.

Elmer's Brother said...

jb I wasn't talking about the ps2 game you played. Did your mujahedeen brothers send you home when they found out you were a member of the nation of Islam or when they saw what you were hiding under your burka?

just wondering

beakerkin said...


If you went to Iraq with the CPT teams you are in violation of US Law. This would be a great case for the US Government to actually try lawbreakers. You could end up stripped of US citizenship , in Gitmo or even better in front of a firing squad. There will come a time that you will be held accountable for your treason.

Jeff Bargholz said...

john Browneye,

the only head coffin I know of is the one that contains your tiny penis. It was buried long ago, along with your pea sized balls.

Dhimmie Bitch.

kev said...

Hey brown-eye. Since you've been in Iraq, was it you who gave the tip resulting in zarqawi's death? Finally, you've done a service for the country that has taken care of you since your sorry birth.

Mr. Ducky said...

warren, what have you ever shot down in flames?

I've never read anything particularly cogent from you. Your site is nothing but stories about prowling junk yards and masturbating your wife with your firearms.

Just what have you shot down?

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...


What you lack in intellectual capabilities, you more than make up for in tasteless swipes.

If you were actually capable of reason, you wouldn't be a leftist in the first place.

John Brown said...


That one about the pea sized balls and the head coffin... that was FUNNY! Had me rollin for a while.

But not as much as watching Uncle Sam get its little ass kicked in Iraq day after day after day after day after day after day after day.

Warren said...

Ok Ducky, since you seem to like taking swips, heres one for you.

You must be an overaged hag fag, fat, ugly and stupid. Senile old women on deaths door undoubtedly believe that you are cultured (or at least they used to before you went to seed).

Your posts are a constant source of hilarity for psycological workers the world over that believe your online persona "must" be a parody of cognitave disonance, (if they only knew).

Your apartment is probably covered in cat shit but the smell is stifled by your
"aura" of filthy underwear the amyl nitrate that you must use to masturbate and lavender cigarettes.

Nostradumbass said, " warren, what have you ever shot down in flames?"

Try reading my post again, maybe four or five times. I didn't say "I" shot down anything, (If that's what you're referring to. Who knows?)

We know comprehension isn't your strong suite and is only marginally better than "shit stains", (real shit stains or your commie triplet).

"Prowling junkyards", beats your lurking around nursery schools, hands down. Tell me, when you and your pervert film buds hang out, do you talk about the "hot" four year old that lives in the next apartment?

Skoal! (dripping down your chin).

PS you still bore me and I would say that I just shot you down in flames.

Mr. Ducky said...

Not very good warren, if you noticed I kicked your ass in a sentence and you came back with a bunch of schoolyard crap.

You need an editor warren and much more sophiticated material.

You seem very interested in catshit. Are you caprophagic?

I'm sorry that you think I am obsessed with cinema. I find your obsession with firearms equally amusing.

Oh Beamish, for someone who can't get beyond "leftists are incable of reason"... give us a couple of choruses of Free Bird, you flyover country hick and don't box outside your weight.

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Elmer's Brother said...

jb time for a refill

Warren said...

Ducky, you've never kicked anyones ass.

I have three words for you, "buy a dictionary".

Elmer's Brother said...

he's never "kicked" anyone's ass.

Jeff Bargholz said...

John Browneye,

How many American have died in the Iraq mission? Feel free to include murdered civillians in your obscene tally.

How many terrorist have been wiped out?

American soldiers have their hands tied while terrorist pussies have free rein. Why are the figures so disparate? Is it because the muslims are impotent pussies just like you?

Be a man and print the figures.

Zarqawi died whimpering like the bitch he was.

So much for your muslim heroes.

What do the voices tell you now, nutless?